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Christine Todd Whitman Shills for Nuclear Power

CONTEXT UPDATE: I wrote the article below without asking WHY she was on the radio this morning. A news item clarified why (Google: ‘posted 6 hours ago’):

International Herald Tribune (New York TIMES):

U.S energy bill aids the expansion plans of atomic power plants
By Edmund L. Andrews and Matthew L. Wald
Published: July 31, 2007

WASHINGTON: A one-sentence provision buried in the Senate’s recently passed energy bill, inserted without debate at the urging of the nuclear power industry, could make builders of new nuclear plants eligible for tens of billions of dollars in government loan guarantees. … The nuclear industry is enjoying growing political support after decades of opposition from environmental groups and others concerned about the risks. An increasing number of lawmakers in both parties, worried about global warming and dependence on foreign oil, support some expansion of nuclear power….

So, they’re back at the public trough. Continue reading


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Another Day Down The Rabbithole

A Really Tasteful and Respectful Radio Play About A Completely Fictional Television Show


Bill O’Bully - A famous Right Wing Television Commentator

Mishrill Merkin - A former reporter turned Internet 2.0 media entrepreneur and blogosphere eyecandy blogmistress. Pronounced “my shrill MURR kin

Barbie Kewpie – A former Democratic consultant, now makes her money appearing as a “consultant” on the O’Bully Show and writing for periodicals and publishing houses owned by the same people that own O’Bully’s Network (and who publish HIS books, syndicate his radio show, publish Merkin’s books, etc. etc.).


O’BULLY: And we’re back in the ‘No Win Zone.’ … Anonymous Left wing hate has been completely ignored by the liberal imperious sovereign media, and here with us to discuss it is our resident VOX NOOZ expert, Mishrill Merkin. What say you, Mishrill?

Wonderful to see you, Bill.

O’BULLY: Mishrill, your blog today continues to follow the story of that soldier in Iraq who wrote all those horrible things about our troops. What wrote you, Mishrill?

MERKIN: We’ve started a parody writing contest, Bill. It’s based on this FABULOUS parody that was written by blogger Slime Seeker on anonymous writing by the left and how hateful it is.

O’BULLY: That sounds hilarious, Mishrill. How laugh you?

MERKIN: Oh, we’ve already had some side-splitting stories. One that comes to mind is PatriotWho KillsLiberals “Why I killed Vince Foster” by “HC.” Another zany laff riot is KillAllLiberals’ short short story, “Why I want to skull-fuck that soldier puke I don’t even think exists in the hole I’d blow in him with my illegal assault rifle.”

O’BULLY: Isn’t that a little close to Ted Nugent’s most recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal — “Why we should kill all the liberal writers”? How answer you, Mishrill?

MERKIN: His Nuge-ifocity [NOO ji FAAS ih TEE] wasn’t talking about anonymous liberal bloggers, Bill. He was talking about liberal writers, which is a completely different thing. KillAllLiberals was challenging the cowardly ANONYMOUS bloggers who spew their hate-filled venomous stuff that puts them in league with Al Qaeda terrorists and slits the throats of our brave troops in their sleep.

O’BULLY: Come on, Mishrill. Are the liberal bloggers really any kind of threat? What fear you?

MERKIN: Well, if you just look at how they’ve destroyed the free market with their antitrust laws, their labor unions, their anti-child-labor laws and their health and safety laws, you’ll see what a menace that liberals are, Bill. They only look pathetically weak and ineffectual. But so are moths, but they can ruin sweaters if you don’t have the balls to deal with them.

O’BULLY: You’re of course speaking about moth balls.

MERKIN: That’s right Bill.

O’BULLY: Let’s bring in a Liberal Democratic Consultant who is a regular here in the “No Win Zone,” Barbie Kewpie, activist and lawyer.

KEWPIE: Thank you Bill, I …

O’BULLY: Barbie, you’ve stated in the past (now that you’re writing for our fine publications and working for us as a consultant) that anonymous liberal bloggers are not the great threat that they’re made out to be. How can you defend that? What say you?

KEWPIE: Thank you Bill, I …

O’BULLY: Mishrill?

MM: That’s simply not true, Bill. I’ve warned again and again of the danger of liberal bloggers. Last week, you’ll remember, a rabid blogger bit the announcer at a NASCAR event. And the endless hatespeech from the liberal blogger “Taliban” has deeply hurt Ann Coulter’s feelings. What kind of heartless baby-murderers are these anonymous liberal bloggers? They won’t be satisfied until they have silenced every other voice, and turned the internet into the moonbat fairyland of Blogistan.

KEWPIE: Bill, I …

O’BULLY: You’ll get your turn, (sarcastic) MIZ Kewpie. What say you, Mishrill Merkin?

MERKIN: They hate our troops, our Jesus and our way of life. They hate us for our freedom. Their mothers wore army boots.

O’BULLY: (With unmasked sarcasm): Miz Kewpie?

KEWPIE: Bill, I …

O’BULLY: Mishrill, you had something you wanted to say?

MERKIN: No, Bill. But as long as you’re asking, I believe that anonymous liberal bloggers gave Barry Bonds steroids, planted controlled demolition charges in the Twin Towers on 9-11, cause the sinking of Titanic and drown puppies for fun.

O’BULLY: What say you, MIZ Kewpie?

KEWPIE: Bill, I …

O’BULLY: Well, that’s where we’ll have to leave it. We’re outta time for this segment. What want you, Mishrill?

MERKIN: [all the "bl"s should lead to semi-babbling incoherence] I just wanted to say that my NEW blook is for sale on my blog, about the dangers of blig government and anonymous liberal bloggers: ALL LIBERALS SHOULD HAVE A HEART ATTACK AND DIE ALREADY. I wrote it in collaboration with my good friends LittleGreasyTurdballs, Hairlessnads and VillanesSumPump. It’s must reading for all concerned Christian, Patriotic True Americans.

O’BULLY: Thank you Mishrill. You are, without a doubt, American’s favorite Merkin. How reciprocate you?

MERKIN: Thank you, Bill. You are the most incisive voice in television, and the handsomest man on radio.

O’BULLY: [Drumming fingers on desk] AND ….?

MERKIN: And the O’Bully Method for Kids is just the best book ever, Bill. I’ve been reading a chapter to my son every night at bedtime, and little Vlad just loves it. He’s stopped pestering me for money for his candy and comic books, and I have to thank you for that.
And for writing that *wonderful* book, which I’m also selling on my website along with my new book, . I wish I could carry some of the really AMAZING “no win zone” gear you’ve got on YOUR site, W W W DOT BILL O’Bully DOT com.

O’BULLY: This old salty dog thanks you. And thank you Democratic Liberal Consultant Barbie Kewpie. Just because you’re from the other side of the aisle doesn’t mean that you can’t be bootylicious. And you are.

KEWPIE: Thank you, Bill, I ….

O’BULLY: Myshrill?

MERKIN: She’s completely full of crap, as usual.

O’BULLY: There you have it. Balanced and fair. Next up, how pantywaist liberals are threatening anonymous conservative bloggers with “outing.” Is this another hellish checklist item on the homosexual agenda?

And, later in the show, The O’Bully Report takes a “no win zone” look at four-eyed pansy sissy boys in our schools. Are they giving Conservatives their lunch money WITHOUT putting up enough of a fight? Will our next generation of Conservatives be aggressive enough to inherit America’s future without the “school of hard knocks” training that guys like me got on the schoolyard playground? God I miss those days.

What watch you, America? We’ll be right back.

[REALLY LOUD screeching fanfare. Overdone, almost Rococco graphic in Red, White & Blue motif. Various noisy electronic clutter dancing everywhere on the screen. Cut to Commercial.]

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The aforementioned transcript is completely fictional. To see a Really Tasteful and Respectful picture of a Koran in a toilet, see the Michelle Malkin (no relation) blog.

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Why Judges Serve For Life

This is in response to a comment from Todd’s excellent posting “SCOTUS ‘Too Conservative‘ “

No matter how short I cut the comment, it wouldn’t “take” and it’s a valuable bit of information from the debate that surrounded the adoption of the Constitution. Here’s the comment:

# William A. Stoddart Says:
July 29th, 2007 at 11:15 am

It is just plain stupid that Supreme Court justices are appionted for life. If a President has the opportunity to appoint a couple of justices, like “The Decider” has, these appointments can effect future generations. It runs against our constitutionally established democracy to have the political leanings of one president effect the course of the nation for 30 years or longer. Continue reading

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Gitmo Terrorist Catch and Release?

Or, Red Meat for the Rightie Blogosmear

Here’s another “story” that currently only exists in the Red Blog camps.

The Australian newspaperThe Age, reported yesterday that, seemingly chillingly:

Freed Guantanamo inmates take up arms
The Age (Australia)
July 28, 2007

AT LEAST 30 former Guantanamo Bay detainees have been killed or recaptured after taking up arms against allied forces following their release. Continue reading

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Wingnut Smear on Columbia Journalism Review

As a follow-up to my Friday post on the “Blogosmear*,” the Wingnuts of the rightie hate machine have launched a typically mindless, reflexive attack on the Columbia Journalism Review for having the temerity to toss some water on the bonfire of the vanities that the “milbloggers” and the drooling wingnuts are up in arms about: the ‘high tech lynching’ to discredit, destroy and either jail or frag Private Beauchamp, who reported on the situation on the ground in Baghdad in The New Republic.

(* See part 5 of “Blogosmear” for full details. Heck, it was meant as a weekend feature, so read the whole thing, if you dare.) Continue reading


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White House, Rightie Blogs Plot Privilege Defense


“The White House hosted a blogger conference call to discuss the issues surrounding the Bush administration’s use of executive privilege in the probe of the firings of eight federal prosecutors,” wrote Ed Morrissey, who produces the blog Captains Quarters. “The White House arranged the call based on a recommendation by this blog, in order to familiarize the blogosphere with the legal and political arguments on which the administration will rely to prevail in the upcoming fight regarding the contempt citations Congress seems likely to approve.”

The White House did not immediately respond to queries about the conference call from RAW STORY …. [MORE]

The extreme and desperate coordination of ‘news’ from all quarters continues with a sort of Alamo-esque ferocity. Can we call it a ‘Constitutional Crisis’ yet?

This reinforces the point made in my earlier posting.


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Blogosmear, or, It’s WAR!

A Visit From Saint Michelle

T’was the week before August
and all were deployed
in hothouse Iraq
no lives yet destroyed

[WARNING: This is a long piece. Read at your own literary peril.]

The Battle of the Bulge is under way.

Parallel to the melt down of the Bush Administration (and their “High Noon” challenge to Congress, seemingly to FORCE a confrontation that the invertibrates of the two houses have been loathe to accept), a full-scale attack on the blogosphere and the left is under way, via The Usual Suspects. Continue reading

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Dow Falls 450 Points

The raw news is a big fall for the Dow Jones Industrial average (usually just “the Dow”).

Stocks Plunge As Lending Worries Rise
AP Business Writer
2:21 PM CDT, July 26, 2007

NEW YORK – Wall Street suffered its biggest plunge of the year Thursday, leading global markets lower as investors fled stocks amid increasing uneasiness about the mortgage and corporate lending markets. The Dow Jones industrials briefly fell nearly 450 points, while Treasury yields plunged as investors moved money into bonds.

As I’ve pointed out before, and CONTINUE to point out, the headline is a falsehood, a lie, a fabrication. It is not possible to “know” that “lending worries” are to blame. But this “news” is soberly accepted as fact by the same sorts who would never for an instant accept a headline stating, “Stocks Plunge As Mercury Goes Combust.”

The latter would be considered irresponsible. The former is equally so. (But no news outlet in the USA would cop to it.)

However: the real issue is that it’s only a paper moon. The economy is in deep trouble, as we’ve known for months (if not years) now, and all the Neil Cavuto cheerleading about a “14,000” point Dow doesn’t change the fundamental weaknesses of the current US economy.

How about “Stocks Plunge As Investors Check Back With Reality”?

Nawww. Too much truthfulness in a news story is an impediment, nowadays.


UPDATE 2:16 PDT: Here’s a valuable link “The Dow Is Crashing” for an analysis of the REAL state of the stock market. (Tip of the hat to pacified at DailyKos).

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The Dow Which Is Being Spoken Is Not The True Dow

or, How The Financial Press Lies With Numbers

The Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit a “milestone” by passing 14,000. Great, right?

Not so fast (I have assumed that the Euro has remained basically stable. Not a very risky assumption. It has. The St. Louis Federal Reserve uses it as a baseline as well.)


US Dollar expressed as one Euro:

1.3785 (2007-07-16 exchange rate)

1 USD = 1 Euro January 1, 2000

multiplier = .725426

(1.0 divided by 1.3785)

2007 Dow Jones @ 14,000 expressed in Jan 1, 2000 dollars = 10,155.97

Dow Jones record high 11,750.28 (January 14, 2000)

Shortfall in 2000 dollars = 1594.31

Shortfall in 2007 dollars = 2197.76

To get BACK to Jan 14, 2000’s record high, the Dow Jones Average (Industrials)…

… will have to reach 16,197.76


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In The News


Ted Nugent fears death by ‘lunatic fringe’ liberal blogger
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday July 13, 2007

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Who The F*** Is Hart Williams?

Happy Bastille Day! Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!

The title of this entry comes from a blog comment on News Hounds ( “We watch FOX so you don’t have to.”)

who the fuck is hart williams??
whatisay | 07.10.07 – 3:06 pm | #

Exactly!!! [No offense, Hart.]

But Scammity and Bozo drag this nearly anonymous blogger out and try to compare his influence with that of mAnn Coulter.

If it weren’t so sad, it would ALMOST be amusing. Continue reading

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GOP Civil Rights Record Remains Unblemished

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Here is the picture by Detroit News photographer Ricardo Thomas:


Here is the caption:

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Col., is the sole Republican candidate to address the NAACP convention. He was flanked by lecterns with placards for nine other GOP candidates — all no-shows.


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Hannity: Unfair and Imbalanced

What I wrote, about Limbaugh and “the Nuge,” in full context, was a “Hell Freezes Over” argument.

As in, “I believe that Faux Nooz™ will treat me fairly when Hell Freezes Over.”

My side isn’t the one trying to install the refrigeration units, Hannity.

That’s my official answer.


[*This tag began in memorium -- for what was done to Dan Rather.]


© 2007 Hart Williams.

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God Help Us: Heckling the Hindu

The NRO’s “The Corner” reports:

Let Us Pray [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Harry Reid had a Hindu chaplain say the opening prayer in the Senate this morning, a first — it didn’t go over well with some monotheism fans. What ensued this morning was very unfortunate — he got heckled from the balcony. Continue reading

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