Sockpuppets Confused About Astroturf

You know, there are times when the willful ignorance, mindless hatred and generic cluelessness of the Reichght approaches absurdist art.

No, I’m not talking about that Ionesco play’s worth of inadvertent black humor displayed by Canadian Import Mark Steyn filling in for Rush Limbaugh this morning — although it really deserves its own post for sheer “No WONDER they don’t let any critics call in” intellectual masturbation, as Steyn nearly loses debate after debate with himself.

He’s nearly as flaccid a Michael Medved, with the same pseudo-intellectual”denouncing intellectuals” oxymoronicism, but with the added cachet of a Canadian accent seemingly thick enough to pretend to be vaguely British or Scottish: a “Canadian Club” whiskey pretending to be “Glenlivet,” “Glenfarclas” or “Glenfiddich.”

Best served as a mixed drink with plenty of ice and Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

No: for true blue (OK: red) dyed-in-the-wool imbecility, we must turn to Left Coast Rebel, whose bathroom stall scrawl of latest vintage I reproduce in its intellectually minuscule entirety here. (After all, it’s only ONE … er… thought. A kind of Thalidomide™ paragraph, if you will.) To wit(less):

The Artist Formerly Known as Winston44,( a.k.a. Ellie Light ) Astroturfing from Saudi Arabia?

by the Left Coast Rebel

My ‘Winston44′ troll could have actually been singing the praises of the Obamanation from a far away land. A land of oil a-plenty, of sand, of princes, of scimitars – Saudi Arabia. I’ll explain. Over at Patterico’s Pontifications Pat notes that Ed Morrissey received an email from the now-famous Ellie Light a few days ago. Pat and Ed Morrissey tracked down the IP address to……. Saudi Arabia.

Now mind you, as Pat notes, it is likely that this just means that the IP address of Ellie Light was spoofed through software. It also makes sense to me that the ‘Ellie Light’ that visited my site this morning and that I posted about in the last post had a blocked IP address. Perhaps it would have been Saudi Arabia, regardless.

And for those of you (last commenter) that think I am wasting time on this and that I am falling into a lib trap to distract, I implore you to tune into the Limbaugh show tomorrow (because I think that this will be a topic of discussion). I could be wrong, we’ll see.

Let’s alpha our omega (since I’ll get back to it): “astroturfing” is the creation of a fake group like, say, Sacramento GOP P.R. firm Russo Marsh + Rogers, Inc.’s “Move America Forwards.”*

[* See "Swift Boat Moms in Winnebagos" (30 Aug 2005) for the step by step Russo Marsh + Rogers, Inc. creation of a fake "grass roots" -- i.e. "astroturf"-- group to counterbalance the Cindy Sheehan anti-war protests, Move America Forward's "You Don't Speak For Me, Cindy" tour featuring Deborah Johns, who, perhaps using the SAME bus as her 2005 publicity stunt tour, is now with the Russo Marsh + Rogers, Inc. -created astroturf group, the Tea Party Express.]

THAT is astroturf. Like Freedomworks.

On the other hand, what our sockpuppet is talking about is a sockpuppet.

Yes, Virginia, the Brownshirts of the Reichght, that bunch of happy blogswarmers, are off on another “Private Beauchamp” witch-hunt.

Only it’s not “astroturf” they’re looking for. They’re looking for a “sockpuppet.”

What is a sockpuppet? It’s someone who adopts a false persona and in the guise of that persona advocates for a specific agenda (implicitly, a dishonest testimony for something in the vested interest of the testifier, although there is a vast territory of nuance in it all.)

As in a “sockpuppet” which is a puppet usually made from a sock, and sometimes embroidered, or sharpie’d or given a face in some other graphical manner. Sheri Lewis’ “Lambchop” is a good example of a sockpuppet. Or, a minimalist sockpuppet would be Señor Wences’ hand, which he simply drew a face on.

So, the bloggers of the Reichght have managed to begin a witch hunt based on the presumption that witches are seven-foot tall hedgehogs named “Spiny Norman.” It can only get weirder from here.

This, from the Gang that believes in Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, in Saddam’s complicity in Nine-Eleven, in waterboarding NOT being any sort of torture, that global warming is a fantasy INVENTED by Al Gore when he wasn’t claiming to have invented the internet, etcetera.

This morning, I kept thinking of the sheer imbecility of this interlinked blog swarm, and its cunning, as well, as I listened to Mark Steyn launch a projectile vomit of specious, fallacious and idiotically sleazy arguments such as the blatant elevation of the specific — one “leftist” professor wrote a much beloved-by-the-Reichghties “I’m really MAD at Obama” op-ed of despair, cribbed from Memeorandum, as did Steyn crib his entire guest-bloviatorship from Memeorandum blog stories and links — to the general, “many on the left” to the universal, “this is what ALL leftists think.”

That was a pony that Steyn flogged all morning. As do our Usual Suspects, making the absurd argument that, SINCE the “astroturfer” (no doubt using, since using the wrong word is paramount here, his “blender” to spread his message over the “troposphere” and, thus, “involuntary” his “Merrimack”) is writing to many papers, using the same name over and over again to praise Obama, this MUST be some kind of plot emanating from the White House itself, and isn’t Obama that self-proclaimed messiah — “the One” sneered knowingly by slef-proclaimed know-it-all know-nothings — awful for doing this?


Oh never mind. They’re also braying like jackasses that Obama uses a teleprompter, again.

Really? It never bothered them when Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, Cheney or any GOP Reichght Winger did it. It doesn’t bother them that their entire Faux Nooz gaggle of Troglodytes (do troglodytes run in gaggles, or in, I don’t know, “poops”?) use teleprompters almost exclusively.

For that matter, it doesn’t matter that their latest faux heroes — Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber — both had ghost-written books out about them within a year of the election. Isn’t that “astroturf” (*in their formulation) too?

How is it that underhanded …


We are talking about people who literally will say anything to get their way.

But you’d think they could figure out the difference between “astroturfing” and “sockpuppetry.”

And they can.

That’s what’s so slimy here.

actual astroturf

The INTENT is to muddy and roil the waters by the false conflation of similar semantic terms.

Because of the very good investigative reporting of the left, via, say, Rachel Maddow, the Huffington Post, etc. et al, ad infinitum (and, years earlier, ME), the astroturfing mechanisms of their little Rube Goldberg political machines keep getting exposed, and so, with typical and predictable Reaganesque meander style, Tactic #23 is pulled out: phony conflation.

Charlie Manson is a horrible criminal. Your grandmother committed a crime. Therefore, your grandmother is a horrible criminal. (Parking ticket, y’know?)

Someone is writing letters to newspapers and managed to get the same letter (or so I divine from their lunatic ravings) in dozens of newspapers … and?

This is terrible! This is … ASTROTURF!

(Now, watch months later, as they point to this “astroturf” incident during the election to refute by conflation their latest astroturf group getting caught with its fingers in the cookie jar. Kind of like “Oregonians Against Job Killing Taxes,” right now in our election that concludes tomorrow. I’ll tell you about it after the election. Suffice to say that it is a back-door coup d’etat on a level equal to that of Schwarzenegger’s installation as Governor of California.)

They tried to pull this crap with the Wall Street Journal‘s disingenue John Fund writing a book in 2004 or thereabouts about “voter fraud” focusing not on the mass disenfranchisement of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of voters wholesale (like in Florida and Ohio, giving Dubya two terms to wreck the country), but, rather, on the occasional fraudulent voter registration: The Fraud Voter, and NOT Voter Fraud.

And then his “fraud voter” book was conflated with “voter fraud.”

Get it?

Look at the usual suspects. And ask yourself, how did all these “independent-minded” thinkers come up with the selfsame STUPID sem,antic mistake, the same misinterpretation of a term for a minor kerfuffle, filled with sound and fury signifying nothing?

And how did this allegedly legitimate journalist get suckered into reporting this BS as “news”?

Sabrina Eaton /[Cleveland] Plain Dealer:
Ellie Light’s letter-writing exploits for Obama now the buzz of the Internet

Ellie Light responds: Prolific pro-Obama letter writer talks about her online critics

By Sabrina Eaton, The Plain Dealer

January 24, 2010, 9:00PM

A well-traveled letter writer who has used dozens of different addresses to publish a pro-Obama letter-to-the-editor in at least 40 newspapers around the country in recent weeks denies allegations that she’s secretly a White House official or is part of an organized propaganda campaign.But the Internet has been buzzing about Ellie Light since The Plain Dealer posted a story Thursday to that revealed her prolific letter-writing credits in newspapers ranging from the Philadelphia Daily News (which said she lived in Philadelphia) to the San Francisco Examiner (which said she lived in Daly City, Calif.).

In comments, online readers speculated on her identity and hypothesized that she’s part of an organized astroturf campaign designed to artificially boost the president’s standing around the country…

And that, children, is what we call IRRESPONSIBLE “journalism.”

(OK: “Reprehensible journalism.”)

Reporting on the blogging on her own “reporting,” and then parroting the ugliest possible thing said. The most PARANOID, psychotic interpretation out there. Back in the day, a reporter wrote that kind of self-indulgent, paranoid drivel, you either fired ‘em or moved them to the show business gossip desk.

Look, someone is behind this stupidity It is intentional, and I’ve already told you why. How do I know?

The Invisible Hand always leaves a Footprint. (As I’ve told you before.)

Not the invisible hand of Adam Smith, but the invisible hand of a Rovian sort of manipulator. You don’t get that stupid and paranoid without some coaching and a lot of cross-pollination.

So, how long before Rush picks up on it, and World Nut Daily?

And then Faux Nooz know-it-alls can pretend to be simultaneously omniscient AND not a gol-durn egghead intellectual who reads BOOKS and sechlike. How long?

And then how long before Katie Couric and Chris Matthews have to “report” on it?

This blatant manipulation of our national “news” has got to stop. At least when the Soviets read “Pravda” (The “truth”) they KNEW they were being bullshitted. We don’t. We are now watching the most ridiculous and ham-handed stories being pushed forward (this “astroturf”) with all the lunatic analysis that any criminally insane paranoid could ever muster:

Is Recent Astroturf Campaign Part of Dept of Justice Propaganda Unit?

Seriously, take a look at these headlines from Memeorandum today (which I, like Steyn, crib from):

And here’s the “blogger” wh0 started off the swarm, this latest assassin’s bullet-point aimed right between the eyes of “truth” or “decency.”

And aint’ it always amazing how THEY are the aggrieved parties?

After a year of the most vicious concerted campaign of character assassination since the attacks on Abraham Lincoln, the idea that somebody got more than ONE letter praising President Obama into a newspaper is … my GHOD a CRIME AGAINST THE REPUBLIC!!!!!!! It’s a KONSPIRASEE!

Patterico’s Pontifications:

The Recent Evidence of Astroturfing, Summarized — This post summarizes the evidence of Astroturfing by Obama supporters that surfaced over the weekend. — Astroturfing is phony “grassroots” activity. The term refers to opinions that seem to be genuine — but, in reality, are directed by a Central Planner.


Gee. Suddenly the most viciously paranoid interpretation becomes a “fact.” A “scandal.”

The term refers to opinions that seem to be genuine — but, in reality, are directed by a Central Planner.

How the hell can you NOT understand the term for what you do EVERY DAMNED DAY? It’s hilarious how Patterico MIS-applies the term “astroturf” to precisely what this blog swarm is all about?

And how the hell do you bald-facedly jump from somebody getting a letter published in a lot of papers to an insidious conspiracy reaching all the way into the Oval Office of the White House? Without ANY connecting tissue whatsoever except for sheer snark?

Either a central planner came up with this talking point, or Theodore Sturgeon’s homo gestalt is now a (diseased) reality, and the psychic group mind will now assimilate us all. Even idiots don’t all come up with the same idiotic paranoid misinterpretation of the same set of facts on the same day.

What the hell: the Bushies always seemed to me to be running classic psy-ops disinformation campaigns during their entire interregnum. The tactic is this: You fight getting outed in your own astroturf by screaming that the OTHER SIDE is astroturfing, even though y0u don’t actually know what the term means, and inadvertently ‘fess up to exactly what YOU are doing.

I know you are, but what am I?” the Satanic parody Pee-Wee Hermans of the Reigchght scream.

You see? It really is a work of sheer art, if, instead of cadmium yellow, burnt ochre and cerulean blue, you instead had tubes of mendacity, fallacy and media manipulation to mix on your palette.

(Don’t forget those propaganda highlights!)

Ever notice how neatly they do it? One week it’s “Gateway Pundit” Jim Hoft, then it’s “Confederate Yankee” Bob Owens, then “Patterico,” then some other Reichghtie, but over and over and over again, they all pick up on ONE specific talking point, and crosslink, and “blogswarm” over something utterly UN-newsworthy, proceeding until picked up by Reichghtie talk show hosts, then World Nut Daily, and Faux Nooz™ and then they scream about BIASED LEFTIST MEDIA, and the New York Times and Washington Post scratch their collective metaphorical heads and write some clueless story about it, which the bloggers then use to “prove” what a BIG STORY it was.

It’s like watching a moron doctor endlessly fascinated with the knee-jerk reflex, and banging with the rubber hammer over and over and over again, never tired of watching the reflexive knee-jerk of the Main Stream Media, the hated “MSM” and their “liberal” bias.

And, if you’re a fan of the Worm Ourbouros, or even the Midwestern Hoop Snake, score another run for the homely team.

But watch the mechanism’s clockwork NOW. This week. Watch it climb the media charts.

(They love to get these things going on Sunday, so they can dominate Monday reporting with their latest nonstorynonsense

Watch as they try to run the table with this fake kerfuffle dominating the headlines that OUGHT to be about the State of the Union speech.

(And you would have thought media had figured it out after being strung along for EIGHT FUCKING YEARS with the phony “Whitewater” slanders. Naw. That would imply brains, which seem to be an increasingly rare and precious, if unappreciated, commodity.)

Last week was a bad week, but that just pisses ME off. And I ain’t a’gonna mope.

Let’s redouble our efforts to shine sunlight on these weasels. Because sunshine seems to scare them. Even as they attempt to track down and trash “Ellie Light,” that obviously evil person who supports the President.

As do I (evilly, evidently) support the President.

And the proper use of the term “astroturf,” most especially when used by sockpuppets.



UPDATE – Predictions come true: Robo-Sockpuppets Behave As Predicted

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  3. tdotTim

    Holy smokes…this has got to be the MOST unreadable blog I’ve ever seen….and that’s saying something.

  4. R Clarkson

    Thank you for your comments on Whitewater. I couldn’t follow it at the time. Too many suicides and accidental deaths for my tender sensibilities.

    As for the rest of your screed, long on wind and short on wit.

  5. majii

    Rachel Maddow deserves a lot of credit for her efforts to bring sunlight to the central planners behind the astroturf outfits. Few of them respond to her requests to be guests on her show, and in my opinion, their repeated refusal to appear indicates that there is some information that they don’t want to reach the light of day. The most depressing part of the whole astroturf movement is how successful the corporatists behind it are at getting people to act against their own best interests.