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A Political Joke (in more ways than one)

Here’s a riddle:

Q: What’s the difference between Ronald Reagan and the modern Republicans?


A: Reagan knew how to work with Democrats.



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The Racism Scandal That Really Was

Listen to this “man in the street” at today’s Glenn Beck rally in Seattle:

“The race card being played by the left side of the aisle is wrong.”

OK. I suppose to be fair, then, I ought to lead with an ace. The following was sparked by the 9-09-09 edition of this blog:


Front page news today in Bloomington, Indiana

Boston Herald editor and angry blogger Jules Crittendon didn’t think much of my September 9 cross-posting of “Health Ins. VP sends Obama Hate-mail on Company Account ” at The Democratic Daily:

Math And Protocol

Or rules, points and yardage if you like. GOP rep gives the other team more ammunition with an outburst. There’s shock, scandal and snark. What’s this nation coming to? Hey, once upon a time they used to fight duels and cane each other. It isn’t like the other side is exactly a picture of decorum. Turns out what goes around, comes around. That said, cork it, Rep….

OK: To be fair, Jules Crittendon doesn’t think much, period.

And, to be fairer, Kiwanis International wasn’t much impressed, either, seemingly sweeping under the rug the racist email that their Vice President  insurance agent sent to Kiwanis officers under his corporate aegis, the Hylant Group of Bloomington, Indiana.

But the city of Bloomington, Indiana is taking it seriously. And the Hylant Group took it seriously, as well: Continue reading


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Hate-mailing Health Ins. VP went to a segregated college in SC

Old habits die hard.


Denny Flahault finally “apologized” to Kiwanis for emailing out the inchoate-with-hate cartoons and mashups that we reported on September 9th (Health Ins. VP sends Obama Hate-mail on Company Account).

Well, sort of.

The local newspaper, the Herald-Times of Bloomington, Indiana published the following story today Continue reading


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Hart Williams Presents, Equinoctial Edition


T’was the night before Solstice
when all through the Malls
Teabaggers were stirring
and scribbling on stalls

While Ma with her crossword
and I with my kat
had just readjusted
to sudden éclat

And now, the news from Planet Wingnuttia, where the men are precious, the women smell strong, and the children are stridently mediocre: Continue reading


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If the Democrats had any more balls …

Then at least they’d have one.

light reading

As I noted, the Washington DC Democrats remain the dominant invertebrate life-form in the district.

Are the media so stooooopid that they don’t recognize a coordinated “hit” on ACORN? ACORN has been the GOP “poster child” (along with George Soros) for virtually ALL of their astroturf projection fantasies since at LEAST 2006. A standard slur to be used to false equivalence and “two wrongs make a right”  in any debate over GOP voter registration shenanigans. Continue reading


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Racists? Us?!? We Ain’t No White Supremacists!

Jimmy Carter had the guts to call a spade a spade (no non-PC pun intended).

Breakfast of Chumps

Breakfast of Chumps

This roiled the hornet’s nest of “non-racists” in the GOP KKKommunity. This frightened the Washington Post, who begin their article with a GOP denial, even before we know WHAT it is that they’re denying [emphasis added]: Continue reading


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September 11 – Lest We Forget

I’ve had heavy traffic on a post of mine from December of 2008, which, I realize, is an utterly appropriate remembrance of the Anniversary of “Nine-Lebbin.” Therefore, I reprint it here, from December 10, 2008, entitled …

George W. Bush, Agent of al Qaeda

Pearl Harbor day today. (Note: this was begun on December 7).


I was born in 1955, when the memory of “where were you when you heard about Pearl Harbor?” was common currency to all adults. For my generation, it was “where were you when you heard Kennedy had been shot?” as a future generation would remember “where were you when they landed on the moon?”, or “where were you when the Challenger exploded?” to our current “where were you when the planes hit the Trade Center towers?”* Continue reading

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The Two Lies No Republican Can Live Without

I was up late, and CSPAN played the tape of the oral arguments in the Supreme Court’s campaign finance case — a special hearing,  BEFORE the regular “First Monday in October” beginning of the Court’s session — this year on October 5, preceded by the creepy “Red Mass” at the National Cathedral and around the country, resurrected from a Medieval Catholic rite.


CSPAN reargument

Supreme Court Re-Argument of Citizens United v. FEC

The Supreme Court examined the constitutional basis of campaign finance law when it re-heard Citizens United v. FEC. New Justice Sonia Sotomayor took part in this special session which was held before the official start of the new term.
Washington, DC : 1 hr. 37 min.

(Yes, I’m a bit nerdy about the Supreme Court. Continue reading

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Health Ins. VP sends Obama Hate-mail on Company Account

It’s 09-09-09.

A friend of mine is a longtime member of a service organization that you’ll generally see on a sign at the city limits of nearly every town in America.


Welcome to Hatetown

Recently, while working on the insurance rider for a charitable event, officers of that organization received the following email from a Vice President of their insurance company, from his office in Bloomington, Indiana, on — as you will see — the company account. Continue reading


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Schizoid in Barbieland

Arose early to watch Venus (and Mars) in the dawn sky; took a minute to watch the vomitous “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. Scarborough is quite a bit less obnoxious than he was back in the pre-Iraq-war launch, when he was trying to play Glenn Beck, but that’s only comparing types of fecal matter: it’s still crap, any way you want to slice it.

And some fashion-model-type of bloviator was holding forth on what President Obama had to do in his speech tomorrow night, blah blah blah. In the seemingly endless televised visual clutter all over the screen, I made out that she was a former “senior advisor” to the John McCain campaign, which is probably actually bullshit.

Nicole Wallace on Morning Joe

She’s an out-of-work Republican spokesmodel. Continue reading


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Riffing on the Microencephalic Right that Writes

Back in Reagan’s toxic 1980s, I used to write a monthly column for Adam Magazine (RIP) entitled, imaginatively, “Hart Williams Presents.”


The Grand Prix story was mine, too

The premise was a simple one: I would take headlines from the supermarket tabloids and comment on them. Since the headlines were so outrageous, the column pretty well wrote itself. My favorite all time headline? Continue reading


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I Am Glenn Beck

Not by choice. Memeorandum‘s automated filters “assigned” me as such.

I think I fwow up now.

me = glenn beck

Not only does the prick lead a high tech lynching, then the SOB steals my damned blog, and I’m not happy about it.  Continue reading


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As darkness falls unto thy veil …

The Late Mr. Jones

MSNBC is reporting the following:

Obama adviser Jones resigns in controversy

Environmental official had signed 9/11 petition, disparaged Republicans

Associated Press Writer*

updated 18 minutes ago//

WASHINGTON – An environmental adviser for President Barack Obama, Van Jones, has resigned amid controversy over past inflammatory statements, the White House said early Sunday…

Ohmigod! Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Convenes a Lynch Mob

You want to know what happens when you call the first Black president a “racist” on national bug-fuck crazy teevee?

glenn beck
Glenn Beck, Lynchmaster
“Shhh. Ah hates niggraohs!”

A group gets angry at the latest insane hitler-speak (just substitute “Jew” for “liberal,” or “leftist,” or “communist,” or “socialist” in Rightie Rhetoric these daze and see if it doesn’t sound like Adolph — even old Pat “I defend Hitler” Buchanan would have to agree) and organizes a boycott. 50+ advertisers refuse to advertise on bug-fuck crazee’s teevee show.

But that’s not what happens. THIS is what happens. Continue reading


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