Butt Plug Bob Rides Again

The Righties aren’t happy with me for publishing “Meet The New Baghdad Bob.”

Well, I guess I’m just not supporting the troops enough. Or, so says the Pajamas Media blogger Confederate Yanker, “B.P.” Bob Owens, on his aforementioned Festival of Mendacity™ site AND cross-posted to mediamythbusters.com AND possibly even to (Brent Bozell’s) NewsBusters site, where he often cross-posts.

Here’s his deathless prose:

Choose Your Preferred Narrative, but Quit Attacking the Troops

… The techniques used to attack the credibility of the military vary widely.

Some come from minor, conspiracy-minded fringe players [links to this post] and are easily brushed aside with a laugh, but others, provided with a more legitimizing platform in a national news outlet, are more troubling.

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald is one example, as he blatantly lied back in June as he accused of military public affairs system of deception when he stated:

All of a sudden, every time one of the top military commanders describes our latest operations or quantifies how many we killed, the enemy is referred to, almost exclusively now, as “Al Qaeda.”

Gee. I’ve noted that Pavlovian Conditioning tactic, as well. Now, is Greenwald now an obscure conspiracy-mind, or am I on a “more legitimizing platform”? It’s all so gosh-darned confusing.

Gosh, do you get the impression that Butt Plug Bob thinks I’m talking about HIM as the new Baghdad Bob? No. We all know he’s Butt Plug Bob. Odd that someone who would post something like this would accuse ANYONE of being “conspiracy-minded .” Glass houses, stones and all that.

Certainly, if the jackboot fits, wear it. But I was thinking more of the good Colonel. A new beret, but the same old strategy of lies.

Do you get the feeling that Butt Plug Bob doesn’t LIKEminor, conspiracy-minded fringe players” who OUGHT to be, we are led to believe, “easily brushed aside with a laugh …”?



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