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How You Can Profit From The Impending World Wide Global Apocalypse

The first rule that you should follow — and I can’t stress this enough to my clients — is that you need a SECURE place to hold your loot. If you get ripped off by a pack of savage, marauding “Mad Max, Road Warrior” style goons, then what I’m about to teach you about making money off of refugees, detainees and deportees will have gone for naught.

Ah, sweet bliss before the End of Days!

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Hart Williams Presents #649

SPECIAL RACIST DUMBASS EDITION. We ought to know better than to judge a tabloid blog by its headlines. We ought to. But fortunately all the research time spent on one thing led to another and I don’t feel like it today. Too many loose ends to wrap up, too much running around town today, and, besides, when you see a headline like the first one, you’ve GOT to do a Hart Williams Presents — unless, of course, you aren’t Hart Williams, in which case you would do some other kind of Presents. Headlines! Headlines! Too bad no actual heads were involved. To witless:

Malkin gets a clue



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Dead Fly Buzzing

Note: I’ll get back to my tale of backroom deals in the blogosphere, of paid propagandists and rabid “outing” of any and all “enemies” in a new sort of free-lance McCarthyism in just a moment. But first, a word from our Mission …

America: an idea whose time has come … and gone?

It is spring, and out in the garage/workshop, the flies have come to buzz the fluourescent lights I installed a few years back for better visibility when working with power tools. Continue reading


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Idiocies Palin Comparison

Evidently, she’s Elvis, though she cannot sing; Marilyn, though she cannot act; and Howard Taft, though she cannot play the sousaphone.

I am speaking, of course, of that Wasilly Hillbilly, The Hoostess with the Moostess, the “Pat Boone” of the Young Americans for Freedom, the man, the myth, the legend, Sarah Palin.

And that’s really all that I can actually say here, because private citizen and barnstorming New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Palin came to town to speak to a local Republican fundraiser, and the press was specifically barred, save for one solitary “pool” reporter, who could listen to La Palin’s stump speech (in another room), but could not take notes. Continue reading


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They’ve Thrown Lincoln Out of the Party of Lincoln

(formerly “Lincoln v. the Radical ‘Republicans’”)
Hat tip toThe Chinuk of Preemptive Karma,
who spotted the obvious…

Who ya gonna call?

In poker, you’d call it a “tell.” The statement that John Tillman made about the Tax Day tea parties to a Chicago journalist seems at first nonsensical:

We have to transform Illinois from the Land of Lincoln to the land of opportunity, said John Tillman (right), CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute. “Take President Obama’s home state. Take it back for liberty. Take it back for prosperity. Take it back for opportunity once and for all.”

The president of Golf, Illinois has some kind of problem with Abraham Lincoln?

Well, actually, and in all probability, YES.


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A Demitasse of Dumbitas

If a politician must impress us with his gravitas, then surely a Tea Party (self-anointed) leader must impress us with his dumbitas. And yesterday, John Tillman, the president of Golf, Illinois (I am not kidding) former President and board member of Americans for Limited Government, then President and board member of the Sam Adams Alliance, and now President of his very OWN “think tank” (purchased in 2008 from its founder) the Illinois Policy Institute managed a feat of dumbitas worthy of the legendary Admiral Dumbo McStupidpants himself.

John Tillman, self-anointed spokesman for the “common man”

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Required Reading List for Tomorrow’s Post

Tomorrow, a four year quest comes to a conclusion. But first, here’s a short required reading list that ought to keep me from having to quote large chunks of material to make it make sense to you. Whether you care about what I write tomorrow or not, you ought to read these if only to understand what’s happening to your country.

drink deeply from the waters of liberty and freedom, little lamb …

From Crooks & Liars: Continue reading


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Let Them Eat Cake With Their Tea

There was a famous, clueless interchange between French Queen Marie Antoinette and a courtier that ultimately cost her her head. And, it remains the touchstone for the savage cluelessness of the well-to-do laughing at the plight of the poor.

Source: Arthur B. Kennickell, “Ponds and Streams: Wealth and
Income in the U.S., 1989 to 2007,” Federal Reserve Board
Working Paper, January 7, 2009, Figure A3a, p. 63.

As usual, it is NOT true, although invariably the skeptics seem not to notice that it IS true in a very real psychological sense. It was the misattribution in another time, Continue reading

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Crazy with a “K”

Frankly I feel like I’ve passed through the looking glass, fallen down the rabbit hole, and Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

But don’t listen to me. Listen to Howie Rich’s Americans for Limited Government’s LIBERTY ACTION REPORT for today, Tax Day 2010. “because a victory for wombats anywhere is a victory for wombats everywhere, in fact, it’s a victory for the very quintessence of wombattery itself.”

(Because when I say “wombat,” I actually mean “barking moonbat,” which is too great a phrase to cede to them what don’t know whut it acterlly means.*)

[* Please refer to the Institute of Barking Moonbat Studies for the definition and derivation of 'barking moonbat' from original sources.]

Oh, and a note to the legal department, they always add this to their ravings, even when they’re ripping off copyrighted material and using it to raise funds on the same page, which is not only morally reprehensible, and ought to lose them their 501(c)4 tax exempt status as a “civic league” —  a part of the tax code originally meant for volunteer fire departments. “All Original Content Open Source & Copyright Free.” Continue reading

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Our Imperial Media – Milbank Edition

Dana Milbank as he sees himself

Here’s the turd that’s been sitting atop Memeorandum all night long, an imperial sniff from the Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank, who must have taken lessons in self-importance from Sally Quinn (who achieved Washington social prominence by being born into the right family and then engaging in a protracted affair with and, ultimately, marriage to Ben Bradlee, the Post’s head honcho):

Obama’s disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit —  World leaders arriving in Washington for President Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit must have felt for a moment that they had instead been transported to Soviet-era Moscow.  —  They entered a capital that had become a military encampment …

I guess he’s forgotten the wonderful job that the Washington Press Corpse did for “We the People” and the public’s “right to know” during Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II. But then, he was probably comatose then, as well, along with all his press brethren and cistern. Continue reading


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Haley the Barbourian and the Invisible Empire

h/t to magii, who gave me the tip that started this posting

NOT a story by Robert E. Howard, unfortunately, but a real live narrative that came to light yesterday when Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi, former Chair of the RNC and former constituent of Sen. Trent Lott, (R, Miss.) decided to trivialize the national outrage over Virginia Governor Johnny T. Secesh’s proclamation of “Confederate History Month” minus any reference to slavery. Continue reading

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