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Not All Mad Dogs Get Licensed


I get mail. This viral hatred spews across the nation on a daily, hourly basis. So, let’s grab a poster-boy at random, and see who it is who’s defending us and our freedom from them commie Socialist wealth distributin’ furrniners …

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Waiting for John Brown


Two years and a month ago, I was savaged by the Right Wing blogosmear (who, conveniently, don’t allow for rebuttal on their blogs),  Faux Nooz™ and WorldNutDaily’s editor, Joe Farah in their ‘pages.’ And I wrote this later that month [emphasis added]:

… And that’s just ONE front of this ‘War on Terra,’ (never mind the climate or clean air and water). There is a push to intimidate and silence the blogosphere. Perhaps to provide cover for the next link in the chains of fascism that this country is descending into. (Ask not for whom the chains are forged, Lefties. They are being forged for thee.)

Welcome to the battle of the bulge. The Morlocks are out for brains to eat, and if you’re reading this, probably brains like yours. Morlocks get very hungry with all that strenuous blogosmearing. Michael Moore, Scott Thomas, Daily Kos, Me, The New Republic, and there are more. The offensive (in both literal senses) is under way. Will we defend? Will we curl into a fetal position and whimper? I’ll not hazard a guess. But if ever there were a time ….

(For some odd reason, WorldNetDaily has not devoted a word to the story, so far. But then again: so many targets, so little time.)

And I heard them to shriek

between conniption fits

we hate you all and

to all a Happy Apocalypse.

America is a nation waiting for a John Brown. Let’s hope that it’s a longer wait than I fear it will be.

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