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Seasonal Grafitti

Happy Halloween!

And all the saints tomorrow, too.

And of course, Happy Samhain.

Don’t be askeert.


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A Mercer-fully Short Investigative Report

Remember the Mercer Girls? (From 22 OCTOBER 2010 “Peter DeFazio and the Daughters of Mercer“)

Robert L. Mercer’s daughters (L to R): Heather Sue, Rebekah and Jennifer

Robert [Leroy] Mercer,  the New York hedge fund manager who donated $200K to the formerly mysterious “Concerned Taxpayers of America” for anonymous attack ads on Congressman Peter DeFazio (D. Ore.), you will recall.  The hedge fund he is co-chief executive of is called Renaissance Technologies.

In “Peter DeFazio and the Daughters of Mercer” I noted that two of the three daughters had contributed the $2400 maximum to Art Robinson’s GOP primary campaign, along with father Robert. Now, we see that this political “family giving” isn’t unique in the Mercer family. Continue reading


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LaLaLa LaLaLa LaLaLa

I am sticking my fingers in my ears at this point any time anyone mentions anything to do with the election that is  not a FACT. Not a “poll” not an “opinion” not an “analysis.”

(Remember, you can’t write “analysis” without writing “anal” first.)

And I am repeating the mantra LaLaLa LaLaLa LaLaLa, until they cease speaking.

Because I’m sick of this. I’m sick of the fundamentally dishonest nature of trying to pass off future speculation as “news,” and “analysis.” Continue reading

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Enter Title Here (conclusion)

h/t to Mike F. for noting that the Paris Review now has their legendary author interviews online, as irresistible to a writer as a ball of twine to a kitten. Oh, and warning, SALTY LANGUAGE AHEAD. If this makes you cry, please read no further.

John Steinbeck wrote this:

The time now comes finally to move the book. I have dawdled enough. But it has been a good thing. I don’t yet know what the word rate will be. That will depend on many things. But I do think the hour rate should be fairly constant. I am about finished with these long and characteristic meanderings.

I know exactly what he’s feeling as he writes those words.

The problem is that there is so much that I could say about this election, but no reason to say them: to what point? to what purpose? This weekend will be a soupçon of “gotcha” beginning with the idiotic Gawker “exposé” of Christine O’Donnell’s drunken unconsummated Halloween. Continue reading


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A Site For Sore Ayes

Something visual today. No deep message.

We distort – You deride

So, for your entertainment …

Continue reading

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WEB EXCLUSIVE – KOSsacks’ views brought into sharp focus by new poll

I have engaged in polling on Daily Kos over two years. The answers are incredibly revealing and are worth an entire news cycle of hirsute navel gazing and pondering the deep meanings of the motivations of these far-left left-wing leftists.

First some general questions. We asked them about their food preferences. The answers were very revealing: Continue reading

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Fox’s Juan Williams on BBC on NPR on Fox

Down the rabbit hole, we plunge.

Jefferson Public Radio is a public radio service out of Southern Oregon University — before the rash of “colleges” changing their names to “universities” because nobody wanted to go to a “college” anymore — “formerly known as Southern Oregon College (SOC) and Southern Oregon State College (SOSC).” And, to recognize what a rabbit hole we’ve fallen down, today’s story was former NPR analyst, Juan Williams, who was being interviewed by the BBC on his firing (NPR refused comment to BBC), played on NPR affiliate Jefferson Public Radio … during their PLEDGE drive.

On the one hand, you gots to give ‘em props for their open-mindedness, but on the other hand, I can’t help but recall Lenin’s comment that a capitalist would sell you the rope to hang him with. It’s not the same thing, but some kind of intellectual drive to a hyper-fairness that invites people on the air to slander you for being small minded, just to prove how open-minded you are. Reality, refracted through a funhouse prism. Make that a whole ROOM of them.

Alas for poor Juan Williams. He wrote the biography “of the first African American on the Supreme Court.” (I take it that he means Thurgood Marshall.) His “civil rights” record is impeccable. He was fired from his minimally lucrative position at National Public Radio for a $2 million contract with Faux Nooz™. Continue reading


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PJ Takes the ‘Jew’ Test

I’ve written about this before, and it goes back to college. Symbolic logic attempts to look at the FORM of the argument, rather than the emotionally-charged specifics: you can argue a bad idea in a logically “good” manner, or you can argue a good idea in a logically “bad” manner: specious, slithery, slimy satanic sophistries.

Humorist P.J. O’Rourke

The methodology of the “Jew” test is simple: Substitute the stereotyped grouping’s name with the algebraic term “Jew.” If you sound like Hitler, then you probably aren’t behaving in a very good manner, logically. And, as we know, that kind of thinking leads to very bad things. Just ask the Jews.

I read noted American humorist P.J. O’Rourke’s piece in the Weekly Standardud [sic] — Irving Kristol’s little son Billy’s attempt to conquer the world; Billy, it ought be noted, was midwife to Sarah Palin, and seems to be acting as her pediatrician to this very day. O’Rourke was one of the original National Lampoon writers, now turned hater-for-hire, kind of like Dennis Miller.

PJ’s little essay had popped to the top of Memeorandum like an airy turd. Accompanied by the usual rabid gang of flying monkeys:

  • John / Power Line: They Hate Us! — The Democrats, that is. P. J. O’Rourke …
  • Allahpundit / Hot Air: Rob Reiner: You know what this tea party movement reminds me of? Nazism
  • Ed Driscoll / Pajamas Media: C’Mon, Feel the Hate
  • Steve M. / No More Mister Nice Blog: WHAT?! P.J. O’ROURKE IS STILL ALIVE?
  • Moe Lane: rsrh QotD, Not Quite THAT Bad edition.
  • Dan / Riehl World View: Oh, And P.J. O’Rourke Doesn’t Like You, Either

And, rather than fisking the rather startling thinking contained in this “funny” piece from O’Rourke, I decided to let P.J. take the “Jew” test. NOW, it’s funny. Continue reading

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Uncle Juan’s Cabin

Unbelievable and yet completely normal, the “code word” racism of the GOP pops into sharp relief (from which, alas, there IS no relief) and the alleged “liberal” media form the requisite circular firing squad, superciliously and punctiliously sniffing that NPR was wrong as dirt to fire poor Juan Williams [no relation] for backing up O’Reilly’s intentionally racist point that “Muslims is tryin’ to kill us, and bigotry against them ragheads is A–OK. See? The nigger backs me up.” (transcribed from the original brain waves).

Do. You. Get. It?

The most glaring part of the Tea Party/Grand Old Party bigotry is their brazen use of tokens to push the party line, without any tokens in the White inner leadership circle.

They’ve been pushing every meme imaginable to push the visceral racist reaction that they hope will lead to the “great victory” they’re already crowing about, and sweep them into control of at least the lower house of the United States Congress. Continue reading


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Peter DeFazio and the Daughters of Mercer


I was looking into the Federal Election Commission’s reports for the 2010 primaries, and found something interesting.

Robert Mercer

It’s not a smoking gun; it’s not another “gotcha” piece; but it is interesting. It seems that the $2400 maximum contributions to Art Robinson (the Chemist from Cave Junction, Oregon) was a family affair for Robert Mercer — the New York hedge fund manager who donated $200K to the formerly mysterious “Concerned Taxpayers of America” for anonymous attack ads on Congressman Peter DeFazio (D. Ore.).

And an old People Magazine story (from about Y2K) that’s well-known to many comes to light.
Continue reading


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Hiding Hydra In The Mud – Part iii.

This is part iii. Here is part i. Here is part ii.

A  house divided.

And Tinker to Evers to Chance.

The PAC money from Oregon goes INTO FreedomWorks in Washington, D.C. And the money comes back into Oregon from FreedomWorks in Washington, D.C. (as we learned in part one and part two). Now, we look at the confluence of those two money streams. Continue reading


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DeFazio’s Tormentors Canned by Republican Senatorial Campaign

Jason Miller. Remember him?

Jamestown Associates? Why does that sound so familiar? Hmmm. From Roll Call [emphasis added]: Continue reading

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This Year’s Choice

[h/t Jim B]

We were talking about analogous situations, and this somehow came up:

The electorate is like a cranky five-year-old in a divorce who’s being asked by the Court which parent the five-year-old would choose to have custody.

The father has anger management issues, spends like a drunken sailor and is verbally abusive.

On the other hand, the mother made the five-year-old eat spinach for dinner last night and wouldn’t let the five-year-old stay up late.

Therefore, the five-year-old tells the Court, “I wanna live with Daddy!”

Or so the pundits insist.


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Ten Ten Ten

October Tenth, Two Thousand and Ten. 10-10-10. Interesting. Irreplaceable (for another hundred years). Inconsequential. Such a day!

In honor of today’s meaningful yet meaningless date, here is a story from Aesop that he might have written about the upcoming election and its predicted “Republican tsunami.”

Illustration by Francis Barlow, circa 1687

De Vulpe in Puteo – Aesop (Latin title) Continue reading


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