Glenn Beck Convenes a Lynch Mob

You want to know what happens when you call the first Black president a “racist” on national bug-fuck crazy teevee?

glenn beck
Glenn Beck, Lynchmaster
“Shhh. Ah hates niggraohs!”

A group gets angry at the latest insane hitler-speak (just substitute “Jew” for “liberal,” or “leftist,” or “communist,” or “socialist” in Rightie Rhetoric these daze and see if it doesn’t sound like Adolph — even old Pat “I defend Hitler” Buchanan would have to agree) and organizes a boycott. 50+ advertisers refuse to advertise on bug-fuck crazee’s teevee show.

But that’s not what happens. THIS is what happens.

Take a look at the ENTIRE blogosphere in an almost exclusively Rightie conniption fit about somebody you’ve probably never heard of! (Hint: He-who-you’ve-never-heard-of founded the group that’s boycotting bug-fuck craze, but left it to serve in the Administration BEFORE any of this happened.)

Click here and then come back. It loads fast and the file is small.


Red is righties, Blue is lefties (a Greasemonkey plugin)

And, uh SAVE the file. It’s a testamentary document of WHO gets their marching orders straight from Oogie Boogie Central, and when their masters yell “Frog!” they reply “How high?”

Seriously. Not one of these assholes ever HEARD of Van Jones a week ago.

Suddenly, the lynch mob is out.

I know this because I spent all day seeing this blogswarm, this MEGA blogswarm happening, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the hell was happening. Then it hit me.

This is Glenn Beck’s payback. But they made a mistake, and tipped their hand as to JUST how coordinated this gaggle of paid internet goons actually is. It’s a lot worse than ever I feared.

If you think this is a “new” Republithuglican tactic, consider the last writings of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster before he committed suicide on July 20 , 1993:

“I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport … The W[all] S[treet] J[ournal] editors lie without consequence.”

Here’s what Van Jones is quoted by the Kansas City Star as saying in a typically sleazy editorial from some Republithug asshole*

“And Barack Obama is not an asshole,” … “So, now, I will say this: I can be an asshole, and some of us who are not Barack Hussein Obama, are going to have to start getting a little bit uppity”

Van Jones quoted in the Kansas City Star

[* Or, perhaps a typically gutless Liberal, wh0'll cut you loose before he even knows what you've done wrong. Because Democrats and Republicans share only two salient features in common in my experience: they both fight Democrats all the time and would never make common cause with one. Republicans defend war criminals. Democrats only defend perfect and spotless Democrats, and not even then, generally. ]

Here’s what our Olympian Editorial Asshole has to say:

Summation: Jones won’t and shouldn’t survive in this job. His radical statement detract [sic] from Obama’s hopes of shining a spotlight on the need to create green jobs.

The asshole’s name is  “Yael T. Abouhalkah” and he makes me ashamed to admit that I wrote for the Kansas City Star between 1989 and 1994.

If you think that this happened all by accident, stop reading now: you’re too naive and inexperienced in the Real World to be reading this, and does your mother know you’re using her computer?

This kind of stuff doesn’t happen by accident. Even huge stories don’t get this kind of MEE TOO! MEE TOO! kind of Beatlemania. No: the Beck to Bloggers to willing “Mainstream” media is clear, and we can trace the circuitry of a massive Right Wing conspiracy (which we knew about) to control all media debate through whatever thuggish means.

We just never realized how HUGE it was.

These are the bastards trying to choke the breath out of American debate. These are the perverts gang-raping the Goddess of Liberty. These are the traitors who claim that anyone who doesn’t think like they do isn’t a True American.

As if they’d know.

This is a high tech lynch mob.

Aimed at a Black man.

Who dared to get uppity.

van jones as presented by Faux Nooz™Van Jones, Lynchee.

But they’re not racists. Just ask them.



UPDATE 5 Sept 7:40PM:

That voice of reason, David Horowitz, chimes in with soothing and moderating non-racially charged words of wisdom:

Van Jones: Jew-hating, America-hating racist: Time for his patron Valerie Jarette to go too.
2009 September 5
by David Horowitz

tags: powerline, scott johnson, valerie jarette, Van Jones, White House racists and anti-Semites

As I said: they’re not racists. Just ask them.

UPDATE 6 Sept 6:25 PM PDT: Memeorandum has decided that I am Glenn Beck. Offensive as it is, if it’s in print, it must be true. See it under “Huffington Post” HERE,  or see “I Am Glenn Beck” which is today’s his vorpal sword post HERE.

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6 responses to “Glenn Beck Convenes a Lynch Mob

  1. Yes indeed; how dare we judge a “Black” man by the content of his character as expressed in the words he says, the petitions he signs and supports, and the actions he takes.

    Instead, we should do as you “enlightened” liberals do and judge by the color of his skin, assuming that everything he does is right because he is “Black”.

    Mr. Williams replies
    : What a profound dunce you are, sir! What a benighted dunderhead! A Black man is intensely savaged for days by an almost exclusively Creepy Old White Guy gaggle of haters, smearers and slime merchants, who create the most insane, paranoid and vitriolic ad hominems (none of which have to do with his actual job) but YOU don’t seem to notice the content of THEIR character.

    You know, when it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

    And, oh magnanimous adjudger of Men’s Souls, what would be the difference between this treatment AND blatant, outright racism?

    The use of a couple of different vocabulary words, that’s all. If you’d like to argue that the viciousness displayed would have been displayed to ANY Administration official, then it’s criminal misanthropy, to boot. That’s what you’re defending?

    Yeah. Sure.

  2. Chris

    I attended the Green For All conference in Memphis of last year, entering largely unfamiliar with Jones and his several organizations. One of few white guys in the convention center, it became apparent that the event wasn’t what I was hoping it would be. So I wandered the trade show booths listening and asking questions, picking up information.

    On the basis of that look into his priorities and the several pieces regarding Jones i’ve heard from Democracy Now and other organizations, I was shocked that he was picked to work for BO and the W.H.

    The PoliceWatch stuff alone, while eminently valuable if you’re a black teen in Oakland, would seem to have ended any possible Administration appointments.

    I’m not happy about the way he’s been taken down, but not surprised either. Rahm Emanuel should know better.

    Mr. Williams replies:

    So, It’s Rahm Emanuel’s fault? The jackbooting? The vicious slanders? The sleazy “Private Beauchamp” blogosmearing?

    You’re saying “Pardon me for hitting you in knee with my testicles”?

    You make my point elegantly, sir: “Republicans defend war criminals. Democrats only defend perfect and spotless Democrats, and not even then, generally.”

  3. As the author of OOGIE BOOGIE CENTRAL, I guarantee you there are no goosestepping marching orders coming from here.

  4. Mr. Lukac:

    I pulled “Oogie Boogie Central” out of the auctorial metaphor machine in my mind, just having seen “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (for the umpteenth time) on cable recently.

    The metaphor refers to a monster entirely made out of slimy bugs — like unto the blogswarm documented above (which would make it a simile) — and has nothing to do with you. (Little usage note, BTW: You can’t copyright titles.)

    I don’t claim to own the term “vorpal sword,” nor do I pretend to be its originator. (Unless, of course, you forgot to add the smiley face to indicate you’re being arch.)

    Considering some of the creepazoids who commented above, a sense of humor or irony clearly isn’t any sort of ‘given’ in this equation.

    He left it to linger,
    and with its finger,
    he went galumphing back.

  5. My comment was for humor’s sake only, but thanks for the impromptu -and completely unnecessary- lesson in copyright law.

    • Well, Stephen, that’s the reason for emoticons. I offered the possibility, but you’ve got to appreciate that we get a lot of hate mail ’round here, and there was nothing to indicate that you weren’t just another petulant pre-schooler making some puling squall.

      Good luck with your novels. Sincerely. I know a lot of horror novelists and right now, it’s a tough row to hoe.

      But try to work on your arch comments. This last one has the faintest tinge of what I described above. The fact that your fingers sting is entirely the result of YOUR sticking them in the mousetrap. Excelsior.