Into the Gibbering Maw of the Id

It’s bad out there, folks. Really, really bad.

Like it says

Today, in what ought to be an amazing bit of science news, the ravening fundies swarmed over the comments section of the British paper, the Telegraph, like army ants over a dead rabbit. It is beyond description. Go there if you dare. But don’t say you weren’t warned.

Sadly, from the sound of it, and the spelling, these were Americans. Horribly ignorant and prejudiced “faith” based Americans.

Here’s a smart one:

Love the timing.
Translation: “Happy Easter, all you rubes! We’ve found Piltdown Baby!”
Reminder to all the Darwin disciples: evolution is a THEORY, not fact.

Because science can’t happen on Easter. Science on Easter is an ATHIEST INSULT. Here’s a dumb one:

Are you kidding me? There’s hasn’t and there won’t be a “missing link”, but “scientists” are desperate to find one so evolution might have some credibility (which it doesn’t.) To everyone reading this, do not be fooled.

Here’s an even creepier one:

Darwin himself said he was sorry he ever threw that “what if” out there. HE WAS A BELIEVER IN JESUS!! What science needs to accept is that Jesus is the Christ who died for all and that monkeys were created by GOD and so named by the MAN ADAM that GOD also created.

I am a direct decendent of ADAM ..there are NO animals in my bloodline.

That’s a new one: psychic genealogy. And here is some world class stooooopid (smug and condescending, but stooopid nonetheless):

I don’t believe my decendants were monkeys. I’m going to go sit in my treehouse, eat a bananna, and read my Bible again.

He Is Risen!

Hopefully he won’t HAVE any descendants. (And if he does, how does he NOT know how they turned out? Should it be a matter of belief? Did his wife leave him because he was stoopid? Or was it because he refused to share his bananas?) And here, ever the trouble maker, was l’il ol’ me:

It is a telling measure of the supreme ignorance of the various fanatics who have commented here that they already “know” the outcome and implications of a scientific discovery that they have not merely not yet seen, but have only the sketchiest details about.

Call it “faith” if you will, but it is just another term for ignorance and prejudice. Here’s a biblical quote for you: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” You can’t see the truth if your eyes are firmly clenched shut.

And the front page of Memeorandum was just as bad. This is bad craziness. Bad craziness worse than I’ve seen before. In the Washington Post, a story about the Obama family’s attendance at church on Easter drew the same mindless chittering, like an entire colony of howler monkeys all infected with rabies at the same time.

click for larger + links

OK: They’re AGAINST knowledge. I get it. Creationist argument is being used to debunk global warming. (And bumblebees can’t fly.)

On the Rightie blogs, talk of civil war and a “new secession” shows up everywhere. Just one or two in between the haughty snarks — the snarking of an American president the likes of which has not been heard since the Southern newspapers of the Civil War used to call Lincoln: an ape, a monkey, and worse.

I do not understand the depths and mindlessness of this Jesus rage, this secession rage. This blood rage.

We are staring into the abyss, my friends. We are staring into the maelstrom of an horrific cauldron of pure ID, of almost pre-verbal rage and hostility: hostility to facts themselves. Hostility to knowledge.

And that is NEVER a good thing. It is dry tinder lacking only a spark.

But perhaps it is even beyond that. Still, for a bunch of Christians at Easter, it sure as hell doesn’t sound very Christian. Nor very  Christlike.


On one of the two days that even lackadaisical Christians actually show up at church? Really?

No. This ain’t WWJD.

More like WWSD:

What Would Satan Do?

Or, just maybe, What Would Stooopid Do? (If that’s not redundant.)

As I post, this is at the top of the Memeorandum page:

Courage. (And you’re going to need a lot of it from the sound of things.)


UPDATE 1 AM PDT, 5 April 2010:

Drudge thinks that finding the “missing link” deserves more non-sequitur hate-snark, and this blogger thinks it’s HILARIOUS. With this “mission statement” [!?] , in part, on the sidebar:

These are frustrating times. Like most conservatives these days, I spend some time ranting a bit, raving a bit, learning a bit and informing a bit, and then I head for the kitchen to whip up a nice dinner on the patio, weather permitting.

I love this country and I want it back.

I guess that the majority that voted the “conservatives” out of office don’t actually count. (Ayn? Are you listening?)

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3 responses to “Into the Gibbering Maw of the Id

  1. majii

    I feel you. I taught social studies in GA for 33 years. Parents and ministers pass these attitudes and beliefs on to their kids. Their brand of “Christianity” makes them stupid and blind to rational thinking. Many of my students and their parents were avid Fuchs Noose viewers and listened religiously to rw entertainers like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Jones, and others. Their minds are closed to facts. Anything that challenges any rw belief or their “Christianity” is immediately suppressed/dismissed. There is a strong form of cognitive dissonance prevalent in the small town where I taught. Parents and the community say that they want the students to be prepared for the future and at the same time they are raising them to be closed to new ideas and facts. I’ve been a Christian all of my life, but I’ve never been stupid or blind to reality. The form of “Christianity” displayed by some in America is one specially designed to turn America into a theocracy and return the nation to a kinder, gentler time. The only problem is that the kinder, gentler time they are striving for never existed in America, and life under a government based on a theocracy would inevitably lead to one similar to that lived by the people of Afghanistan under the Taliban. IMHO, these dominionists have no idea what they are wishing/hoping/working for. If all of their dreams would come true, they wouldn’t like the new America they had created at all. the lesson is, be careful what you wish for. What we progressives have to do is remain vigilant, keep pushing the science, and save the dominionists from themselves.

  2. Thank you Margie. There is nothing that I can add to what you’ve said so beautifully.

  3. It’s both fascinating and disturbing. When people expect purity in others, they will find it only in themselves. What do they think will happen if they finally get the theocracy they’re hoping for? They will surely turn on each other and destroy themselves as all fundamentalist movements eventually do. Scary stuff indeed.