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Here’s Your Monday News, Early

Flogging the slow Thanksgiving weekend, the global warming deniers’ calculated and coordinated blogswarm has dominated Memeorandum all weekend, which means, of course, that Monday’s news will be THEIR spin on global warming, alleging that SOME climate scientists fudged numbers, and, therefore ALL GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH!

Gee, you don’t suppose this timing is totally accidental, do you? Why OF COURSE it is! Continue reading


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Warmergate? No: It’s WhiteWarmer

Or, “The Steyn/Beck Fakes of Wrath.”

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it:

Coming again, for the umpteenth year:
‘The Gingrich Steals Another Christmas’

Über-nationalist Mark Steyn writing to True Americans — even though he, like Krauthammer is actually from Canada — lays out the whole con today, if only by accident: Continue reading


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Happy Black Friday

As we all know, modern advertising, modern commerce, modern politics and modern PR all rely almost exclusively on the reptile brain, with higher thought processes all but insignificant or to be ignored.

The Black Death

Black Death, Black Plague, Black Tuesday (which, allegedly, we just dodged the bullet on) of 1929, blacklist, black knight, blackguard,  black mark, black day, dark day, black hearted, black soul, Black Thursday, black sheep, feeling black, blackface … you get the idea.

So, what do our entrepreneurs and merchants come up with for the biggest shopping day of the year?

Yeah. Black Friday.

Hope no black cats cross your path, guys.

But, does anybody wonder why American business is in the shape it’s in?

Courage. (And not a black mood.)


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Thanksgiving Day Nostalgia

Ah, the halcyon days of faded youth! When Santa Claus was real and Newt Gingrich was a mythological creature.

And, sooner or later, there was a Thanksgiving where you learned Uncle Charley’s, or Pete’s, or George’s, or John’s or Sam’s favorite joke.

Ah, youth. Memento mori.



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A Turkey Named ‘Courage’

Who couldn’t be instantly curious to read a story entitled “Obama Pardons a Turkey Named ‘Courage’“? There’s something compelling about a title like that, like “A Man Called ‘Horse’,”  A Boy Named ‘Sue’,” “A Place called ‘Hope’,” “A Fish Named ‘Wanda,’ or even “Little Big Man”:  A Turkey Named ‘Courage.’

Story BEFORE – as it appeared @ 11:49 AM PST

But a funny thing happened to the lede: Continue reading


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Rupert’s Racist Rag Regurgitates Rotten Righting

Yeah. They ain’t racists. That’ s why the “clever” headline on the phony news story of the day about Obama’s supposed SNUBBING of the Republicans at his first State Dinner (no GASP! invitations) has this headline (here’s the screen capture on 24 Nov. 2009 @ 9:56 AM Pacific Standard Time) “Guess Who Isn’t Coming to Dinner”:

Gee Whiz, what was that reference?
(click here for full screencap .png)

You might remember the movie, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Continue reading


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Truth v. Narrative

Gossip – Norman Rockwell

I read Joe Gandelman’s Sunday post on The Moderate Voice, one of my favorite websites, and friends of this blog for a few years now:

Journalism versus Creationism

I have to say that I am truly impressed. It was a fine piece and I recommend it to my readers — highly. (Of course, there is some self-interest involved, since it’s about my post, “Creationism v. Journalism – A True Story from Real Life™“. It’s a bit longer than my post, but still much shorter than my usual 2,994-word monsters.) Continue reading

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November 22: We are now officially a house divided

46 years ago today, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was gunned down in cold blood in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas. This year begins the construction of the George W. Bush Presidential Coloring Bookatorium™ in Dallas. I wonder if anyone at SMU noticed the irony? (Naw. As a TCU alum, I can guarantee that SMU has zero sense of irony whatsoever.)

from the Anti Defamation League’s report on extremism ’09

I received the following “viral” email forwarded from a friend, along with his prefatory note. I’ll print his note and my reply. Then the viral email. I want you to think about what day this is, as you read this latest satanic garbage making its viral rounds to “Christians” and “patriots” on the internet. And I want to ask you this: is it getting stronger or weaker with the passage of time? (If stronger, consider where this HAS to head. If weaker, go blissfully back to sleep.) Continue reading


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Creationism v. Journalism – A True Story from Real Life™

In a draft from an upcoming post, and in a prior post this month, I’ve referred to this story. Allergic reaction (severe pink eye) keeps me from working today, but this is a perfect “mainstream” blog posting: less than 400 words, without any references or citations or research. (Well, OK , a few. I couldn’t help myself.)  Enjoy.

Sleazy Pornographer Ed Waldo (R) and
fine upstanding citizen, Jerry Springer

Continue reading

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Nebraska Nazi Addendum

All terror threats aren’t necessarily foreign.

“Nebraska” referring to Tuesday’s post ["], which is merely symptomatic of the greater malaise infecting our too-often clueless media. Nazi? [Referring to yesterday's ""] You remember that I spoke of the wingnut move into “Brown Shirt” territory, and infamously suggested carnal knowledge of Godwin’s Law? Well, from our friends at the ADL* comes this, from Monday:

from the ADL Press Release

Continue reading


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Teabaggers in Portland to protest Gore

[ Note: Yesterday's post, "The State of Journalism in Nebraska" is featured in Crooks and Liars' "Annals of Journalism" this  morning. Thanks, Mike!]

Eerie how this month’s “barking moonbat” prophesied this. (No, I didn’t consult my Magic Eightball. Just a coincidence of synchronistic happenstance.)

FreedomWorks, formerly “Citizens for
a Sound Economy
,” controlled by the
Kochs since its founding in 1984.
(appropriately enough)

Only one small discrepancy: it wasn’t FreedomWorks. No: this time it’s Americans For Prosperity, third largest recipient of the Koch Brothers’ largesse. Continue reading


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The State of Journalism in Nebraska

Precisely 36 years ago today, November 17, 1973, Richard Nixon infamously said “I am not a crook.” Perhaps, then, it is no mere coincidence that Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue book (already marked down to $8.95 at WalMart)  and political rehabilitation tour officially are released today. In honor of crooks AND coincidences, therefore, a little bedtime story about politics in America, astroturf and amnesia…

Once upon a time, The Omaha World-Herald sent a reporter to check out a strange confluence of cash, ballot petitions and organizations. Here is what she found out: Continue reading


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Crooks, Racists and Liars (so what else is new?)

big cash day for the zebras

Three observations that are, actually, one. I offer no particular evidence in this, just some inductive reasoning and a long track record of accurate hunches. (See Saturday’s post.) Referees, Rupert Murdoch and Sarah Palin: What could be more apropos? Continue reading

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Playing Lunar Catch Up

Or is that “catsup”?

NASA found significant and meaningful amounts of water on the moon in the “bombing” of the South Pole a couple months back.


Navy: South Polar ice marked in blue

OK, the Huffington Post guy kind of got it: Continue reading


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