Global Notwarming Tanks Roll Across Tundra

Metaphorically, I mean.

Hey. A concerted worldwide media campaign is underway to convince us all that global warming is a monumental criminal hoax perpetrated by leftist ideologue scientists.

Grow a pair

It’s a galloping global glitzkreig.

And the progressives, the “liberals,” the “intelligentsia,” the “digerati” sit, to quote CBS’s Bob Schieffer out of context, “like a dog watching television. [They] saw the lights and images, but did not seem to comprehend their meaning or see any link to reality.”

I leave you smart and brilliant readers to do the math. I’m finished with the Horatio jazz. You’re on your own*. I’m just leaving notes to history so they can figure out how our sublime and narcissistic apathy ended our freedom, our prosperity, our way of life. Assuming that history can afford reading glasses, that is.

[* Because it's much more important that I, personally, become a celebrity, perhaps by getting onto a "reality" show, or, I don't know, mooning the Queen of England. Then, I can get a book contract because I'm a celebrity. Yes. That is what I shall do.]

illustration is ironical [sic]

It’s been the buzz in the British papers over weekends, on slow fizzle, and made it onto Limbaugh, etc. this morning [OK: 10:37 AM PST to be exact]. Inquiring minds want to know: Is this American companies manipulating the world media, or world companies manipulating the American (and world) media?

The New York Times, today:

First “America’s Newsroom.” Then “America’s Election Headquarters.” And on Monday, Megyn Kelly will begin anchoring a third all-about-America newscast, “America Live.”

We’re big on America here at Fox,” Ms. Kelly said in an interview last week.

And America, or at least a big chunk of it, is big on Fox News, which is coming off its highest-rated year ever. That record is largely attributable to right-wing opinion-mongers like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, whose bluster sometimes distracts from the newscasts that make up Fox’s daytime schedule…

You know: The way that Budweiser is suddenly “The Great AMERICAN lager” and hyper-American, since their takeover by Belgians.*

[* ALL-AMERICAN Belgians who live in Belgium, I hasten to add.]

Exxon Über Valdez. Rupert Über Alles.

Metaphorically, I mean.



UPDATE: One British writer fights back in the Guardian (UK), noting the intellectual dishonesty of, among others, George Will. Desmogblog MeeToo’s.

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