Errata: Fundamental

There is something fundamentally wrong with the thinking of the Democratic majority in the US Congress. It has to do with the nature of evil.

A long time ago, when I was starting out … scratch that. A VERY long time ago, when I was starting out as a writer, I was lucky enough to get out ahead of the “Postmodernist” craze that ruined English departments at land grant colleges across our land (leading to the current, moribund, nature of publishing … which I’ve written about elsewhere). But I wanted to understand the nature of the story process itself, and I resolved to test out the various clichés of literature and plotline.

One of the most obvious was the old “Snidely Whiplash” villain. Were there malicious men? (Yes, but the vast majority of “evil” is committed by sincere people for what they THINK is the “good” — the difference limning the border between melodrama and tragedy.) And what defeated evil?

It was during my “experiments” on the latter that I noticed something peculiar: very often, contrary to all expectation, the “malicious” type of villain can’t leave well enough alone. They’ve succeeded. They’ve won. But they PUSH it one step further.

And, very often, one ABSURD step further.

So, the cliché holds: the villain invariably gives the “good” that fatal opening in which to triumph. It seems to do with a need to “display” to “bray” to rub the hero’s face in the warm dog poo of the Triumph of Darkness.

So: what does this have to do with Congress?

Well, we have, at this moment, 352 days left in the Bush Maladministration. And think of what they’ve gotten away with: outing CIA agents, coverup and “commutation” of the only sentence handed out. Illegal wars, wholesale looting of the treasury, secret prisons, illegal detention facilities, torture, the wholesale abrogation of the Geneva Accords; the entire ongoing debacle of Katrina; wholesale spying on Americans, even, potentially, the murder of two US Senate candidates (one incumbent, one not), ritualkiss.jpgthe blackmail of members of Congress, the perversion of the Justice Department to political ends, bribery, extortion; the manipulation of the Fed for Republican ends, massive and almost incomprehensible debt surpassing the previous debt of all presidents prior to the Usurper PUT TOGETHER, borrowing massively from foreign powers that DON’T have our best interests at heart, the wholesale outsourcing of American industry and commerce, the net creation of a debtor nation that exports raw materials and imports finished goods and lord-knows-what-else.

And this is what the Congress has tacitly decided (along with ALL the presidential candidates) to do: IGNORE Bush.

You heard me.

There is a culture in Washington that believes ‘We’ll just ignore Bush and he’ll GO AWAY.’

No. This is the ONE strategy guaranteed to fail. Like a three-year-old enfant terrible — the kind of “mommy’s little precious” who pisses on the carpet at a party to get attention and whose mommy says “Isn’t he PRECIOUS? He’s EXPRESSING himself!” and brooks no discipline for the little monster — no matter how Congress looks the other way, “Mommy’s Little Precious” Bush has to push the envelope: I DARE you to impeach me!

He ignores subpoenas. He issues illegal wiretap orders. He demands retroactive immunity from crimes. He throws tantrums that his rich buddies can’t have their insane tax cuts FOREVER. He reveals new crimes. He refuses to cooperate. His officials refuse to testify under oath. He issues “signing statements” exercising a “line item veto” power that the Supreme Court explicitly rejected during the Clinton Administration.

He returns to old, discredited lies, and CONTINUES TO KILL the #3 Man in Al Qaeda every month, like clockwork. (Yeah. Right. Sure.)

Since the debacle (for him) of the 2006 off-year elections he has continually been in Congress’ face, making them extremely uncomfortable. And, more often than not, HE GETS HIS WAY!

He WILL not go away, Congress. He will not go silently into that good night. He has slithered the repeal of Posse Comitatus through, and can declare a “state of emergency” at any time, suspend the laws, nationalize the National Guard, and rule as dictator, AT HIS SOLE DISCRETION. He has finished building a chain of high-volume “detention centers” allegedly for “illegal immigrants,” etc. etc. etc.

And, in the face of this extreme danger, with the killer holding the straight-razor’s blade at the throat of Lady Liberty with a pressure that’s causing a small trickle of blood to well in the hollow of her neck, what does the Congress — elected to OPPOSE Bush — do?

They hide their heads in the sand, Democrat AND REPUBLICAN (there is great private revulsion for much of this, I am reliably informed), thinking that Bush will go away. Everybody figures they can IGNORE the lame duck resident.

A graver mistake could not be made.

He will continue to push for nothing less than the utter subjugation of the Congress and Courts and, finally, Constitution to his misrule.

And by the time Congress pulls its head out of the sand there may well be nothing left BUT sand.

And ashes.


And so, I am reduced to gracelessly stating the obvious: Congress must take the first step. There is no excuse in Heaven or Hell for not doing so. Begin investigating these crimes, else leave the District of Columbia.

There is no government that you need be concerned with.

Courage. (You goddamn pussies.)


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2 responses to “Errata: Fundamental

  1. Ignoring Bush will not make him vanish and I do agree. There is no excuse for not investigating these crimes… unless, of course, the investigators are also have a role in these crimes… Or could Bush and company have something else on these people?

    Warrant less wire taps? Could the Bushies be spying on people other than terrorists? People other than Quakers and peace activists… People like uh Democrats? One does wonder.

    What does Bush have on these people to make them act like pussies?

  2. I don’t know, Bill. And I have noted elsewhere that I absolutely believe that they have blackmail material (since, even if every person in congress were pure as the driven snow, all their families and friends aren’t).

    But, were I them, and recognized what their craven cowardice will mean to posterity, I’d just go ahead and order a urinal for my headstone, and make it easier on all parties concerned.