The Weather in Cloudcuckooland

The weather in Cloudcuckooland is balmy.

I refer, of course, to this commercial on Martin Luther King day:

“The Greatest Snow on Earth”

Right. From the state that decided to turn their license plates into an ad for their ski industry — “Ski Utah!” — we get a commercial series where “snowflakes” extol how wonderful Utah is. The black snowflake in question falls into the frame and screams: “I made it! Utah! This is the single greatest moment of my life!”

Which is the strangest damned metaphor, or, rather, mixing of metaphor with absurdity ever imagined by the twisted mind of Madison Avenue. Consider the bizarro world instincts behind its formulation:

Gotta have a token. If we’re dressing up actors as “snowflakes,” we need to make sure that we’ve shown our racial sensitivity.

Thus, a black man dressed up as a snowflake.

The reptile brain is confused. Black snow? Black ice? What?

Why, that’s the Utah Ski industry wielding its mighty magic. You might call it “the house that Mitt Built.”

One can almost see the cynical Madison Avenue mind at work: put some blacks in it, so that it’s “diverse.” When, in fact, the “diversity” of the anthropomorphized “black” snowflakes in the commercial is a lunatic joke on a par with the best that Saturday Night Live ever came up with. What the hell were they thinking?

Now, we consider that there are no WOMEN represented as snowflakes, even though women ski. And that there are no Hispanics represented as snowflakes, even though Hispanics make up the largest single minority group IN Utah.

No: this was some brain-dead jerk’s idea of “diversity,” having a “black” snowflake yell “Utah! This is the single greatest moment of my life!”

Really? I remember when there was all the trouble with Utah in 1969: football teams were protesting Utah’s black exclusion policy as regards the Mormon Church, the largest land and business owner in a state that is a theocracy in all but name.

That blacks could not hold offices in the “Church” because “black” was the “Mark of Cain,” according to the wacky precepts of Mormonism.

But, yea, verily, it came to pass that the same process wherein — after going to war against the U.S. Government over polygamy — the “prophet” suddenly had a “revelation” that polygamy was “wrong” and monogamy was “right,” so, too, eventually, in 1978, the “prophet” had a sudden “revelation” that blacks were OK, and NOT the “Mark of Cain” and thus were eligible for the priesthood.

Mormonism has a long and troubling history with racial matters.*

[* “…[I]n a broad sense, CASTE SYSTEMS have their root and origin in the gospel itself, and when they operate according to the DIVINE DECREE, the resultant RESTRICTIONS AND SEGREGATION ARE RIGHT AND PROPER and have the APPROVAL OF THE LORD. To illustrate: Cain, Ham, and the whole negro race have been cursed with a black skin, the mark of Cain, so they can be identified as A CASTE APART, a people with whom the other descendants of Adam should NOT INTERMARRY.” LDS “Apostle” Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, pp. 108-109, 1966 edition, emphasis added.
Note: Allegedly, Mormonism’s doctrines of racial discrimination are “right and proper,” actually approved by God!]

Yeah. Mormonism remains essentially a lily-white cult, Scientology™ a century on, you might say. And the Church still manages to exist within a strange space wherein business, government and religion are not at all separated by clear, bright lines.*

[* To be fair, the ski industry isn't directly connected to the Church, but, as it is estimated to bring in over $1 billion a year in tourism, the Church is not DISconnected from skiing altogether.]

The Church of Latter Day Saints owns the second-largest newspaper in the state, the Deseret News, and, oddly, when strange things happen in Mormonland affairs, it grows eerily quiet — see “” 29 Sept. 2007

But consider the long and bad history of blacks in Utah, and consider the extraordinarily small number of black skiers. And consider the sleaziness of a state that would turn their license plates into an involuntary plug for its nascent ski industry (with ties, of course, to the Church), and then listen to how horrific that yawp is:

“I made it! Utah! This is the single greatest moment of my life!”

Right. Ask any black who’s spent any significant time in Utah if it was the greatest single moment of his/her life.

Seriously: this is an insult to the intelligence of the audience, and another version of the ongoing Republican Minstrel Show. While the “blackface” has been replaced with actual black skin, the tokenism remains. Any woman or minority can do well in Red State business, because they NEED them to cover up the overwhelmingly WHITE makeup of the GOP and of perhaps the reddest state in the Union: Utah.

Weirder still: no significant comment anywhere on this patently absurd representation of “snow” in Utah.

With its black snowflakes.

“Utah! This is the single greatest moment of my life!” Really?

Or maybe they mean the snow downwind from the chemical warfare facilities?

On Martin Luther King Day, no less.

Crazy with a chance of black snow. And that’s the weather in Cloudcuckooland.


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3 responses to “The Weather in Cloudcuckooland

  1. Snowking

    It’s a joke, man. Yuppyish African Americans represent a target market that Deer Valley does not want going to Vail.

    Ease up on your religious bigotry.

    The ski industry in Utah is about as far removed from Mormon stuff as anything in Utah. Mormons tend not to ski and the Wasatch Back (Park City, Deer Valley, The Canyons) is considered a den of sin – especially this time of the year with the forces of Satan coming in for Sundance.

    Gimme a break.

    The LDS Church does not own the largest newspaper, media mogul Dean Singleton of Denver and his Media News Group does. The Salt Lake Tribune has just under twice the circulation of The Deseret News.

    Lily-white? The church is growing by leaps and bounds in places where “white and delightsome” folks (to use the BOM colorful adjectives) don’t abide. If racist residue persists in the church you wouldn’t recognize it watching its response to the Haiti earthquake.

    No women? Did ADD prevent you from watching the ski babe schuss through what looks like Alta powder at the end of the ad?


    Mr. Williams replies: Thank you for the factual correction. It’s been added to the post. Second: I was talking about the snowflakes, not the “ski babe.”

    And, as you note above, you’re not a Mormon, just a fan. Gotcha.

  2. Idiotland

    It’s funny how every religious nutjob always claims that their religion is growing by “leaps and bounds” but decade after decade goes by and the percentages never change.

  3. Snowking

    Check the facts my friend (I know that ruins some bloggers’ fantasy world).

    The LDS church is rapidly approaching 13 million members worldwide; that’s about a million or so new members added every three years or less.

    By its own admission, the church has had relatively slow growth in Northern Europe. It has had zero to marginal growth in the United States outside of the Western states, but is expanding rapidly in Africa and South America and the Pacific islands – despite a racist past.

    There are currently 8,254 LDS chapels internationally, a 10.0 percent growth rate over the past five years.

    And my friend, those buildings are not empty.

    (BTW, I’m not a Mormon. I just don’t despise them. In fact, their humanitarian efforts worldwide are worthy of admiration. They mobilized and had planes on the ground in Haiti before any other aid effort in the world, including the U.S. Army’s.)

    Mr. Williams replies: Yeah. Right. Whatever you say.