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No Nukes Is Good Nukes


For some reason, the zeitgeist is channeling this post. Or synchronicity or whim or time or tide. In the interim,

U.S. Grants 1st License for Major Nuclear Plant in 30 Years
Associated Press
Sunday, June 25, 2006; Page A10

ALBUQUERQUE — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued its first license for a major commercial nuclear facility in 30 years, allowing an international consortium to build what will be the nation’s first private fuel source for commercial nuclear power plants.

Construction of the $1.5 billion National Enrichment Facility, under review for the past 2 1/2 years, could begin in August, and the plant could be ready to sell enriched uranium by early 2009, said James Ferland, president of the consortium of nuclear companies, Louisiana Energy Services.

The plant, licensed on Friday, will be built near the small southeastern New Mexico community of Eunice, where support for the project is strong. Critics say it will pollute the environment, guzzle scarce water and leave the town with tons of radioactive waste and nowhere to put it….

And then, this …

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#1 On The Hit Parade

Today we’re reminded of the hubris of a formerly complicit press rearing up on furry  haunches and demanding full obeisance as important vermin. We’re also reminded of the shameful manner in which they coddled and continue to coddle criminals.


From Libby Spencer, one of the very best and bravest bloggers we are graced with, who has  taken over Steve Benin’s mantle as the hardest working person in the blogosphere: Continue reading

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In Praise of Idiots (NOT)

There is an astonishingly juvenile, unprofessional and idiotic article today in the Washington Post by Dana Milbank. The Post announced yesterday that they were closing down their standalone BOOK WORLD section (which I used to write for), which is sad, but understandable given Mr. Milbank’s imbecility — which is only matched by the sheer drooling stupidity of his commenters. Obviously, they don’t READ books.


The Washington Post Commenters

It seems apparent that they’ve all been taking their “facts” from Conservapedia, for those who don’t like the reality that facts show us, and prefer the reality that really powerful hallucinogens and/or invisible friends give them. In their honor, we reprint this, from … Continue reading


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Did They Wiretap Anybody Else?

Now, if I weren’t in reruns today, I’d write a long post about how the Republiklan haters (Steyn, Malkin, LGF, et al) have taken the long walk off the short pier of sanity into the deep waters of idiot psychosis; retreating into hebephrenic churlishness and hallucinatory lunacy. But you can read about THAT here. (And here.) Ah, I love the smell of ignorant xenophobia and clueless bigotry in the morning: smells like we won.


Instead, I’d like to revisit the recent revelation that the NSA was targeting journalists and surveilling them electronically 24/7/365. And some advice for the raving righties … Continue reading


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How To Stop Hate Radio

I coined the phrase “Hate Radio.”

I know this because I searched all the search engines when I started “Stop Hate Radio” in 2001. There was a single reference in a few places: in the mid-1990s a group of minority students in Florida used the term in protesting a Florida sports radio station whose host used disparaging and borderline racist characterizations on a regular basis. The fellow toned it down or was fired, and the term vanished into the ether. Continue reading

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This Day, Blog Years Ago

Here are my blog postings from four and three years ago, yesterday (the 1-26-?? posts did not exist in one case and barely existed the other.) The first one is eerily an echo of yesterday’s post. It even shares a link.

For today’s issues, let me recommend Joe Gandelman’s “Senator John McCain, Mega Partisanship And Rush Limbaugh” from Saturday at The Moderate Voice (one of my favorite blogs).  2005 and 2006. (Such a deal!)


Horatius at the bridge

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Mr. Peepers Goes To Portland part iii.

This is part iii. If you haven’t read parts i and ii, they’re HERE (i) and HERE (ii)iv. below is a section number, not a post number. Today, we’re going all the way to vii. the senses shattering finale …


Oregon Public Broadcasting news, 8:03 AM 1-25-09:

Portland Mayor Sam Adams has not yet decided whether to resign after he covered up a sexual relationship with a teenager….

iv. We get jiggy with it

Ultimately, sex scandals aren’t about fucking. They’re about talking about fucking: self-anointed moral guardians passionately declaiming passion. Prurient outrage expressed at orgasmic volumes by those who, seemingly, are against orgasms.

(We even call some scandals ‘crimes of passion.’) Continue reading


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Mr. Peepers Goes To Portland part ii.

[part i is HERE]


Undeniable Mystery of Life Truth #116:

Horny makes you stupid.

And so, too, finding out about it makes other people stupid, too.

I wish I could make this short, and I wish I could make this easy, but it’s neither. Still, it’s important.

i. prologue — auto-da- — 2004

You might say I’ve been on this story for a few years now. It’s January, named for the Roman god of beginnings and endings, so to look forward, we also need to look back. Continue reading


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Mr. Peepers goes to Portland part i.

I am writing about the “sex scandal” enveloping Portland, Oregon mayor Sam Adams. Today’s post was well under way, until I realized that there was something very important that you need to understand BEFORE I tell you what is going on up in Portland. For now, all that you need to know is this: Sam Adams was just elected mayor of Portland. He is the first openly gay mayor of a major U.S. city.


The story was written by Willamette Week reporter Nigel Jaquiss, about whom more tomorrow. But Jaquiss makes an important cameo appearance here in this eerily prescient post. Continue reading


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Of Bailouts and Toxic Asshats

The bailout didn’t work.

No, Gentle Reader, not the TARP (jury’s still out on that one, although fewer retail chains and banks collapsed after Christmas than I’d anticipated). No, I mean the shelving of this blog.

oath of office mulligan

Roberts, Rules, Oath of Office Mulligan

i. a short expository lump

I need to stop blogging on such an all-consuming basis. That is the reality. I will be back, that’s reality, too. BUT, I don’t know when. (A little something called $$$ writing has to take priority.)

What to do? What to do? Continue reading


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Oh Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!

We may be back in these parts again, old friend, but for now I’d say our work here is done, Tonto.




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Olla Podrida


olla podrida

SYLLABICATION:    olla po-dri-da
NOUN:    Inflected forms: pl. olla po-dri-das also ollas po-dri-das
1. A stew of highly seasoned meat and vegetables. 2. An assorted mixture; a miscellany: “All the conversations were in English . . . the whole olla podrida spiced with the latest gossip” (William Pearson).
ETYMOLOGY:    Spanish : olla, olla; see olla + podrida, feminine of podrido, rotten (from Latin putridus; see putrid).

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2000

First, as reported here by eagle-eyed reader Mark E. two weeks ago, ["The Aristocrats" 7 Jan 09] Pepsi DID rebrand their logo based on the Obama logo, at least according to NPR. Continue reading

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Self-service Gas

This is really the only day that this story can finally be written, so this is the day to write it. This is a day of service, and I need to tell this story, as my way of honoring that.


from my secret homepage

I discovered this years ago, and have refrained from comment — for reasons that will become abundantly clear — until this very day. It begins like this [note: I've used the Internet Archive for old versions of the pages in question]:

i. byteing my time Continue reading

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