If the Democrats had any more balls …

Then at least they’d have one.

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As I noted, the Washington DC Democrats remain the dominant invertebrate life-form in the district.

Are the media so stooooopid that they don’t recognize a coordinated “hit” on ACORN? ACORN has been the GOP “poster child” (along with George Soros) for virtually ALL of their astroturf projection fantasies since at LEAST 2006. A standard slur to be used to false equivalence and “two wrongs make a right”  in any debate over GOP voter registration shenanigans.

OK: thuggery.

Just as, SUDDENLY, evil black children beat white children on school buses.

But, terrified, the news media and the Democrats meekly submit, vote to strip ACORN of any government funding and throw Jimmy Carter to the wolves — EVEN BEFORE THERE’S BEEN ANY DEBATE, INVESTIGATION or DISCUSSION.

And the wolves lick their chops.

After all, there’s no such THING as racism. Just ask the KKK/GOP/AP:

‘Racist’ claims defuse once powerful word
With the word being used so often, it’s harder to define its meaning

Associated Press (via MSNBC)

  • Take our video quiz and test your knowledge of black history


updated 12:48 p.m. PT, Thurs., Sept . 17, 2009

Everybody’s racist, it seems.

Republican Rep. Joe Wilson? Racist, because he shouted “You lie!” at the first black president. Health care protesters, affirmative action supporters? Racist. And Barack Obama? He’s the “Racist in Chief,” wrote a leader of the recent conservative protest in Washington.

But if everybody’s racist, is anyone? [...]

Uh: no.

There. Problem solved. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

Van Jones: gone.

ACORN: gone.

Reverend Wright: gone (AND any White “Non-racist” can call him a racist with impunity and nobody will say a goddamned word in Wright’s defense.)


Beginning to see a pattern?

NOBODY could wait a week? Seriously: the Democrats control both houses of Congress. HOW could a defunding measure come to the floor  in BOTH HOUSES and be voted on THAT FAST?

If the Democrats had any more balls, at least they’d have one.

I have never heard so many people openly talking about the future assassination of a sitting President of the United States. It is a political obscenity on a par with the actual obscenity of child pornography.

But no one says a word.

(Oooh. We’re askeeeeeeert! )

The Republicans have honed bullying into a fine art, and no matter how blatant it is these days, and with majorities in both houses of Congress, the Democrats REFUSE to stand up. They REFUSE to defend themselves. They REFUSE to show so much as ONE evolutionary impulse that might, JUST MIGHT, eventually, some time in the far-flung and far distant future might maybe sort of kind of suggest that they might evolve a spine.

Oh. Evolution. We’ve been bullied out of that, you know.

By all those “loving” fundies who have an invisible friend named “JESUS” who tells them kick the living shit out of anybody who dares to suggest that science or reason ought be entered into any debate. Oh, and to “love” everybody.

[I don't know about you, but this "JESUS" character that THEY seem to carry around like a malevolent pooka in a non-Jimmy Stewart movie sounds like a scary and creepy sort to me.]

Every time bullying comes up, the bullies bray and clop their hooves together, and the best that Democrats and “progressives” can come up with is the Substitute Teacher’s Plea for Civility, in between fusillades of  hater spitballs.


Nancy Pelosi emotionally recalls the assassination of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk by nutball konservative Dan White (who essentially got away with cold-blooded murder using the infamous “Twinkie” defense).

The Republicans sneer. They falsely equivalence, as Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski snarks on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ that if only Pelosi would have said that Democrats do it TOO, then maybe she’d have a point.

Oh, like what? What do those AWFUL Democrats say about Republithugs?

You know: That constant Democratic media chatter that we ought to anally gang-rape the Republican House and Senate leadership? You know: Bone Boehner, Make Mitch Your Bitch and  Crisco Can Cantor?

Or perhaps that Democratic buzz that Glenn Beck should be “Matt Shepherded”?

The Spooneristic notion that we ought to burn a Klannity on some cross’ front yard?

That some Democratic blogger blithers that he wants to shoot Rush Limbaugh?

Yeah, Mika. Right, Mika. Sure, Mika.


Drink that Republican Koolaid too long and the world begins to look very small, very creepy and very scary: Watch out! The best contemporary descriptions of the GOP weltanschauung are found in Clive Barker’s writings.

And, we must give the obligatory “equal time” to the corollary:

If the Republicans had any less couth …

How could anybody tell?

I’m going back to my book. These craven assholes ain’t worth defending.


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