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I must not be trying hard enough

I rated this blog with a place called “Mingle2″ (who uses it as a come-on for an online dating site, so I’d suggest that you don’t put their code on your page, unless you like hosting free ads).

As you can see, I’m not trying hard enough. Zug (my main blog) is rated NC-17.

Family Friendly

But His Vorpal Sword has used no bad words … so far. Stay tuned.


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Whether it’s a bolt from the blue — or, as with many decisions handed down last week, a blot from the blue — the Supreme Court has broken with tradition to reverse itself on whether to reverse a ruling on our weird naval base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, a country it’s allegedly illegal for Michael Moore or most any other American citizen to visit:

From the International Herald Tribune (New York Times)

Supreme Court to hear habeas corpus claims of Guantánamo detainees
By William Glaberson
Published: June 29, 2007

The United States Supreme Court reversed course on Friday and agreed to hear claims of Guantánamo detainees that they have a right to challenge their detentions in American federal courts.
Continue reading

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The Day The Law Died

Well, you knew it was coming. The White House has imperiously thrown out house AND senate congressional subpoenas, and the Roberts Supreme Court decided that 1954’s Brown v. Board of Education, the legal bedrock of the entire Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, the case that put Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court, that overturned the horrific Plessy v. Ferguson “separate but equal” rationalization for Jim Crow laws, well, the Roberts Court has declared THAT struggle over: Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s News Today

The following little news item from England tomorrow caught my interest:

Romney finds funds to set the pace
Tim Reid in Washington
From The Times (of London)
June 26, 2007

Being a Mormon from Democrat-leaning Massachusetts would normally be a handicap for a Republican with presidential ambitions, yet Mitt Romney has broken through as a serious contender for his party’s nomination with another massive fundraising haul. Continue reading

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What A Difference Six Months Makes

I found this, looking for something else. It explains itself fine.

20 December 2006

from (boregasm)

It isn’t even Christmas. The last wood and cardboard lawn signs haven’t yet been fed into cabin stoves. The last of the wood pellets haven’t been laid up for winter, although there seems to be a major blizzard underway in the Rockies.

The last of the nativity scenes have pretty much all gone up, or been taken down, according to which side of the anti-Santa door you’re swinging on.

But NEWSWEEK’s cover this week is a tabloid cut-and-paste “face off” (friendly) between Senators Obama and Clinton. What? Continue reading

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Bong Hits 4 Jesus No More

The Offending Sign

Today’s (black) headlines:

High court ends ban on corporate-funded campaign ads
Los Angeles Times, Calif.

Increasing the rights of corporations

Ordinary taxpayers can’t sue over faith-based program
Baltimore Sun, United States

Reducing the rights of citizens

Because the Constitution, evidently, should be proprietary. Continue reading

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A Father’s Day Tale

[WARNING; CAVEAT LECTOR: Long -- and ... wordy.]

OK: try looking for “Joe Williams.”

joseph hart williams IV and III

JHW IV and III, respectively. IV is me.

Welcome to the best Father’s Day of my life. (I share this because it’s a great story, even though some monkey will toss feces on it at some point, guaranteed, or use it for armchair psychoanalysis, which is pretty much the same thing. One writes, finally, with a commitment to truth, irregardless* of the consequences.)

[* A word used by choice: Continue reading

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Hello world! (not my titular idea)

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


Right.  OK, crew: You know the drill. It came up in conversation the other night that my homepage was, and had been, since 1995, a natural blog title (and not really a webpage title). So the question was, how come you don’t have a blog named “his vorpal sword”

Well, now I do.

I intend to crosspost for awhile, and eventually migrate. But first, the TWEAKING!

 T’was brillig and the slithy toves
did gyre and gimble in the wabe …


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SCOTUS Kicks Open the Union-Busting Door

I subscribe to opposition newsletters, and reading through the various (generic) Right Wing hatespeak that spewed forth with my morning mail, I came across a link to this:

High Court Upholds Curb on Political Use of Union Fees

By Charles Lane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, June 15, 2007; Page A02

The Supreme Court yesterday unanimously upheld a Washington state law that requires public employee unions to get permission before making political contributions using fees they collect from nonmembers. Continue reading

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