SCROTUS Strikes in the Nick of Time

pirate john

And Nick doesn’t much like it.

Early voting in Ohio blocked (UPDATE)
Lyle Denniston / SCOTUSblog

UPDATE 6:10 p.m. Justice Elena Kagan turned down without comment a separate request by Ohio’s legislature for the same kind of order postponing some of the early voting options.  The legislature has been allowed into the controversy only as a friend-of-the court, not as a full party….

Seem a little arcane?

Here’s the gist of it: Continue reading

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GOPs Lose Heads Over Decapitation

young gops002

Even though Khorosan (sic) isn’t real (according to NRO), don’t imagine that the GOPs won’t make as much hay as possible about something with zero connection to the Middle Eastern Terrorists.

BREAKING: Beheading Suspect Fired After Argument Over Stoning Women
Caleb Howe / Truth Revolt

—  Hometown paper reveals details about suspect in the Oklahoma murder…

This is another of those new “superblogs” it appears*. They LOOK newsy, and plagiarize as a matter of course. What alarms do these modern Paul Reveres sound? Continue reading


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Tell Me This Stuff Isn’t Coordinated


Joe McCarthy knew: fear and paranoia 
can be used to enhance and preserve GOP power.

Ah, the “patriots” of the Right, have decided that only a scumbag of the highest order would use Al Qaeda fears for p0litical gain. And, after all, THEY ought to know better than anybody:

The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist
Andrew C. McCarthy / National Review

We’re being had.  Again.  —  For six years, President Obama has endeavored to will the country into accepting two pillars of his alternative national-security reality.  First, he claims to have dealt decisively with the terrorist threat, rendering it a disparate series of ragtag jayvees….

Andrew McCarthy (no relation to Joe that I know of*) has decided that, while the Bushies had all kinds of secret information that we ought to all “trust them” on, HE knows much better than the President what that secret information is.

[* The Three McCarthys of the Apocalypse: Joe, Jenny, Andrew.]

Right. Sure. But there’s something that you need to see beyond the snark that McCarthy dispenses like fecal matter from an overflowing septic tank … Continue reading


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The In-Depth look that’s out of its depth

!Nixon speaks on several Sunday morning shows  Holder orders autopsy

Dreadful headline, worthy of Politico

There is a good REASON that Charles Pierce of Esquire calls PoliticoTiger Beat on the Potomac.” Here’s that reason:

Why Holder Quit
Glenn Thrush /Politico

It’s oddly fitting that Attorney General Eric Holder – a stubbornly independent career prosecutor ridiculed by Barack Obama’s advisers for having lousy political instincts — would nail his dismount.

But Holder, who began his stormy five-plus-year tenure at the Justice Department with his controversial “Nation of Cowards” speech, has chosen what seems to be the ideal (and maybe the only) moment to call it quits after more than 18 months of musing privately about leaving with the president and senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, a trio bound by friendship, progressive ideology and shared African-American ancestry….

Ah, they’re all NEGROES!  (Duh.)

That’s the lede. It gets worse. Continue reading

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Faux Nooz Analysis of President’s UN Speech

richard grenell john bolton

Richard Grenell  familiarly follows John Bolton

Rust never sleeps; Faux Nooz never awakens from its treasonous torpor:

Obama’s condemnation of Ferguson, Missouri, during UN talk was a mistake
Richard Grenell / Fox News

President Obama spoke Wednesday to the United Nations General Assembly in his annual foreign policy address to the world body.  Speaking after the Brazilian president but before Uganda’s leader …

Because the Black President talking about young, unarmed Black men being gunned down on our streets by our “police” forces offends lily-white Faux viewers, no doubt. Continue reading


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Querying Among The Querulous


Queueing Amidst the Queueless Clueless: the New York Times, famously complicit and compliant in its stance on the last invasion of Iraq (the first was temporary, under Bush the Smarter in the early 90’s) proceeds to wax its eloquence:

Wrong Turn on Syria: No Convincing Plan

President Obama has put America at the center of a widening war by expanding into Syria airstrikes against the Islamic State, the Sunni extremist group known as ISIS and ISIL.  He has done this without allowing the public debate that needs to take place …

And concluding:

… With so much at stake and so much unknown, before he gets any further into this operation, Mr. Obama needs to get Congress’s approval and prove that he has fully accounted for the consequences of this foray into Syria.

If you will look up “querulous” you will find that it meansContinue reading


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The Reasons and the Reasonalizers

white house PD President obama in san francisco

Or, the reasonalizification of a plainly-written statement from the White House, the pixels that launched a thousand snarks. Here are the two paragraphs that seemingly contain the gist of it.

The White House
Statement by the President on Airstrikes in Syria

… We were joined in this action by our friends and partners — Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain, and Qatar. America is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with these nations on behalf of our common security.


Last night, we also took strikes to disrupt plotting against the United States and our allies by seasoned al Qaeda operatives in Syria who are known as the Khorasan Group. And once again, it must be clear to anyone who would plot against America and try to do Americans harm that we will not tolerate safe havens for terrorists who threaten our people….

That’s where the serious policy wonks will go.

The political paparazzi will head in the other direction.  Continue reading


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Super-Duper Saul Alinsky, Superstar

Saul Alinsky practicing in Chicago

Saul Alinsky in Chicago where he was born, raised, educated, lived  and died

Saul David Alinsky, born, educated, lived and died in Chicago, Illinois (not a communist, but, seemingly to the eternal fear of the Right, a JEW!!!!) turns out to be the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THINKER OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY that only Right Wingers have ever heard of:

The Hillary Letters
Alana Goodman / Washington Free Beacon

NOTE: READ THE HILLARY CLINTON-SAUL ALINSKY LETTERS HERE.  —  Previously unpublished correspondence between Hillary Clinton and the late left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky reveals new details about her relationship with the controversial Chicago activist and shed light on her early ideological development…

Ahhh, early ideological development … you mean like Michael Goldfarb playing with his own poop? Continue reading


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Equinoctial Equanimity, or, Snarky Snarkinson and the Snarkers


The snarking snarkers of the snarky snarkosphere have nothing to fight the pernicious reality of global warming with, save snark, and snarkily they snark along:

Reason Magazine actually asked climate protesters what they want to do, and it’s hilarious
Noah Rothman / Hot Air

Those in politics who spend much of their time railing about the dangers associated with anthropogenic climate change will often assert that the public largely shares their concerns about catastrophic climate shifts….

Oooh. “Anthropogenic”!

Might I note that seldom in the history of mankind has this kind of concentrated intellect been brought to bear on convincing a gullible and superstitious public that the Earth IS, in fact, flat, when the opposite* is knowable, can be known, is known.

[* That the Earth is a spheroid,  and not the opposite of "flat" which is only, that I can divine, is either "sharp", "peaked" or "amply-endowed." Sorry for any misunderstanding.] Continue reading

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Chuck Todd, Political Genius

Chuck Todd screeches about comedians in politics

Chuck Todd (L.) pontificates (pre-Meet the Press)

At the helm for his new “Meet The Press” gig, from COMCAST’S mistaken notion that the Sunday Morning Shows are for ratings, and NOT for (as they actually are) lobbying and inside the beltway media schmoozing, Chuck Todd lays another golden turd on the Bonfire of the Hannuttys.

Chuck Todd Splits US Into ‘Starbucks Nation’ And ‘Chick-Fil-A Country’ (VIDEO)
Caitlin MacNeal / Talking Points Memo

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on Sunday described the 2014 midterm elections as a battle between “Starbucks nation” and “Chick-Fil-A country.”

He split the U.S. into the Democratic urban areas that drink Starbucks and the Republican rural areas that eat Chick-Fil-A….

Oh GENIUS! Oh, how BRILLIANT! WHAT a paradigm!


Continue reading


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Life is just so UNFAIR!

redskjin logo

Redskins is not, according to White racists, a racial slur.

Awwww. Poor White Football Fans ambushed by EVIL NATIVE AMERICAN Indians!

The Daily Show springs tense showdown with Native Americans on Redskins fans
Ian Shapira / Washington Post

The four die-hard Redskins fans thought the opportunity was as golden as the vintage helmets of their favorite football team: “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” wanted them to appear on the Comedy Central program …

Now, listen to our Modern Day Custers as they make their last stand: Continue reading


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This OUGHT to scare hell out of you


But you’ll drink the Koolaid and return to the trance state that the TV screen produces:

One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S., but why?
Jim Gaines/Reuters

For the past few weeks, as Scotland debated the wisdom of independence, Reuters has been asking Americans how they would feel about declaring independence today, not from the United Kingdom, but from the mother country they left England to create. The exact wording of the question was, “Do you support or oppose the idea of your state peacefully withdrawing from the United States of America and the federal government?” [...]

That’s not the scary part. THIS is the scary part: Continue reading


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Propaganda Works

Don’t believe me? Believe Gallup:

Democratic, Republican Party Favorable Ratings Now Similar
Jeffrey M. Jones / Gallup

Ratings of GOP improve, but are still negative  —  PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ views of the Democratic and Republican parties are now similar, mainly because of their more positive ratings of the GOP.

gops gallup

So, why the “positive ratings” for the GOP?

Continue reading

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Hello, I must be going …

[NOTE: Featured on Crooks and Liars' Blog Roundup 17 SEP 2014]


Baggy pants comedian Bobby Jindal takes the 2016 GOP Vaudeville Tour tryouts stage:

Bobby Jindal Calls Obama Admin ‘Science Deniers’
Sahil Kapur / Talking Points Memo

At a breakfast for reporters Tuesday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, the Republican [Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal] attacked President Barack Obama for not fully taking advantage of the United States’ fossil fuel and energy resources.

“The reality is right now we’ve got an administration in the Obama administration that are science deniers when it comes to harnessing America’s energy resources and potential to create good-paying jobs for our economy and for our future,” Jindal said. “Right now we’ve got an administration whose policies are holding our economy hostage.” …

The comic then took some questions by explaining his policy and belief on global warming: Continue reading


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