Health Ins. VP sends Obama Hate-mail on Company Account

It’s 09-09-09.

A friend of mine is a longtime member of a service organization that you’ll generally see on a sign at the city limits of nearly every town in America.


Welcome to Hatetown

Recently, while working on the insurance rider for a charitable event, officers of that organization received the following email from a Vice President of their insurance company, from his office in Bloomington, Indiana, on — as you will see — the company account.

The company? The Hyland Group, which is a diversified insurance company that also includes health insurance. According to the Huffington Post, the officers of that company gave almost exclusively to Republicans in the last presidential campaign, with the exception of one broker who gave $2,300 to Hillary Clinton.

My family has very old roots in Indiana. We were in the territory by at least 1810, when my great-great-great Grandfather Williams was born near what is now the Ohio border (OK, we were there BEFORE there was an Indiana). My great great Grandfather served the Union in the Civil War, and fought under General Thomas at Chickamauga, and was one of the troops that saved the entire Army of the Cumberland, and earned Thomas the nickname “Rock of Chickamauga.”  He was disabled for life because of that war. My great grandfather (whose name I bear, as IV) planted an orchard on the Michigan border, which is still there, and still in my family.  So this kind of pernicious racism coming from Indiana is EXTREMELY disturbing to me personally.

In that context, I present the letter IN FULL, with recipients’ information removed to protect their privacy, and the privacy and integrity of the service organization (in whose youth auxiliary I was a member in high school).

NOTE: I have resized the images to fit your browser. Click on “view image” to view full size images, unretouched and unaltered in any way.

—– Original Message —–
From: Denny Flahault
To: ***
Sent: September 01, 2009
Subject: FW: more 4 the right

You’ll love these.  See below.

Denton K. Flahault, AAI, CIC, CPIA
Vice President
Hylant Group Of Bloomington
100 South College Avenue, Suite 230
P.0. Box 1337
Bloomington, IN. 47402-1337
Voice: (812) 339-1980
Toll Free:  (800) 876-0361
Fax: (812) 333-3068
Mobile:  (812) 322-5655 or (812) 202-1252
D enny

Obama Image01

Obama Image01.jpg

Obama Image02

Obama Image02.jpg

Obama Image03

Obama Image03.jpg

Obama Image04

Obama Image04.jpg

Obama Image05

Obama Image05.jpg

Obama Image06

Obama Image06.jpg

Obama Image07

Obama Image07.jpg

Obama Image08

Obama Image08.jpg

Obama Image09

Obama Image09.jpg

Obama Image10

Obama Image10.jpg

Obama Image11

Obama Image11.jpg

Obama Image12

Obama Image12.jpg

Obama Image13

Obama Image13.jpg

Obama Image14

Obama Image14.jpg

And that’s it. Concluding with the President of the United States as a Muslim, pissing on Missouri. (I wonder what Denny has against Missouri?)

According to my source: “when **** objected, Denny did not apologize for what he sent, only that **** was offended by it.”

Now, the normal journalistic song and dance would be for me to call the corporate office, email them this, and ask for comment.

But we already know what that answer will be, no matter WHAT the truth actually is. Hylant Group are big boys and girls, and can defend themselves.

[And the corporate lawyers will vet it, come up with a lawyerly response (bear in mind that in the Say-owth, "lawyer" is pronounced "liar") and Hylant Insurance group would reply that this isn't their corporate policy, that Denton K. Flahault, AAI, CIC, CPIA, Vice President, Hylant Group Of Bloomington shouldn't have sent this out on corporate letterhead, and proper "disciplinary" actions would be taken. etc. etc. etc.]

And we won’t know a damned thing more than we already do.

Therefore, I will dispense with that portion of the song-and-dance. Hylant will undoubtedly issue that statement, all right, but not in this posting. Here, we will stick with the truth.

Now, what is Hylant’s “official” position on health care? That might shed some light. Well, checking the website that Mr. Flahault lists gets “can’t find server” until you add the WWW to the link:

Then, after confirming that there IS a Bloomington office (more on that later), we find this on the rather prominently placed HealthCare page:

Our Position
Hylant Group believes in responsible health care reform that addresses three key areas: reducing costs, increasing access and increasing quality. We do not believe a public health option run by the government will successfully address these issues. As the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) states, Congress should not erode what works to fix what is broken.

What You Can Do
Have your voice heard.  Have your voice heard. [sic] Write to your members of Congress – let them know your perspective on health care reform and whether you feel a public health plan is the answer. If you agree with our position, you can download a sample letter, below.

Members of the House and Senate are expected to begin voting on health care reform bills as early as September. Now is the time for our community to engage and share opinions on this important topic.

To find the name of your representative and senators and their fax numbers, click on the following links:

  • Click here for a list of senators by state.
  • Click here or a list of representatives by state.
  • For help finding your representative, click here and enter your zip code in the top left search field

When writing to a member of Congress, please list their address as follows:

Honorable (insert name)
The United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

House of Representatives:
Honorable (insert name)
The United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC  20515

To download a copy of our sample letter in Microsoft Word format, please click here.

And here is the text of that letter:

The Honorable _____
The United States Senate / House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20510 / 20515

Dear _____:

As you consider comprehensive health care reform legislation, I urge you to oppose any efforts to create a public health insurance program that undermines the employer-provided system.   As an employer, I am proud to offer my employees quality health insurance through a private system that helps my company attract and retain a quality and competitive workforce.  I believe your reform efforts ought to focus on reducing costs, and fear that a public health insurance plan would increase costs for my company and employees, and result in a struggle to continue providing coverage.

The option of creating a public health program has appealed to some as a means to control costs and increase quality, but evidence demonstrates that the practical impact of a public health insurance program results in higher costs for individuals remaining in the private system.  The result of the Medicare and Medicaid payment system, which a public plan is suggested to be modeled after, demonstrates that artificially regulated payments do not cover the cost of delivering care, and providers increase charges on private insurers to cover the difference.  The end result is a higher premium for my company’s group plan, in an economic climate in which we already struggle.

I support your efforts to decrease costs, increase access and increase quality in the health care system.  I also strongly believe that creating a public insurance program is a counterproductive strategy to achieving your goals.  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to further discuss my concerns.





All right. Now I am enough of a journalist to contact the service organization in question. I spoke to an officer, who was unwilling to go on the record regarding the email, but confirmed that he had seen it.


Hylant Group, Bloomington, Indiana Office

And, I contacted the Hylant Group’s Bloomington office to verify that our hate emailer works there. Here is the very interesting email exchange from this morning:

from Hart Williams
date Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 10:46 AM
subject Personnel Question
hide details 10:46 AM (1 hour ago)

To Whom It May Concern:

Does Denny Flahault work at this office?


Hart Williams

To which I received this reply:

from: Teresa James
to Hart Williams
cc Denny Flahault
date Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 11:20 AM
subject RE: Personnel Question
hide details 11:20 AM (50 minutes ago)
Yes!  I have included Mr..  [sic] Flahault on this reply so that he can respond as well.
Teresa James,  IASCR
Hylant Group
100 South College Avenue, Suite 230
Bloomington, IN  47042
Office:  812-332-4484
E-mail: ***

To which I replied, (and this is where the fun begins):

from Hart Williams
to Teresa James
cc Denny Flahault
date Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 11:32 AM
subject Re: Personnel Question
hide details 11:32 AM (41 minutes ago)

Dear Ms. James:

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.


Hart Williams

Which drew this reply (because, evidently, Mr. Flahault doesn’t know the difference between “reply” and “reply all” — the original reason that the hate email went to multiple service organization officers):

from Denny Flahault
to Hart Williams
date Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 11:34 AM
subject RE: Personnel Question
hide details 11:34 AM (41 minutes ago)
Still wonder who this guy is and what he wants.  I’ll just wait and see a a bomb arrives.  If the package doesn’t look like wine or come from a winery, don’t accept it or open it!!

Denton K. Flahault, AAI, CIC, CPIA
Vice President
Hylant Group Of Bloomington

100 South College Avenue, Suite 230

P.0. Box 1337
Bloomington, IN. 47402-1337
Voice: (812) 339-1980
Toll Free:  (800) 876-0361
Fax: (812) 333-3068
Mobile:  (812) 322-5655 or (812) 202-1252

Notice that his email signature is EXACTLY the same as the signature on the hate mail above.

So, you tell me, is this the Hylant corporate culture, or is it just one seemingly paranoid, hate-filled corporate Vice President in Indiana?

One who thinks that emailing this stuff around to clients is “funny”? Or, in his words:

You’ll love these. See below.

There has been a long-running debate as to whether racism is at the root of this viciousness from the right. But it’s always hidden in codes. Mr. Hylant seems to have inadvertently let slip the mask, and, while he is certainly guilty of indiscretion on a monumental scale: is this the tip of an iceberg within the insurance industry that paints our first Black president in the ugliest terms possible?

We have blasphemy, painting Obama as Hitler, pissing on America (literally); we have communist, Muslim, socialist, failure, stupid … and the beat goes on.

Mr. Vice President of a Health Insurance provider seems to be grasping for a concept or a word. What word could that be, do you suppose?

To save you time in future, Mr. Hylant Group Vice President, the word you seem to be grasping for with your “humor” is spelled n-i-g-g-e-r, which is as offensive now as it was when then-Senator William Seward of New York said this to  Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois:

seward quote

– Thesaurus of Anecdotes, By Edmund Fuller,
Crown Publishers, New York, p. 77



NOTE: Mr Williams’ investigative reporting is currently being referenced by The Economist, “Rootless Cosmopolitans,” from his Friday report “MSNBC Misses the Astroturf in its own Building.” In 2006, he “outed” the Howard Rich gang’s multi-state initiative scheme.

UPDATE 9-25-09: In their own words …  from a 2006 Hylant Press Release:

The Hylant Group, founded in 1935, is the 27th largest insurance agency in the United States. With a team of over 625 insurance professionals, they are positioned to service their clients locally and around the globe. Hylant offers complete risk management services, employee benefits, loss control, 401(k) and financial services, health care management, and insurance for businesses and individuals around the world. In addition to the corporate headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, the firm has offices in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; Troy and Ann Arbor, Michigan; as well as Indianapolis, Bloomington and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hylant is a member of the Worldwide Broker Network and is currently ranked by the Hales Report as the 7th largest privately held broker in the nation.

Data Source: Hylant Group

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14 responses to “Health Ins. VP sends Obama Hate-mail on Company Account

  1. Correction: Some of these would not be acceptable even ABOUT his enemies.

  2. Railroad Stone

    The ‘Dumb and Dumber’ image was originally made for the previous administration, and someone has simply re-used the concept on a different target.

    For political satire, that’s the equivalent of “I know you are, but what am I?”.

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