Uncle Juan’s Cabin

Unbelievable and yet completely normal, the “code word” racism of the GOP pops into sharp relief (from which, alas, there IS no relief) and the alleged “liberal” media form the requisite circular firing squad, superciliously and punctiliously sniffing that NPR was wrong as dirt to fire poor Juan Williams [no relation] for backing up O’Reilly’s intentionally racist point that “Muslims is tryin’ to kill us, and bigotry against them ragheads is A–OK. See? The nigger backs me up.” (transcribed from the original brain waves).

Do. You. Get. It?

The most glaring part of the Tea Party/Grand Old Party bigotry is their brazen use of tokens to push the party line, without any tokens in the White inner leadership circle.

They’ve been pushing every meme imaginable to push the visceral racist reaction that they hope will lead to the “great victory” they’re already crowing about, and sweep them into control of at least the lower house of the United States Congress.

Long story short: Juan Williams backs Faux Nooz Bloviator-in-Chief Bill O’Reilly’s play that “it was Muslims who attacked us on 9-11,” — which is, logically, equivalent to the causal linkage of the proposition “it was MEN who attacked us on 9-11,” or (true) “it was RIGHT HANDERS who attacked us on 9-11″ — and says that Muslims in traditional garb make him nervous — you know, give him the heebie-jeebies, creep him out, make him askeeert.

But, in that manner that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were forced to eat crow and be lectured by that paragon of media faux-morality, Barbara Walters, for walking off the set on Bill-O the Clown, so, Juan Williams’ comments have exposed NPR to withering fire from not merely the Faux Nooz Kerfluffers, and the radio hate jockeys, but the sober, somber (mythological) liberal/Main Stream Media, as they pull their high-falutin’ principles and High Moral Dudgeon out of mothballs and form the traditional circular firing squad.

We saw it with Dan Rather, with Helen Thomas, et al, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, your ad here.

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

NPR vs. Fox News: Juan Williams firing reveals deeper media fight

By Brad Knickerbocker, Staff writer / October 23, 2010

NPR’s firing of news analyst Juan Williams couldn’t come at a worse time for public radio.

Not only did it occur in the midst of on-air fund-raising by many public radio stations, it also happened just as controversial figures connected to NPR and Fox News – liberal philanthropist George Soros and conservative commentator Glenn Beck– are engaged in a harsh rhetorical fight.

Fox News is Mr. Williams’ other employer and the place where he made his controversial statement about Muslims. Mr. Soros recently donated $1.8 [sic] to NPR, seen by conservative critics (and certainly by Mr. Beck) as proof (a) that NPR is a liberal mouthpiece and (b) that billionaire Soros pressured NPR to get rid of Williams.

“Up until then, opinions by NPR correspondents and analysts had been expressed in abundance, but Williams’ statement on Fox, because it was expressed on Fox, amounted to apostasy,” editorializes Investor’s Business Daily. “The firing sends a message that Fox is beyond the pale and must be silenced.”

The fall-out from William’s dismissal has been sharp and swift, and it’s likely to continue.

On NPR’s web site, ombudsman Alicia Shepard reported that thousands of comments had caused the organization’s “Contact Us” form to crash….

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If George Soros died, would they have anyone to create false equivalencies with? It is a puzzler, as is the CSM’s mindless repetition of the insane formulation:

It were George Soros what done had Juan Williams CENSORED and FIRED and SUCHLIKE!!!

Meanwhile, the Faux Nooz bogus Nooz Storey™ about Black Panthers in Philadelphia gets goosed through Judicial Watch (you remember them? They started out firing Freedom of Information Suits to dig up dirt for the Clinton Impeachment, et al, ad nauseum), to wit from the Washington Post:

Justice Department records turned over in a lawsuit to the conservative group Judicial Watch show a flurry of e-mails between the Civil Rights Division and the office of Associate Attorney General Thomas Perelli, a political appointee who supervises the division.

“Where are we on the Black Panther case?” read the subject line of a Perelli e-mail to his deputy the day before the case was dropped. Perelli, the department’s No. 3 official, wrote that he was enclosing the “current thoughts” of the deputy attorney general’s office, the No. 2 official.

Perelli’s staff brought the matter to Holder’s attention before the department dropped the charges, other documents show. Holder did not make the decision, officials say. …

Yeah. I guess being Black, dressed in a “paramilitary uniform” standing in front of a polling place constitutes more than a mere dress-code violation (as near as I can make it) but an actual Black Konspiracy to Subvert Justice, and turn a blind eye to what seem to be horrible Nat Turner inspired Black Hoodlums raping virtuous young Christian White Women etc. etc.

Because it’s all carefully calibrated to walk that fine line described in the (version I learned) of the childhood song (author unknown):

Mary had a steam boat,

it had a little bell,

Mary pulled the wrong cord

and blew us all to

Hello operator

give me number nine

if you disconnect me

I’ll kick you in the

Behind the refrigerator

there is a piece of glass

Mary sat down on it

and cut her little

Ask me no more questions

I’ll tell you no more lies

Mary went to heaven

The steamboat went “toot toot.”

In other words, did the singer say “hell,” “behind,” (clearly a rhyme from a more genteel age), “ass” and, of course, “toot”?

Of COURSE they did.

Did the Republicans say “Liberal NPR fired our house nigger!”?


But it is that cultural barbarism that I’ve written of before. The barbarian uses the tropes and conventions of decent, civil society to barbarically demonize any opoponent — usually a decent, civilized man. Witness turning John Kerry’s actual service under fire in Vietnam to a shameful grasping at false medals, etc. etc. etc.

Rush Limbaugh is against drug addicts until it’s himself that’s hooked on hillbilly heroin and suddenly, it’s “dependence on prescription medications.”

In the immoral words of Oliver North — who not only didn’t go to jail, but has his own TeeVee show on Faux — the statement becomes “inoperative.”

Watergaiety did not vanish after Watergate. It just became more supple, more serpentine and slithery, more wormy and oozy and pus-covered.

When you fall from grace, there will always be a lunatic zillionaire to hire you as a greeter at their casino or Wal-Mart. No matter how satanic the fall, the Repukkklans will always back you up. When “They” fire Juan Williams for the latest in a long string of questionable and deeply disturbing commentary, they pick you up, dust you off and dry the tears from your puffy cheeks.

Juan Williams on Faux Biznezz™

Luckily, in this case, Rupert Murdoch/Roger Ailes gave Williams a long-term contract, reported at $2 million, so he’ll have plenty of money to buy tissues to cry his poor little eyes out on. And plenty of fresh, crisp linen pillowcases to cry himself to sleep at night on.*

[ *Jeebus, do you suppose that Murdoch is Mephistopheles? I mean they lured Greta Van Susterin away from CNN by giving her PLASTIC SURGERY to remove the bags under her eyes. And, come to think of it, Paula Jones and her "friend" Linda Tripp both got extensive plastic surgery for freebies -- including liposuction for Tripp -- for coming over completely to the Dark Side in those evil days. Betimes I wonder if you have to sign your Faux Nooz contract in blood.]

Following his firing from NPR, Williams appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and offered his thoughts on his role at Fox playing into NPR’s decision: “I don’t fit in their box. I’m not predictable, black, liberal. You [O'Reilly] were exactly right when you said you know what this comes down to. They were looking for a reason to get rid of me because I’m appearing on Fox News. They don’t want me talking to you.”[12][Wikipedia]

Look, this is just too damned crazy to take seriously. The Judicial Watch kerfluffing is meant to create the phony case that the Department of Justice under a [N-word] won’t prosecute scary [N-word]s (because, presumably, of their shared [N-word]ousity).

Goddammit, that’s WHAT they’re saying and HAVE been saying, and you need to take all your moral outrage at that ugly word and put it squarely on the backs of the Republicans and Tea Partiers who either SCREAM it in code, or by their pointed silence, indicate assent. Because silence equals assent here, kiddies.  And I have heard them say it, when they think no one is listening, in the back rooms. (And, sad to say, in a lot of Democratic back rooms.)

It takes some courage to stand up among friends or family and say, this is WRONG, but civilization demands it and decency demands it, and without both, we are well and truly sunk.

I have heard Barack Hussein Obama called a racist (and a Muslim); I have heard his preacher called a racist. I have seen Faux and Judicial Watch as much as call Attorney General Eric Holder a racist. I have watched them call newly-installed Justice Elena Kagan a lesbian, Justice Sonia Sotomeyor a racist, etcetera, etcetera. Boy, when it comes to being against racism, the Right Wing Rovian Machine sure as hell has all the enthusiasm of the newly converted, don’t they?

I mean after two years of calling every Black in America a racist, Juan Williams isn’t a racist, but is, instead, the unfortunate victim of liberal intolerance (you know, “racism”).

Now, they feel we must call a spade a spade.*

[ * In the non-racist sense, as opposed to their prior (implicit and often) usage of the phrase.]


These GOP bastards have used the incidence of the first Black President of the United States to somehow claim that they now have a right to screech their bigotry, as though it were somehow OK, now. Judicial Watch didn’t demand all the internal memos in the phony “Black Panther” case by accident. They demanded them to push the story line that Faux Nooz ™ has been pushing as hard as Sisyphus ever pushed his rock.

This is what Trent Lott got caught for (and still denies).

Remember? He was speaking at Senator Strom Thurmond’s hundredth birthday party, and said it was too bad Thurmond hadn’t won his presidential race.

Neatly avoiding (by using codespeak) the fact that Thurmond ran in 1948 when the Dixiecrats bolted the Democratic party and ran Strom Thurmond on the Segregatist ticket. Later he became a Republican.

Apartheid, now! Apartheid, forever!

It was the internet that pushed that story. The “straight” “Liberal Media” stooges present did not find Lott’s comments newsworthy.

So, let’s face it, as moral arbiters their on-base percentage is pretty pathetic. And, right before an election, they provide cover for the goddamned blatant race-baiting from this party of angry White Men and their biker mamas.

And yet, when I watch the “Ed Show” on MSNBC, the Republican spokesman is one of the fifteen Black Republicans in the spokesmodel rack. (Evidently all the Barbie dolls are away on book tours.)

What Juan Cole said, I believe, was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back. Were I NPR, and were I ethical, I should be extremely nervous about giving cover to Faux Nooz and their increasingly blatant partisanship.

In our new version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in the hands of the Rovian Media Spinmeisters, it turns out that every morning, Old Uncle Tom arises in his modest cabin, walks up the hill and mercilessly beats Simon Legree, who is terrified of Uncle Tom and is forced to do anything that the angry, scary black man tells him to do.

When Uncle Tom has finished beating Legree, Topsy comes in and pisses on him, which is intolerable to Legree (in case you were wondering).

Simon Legree finally determines to escape, but in his terror, he blunders into the Ohio River and drowns.

Poor Simon Legree.

Let’s all work real hard to make sure that what happened to Simon Legree never happens to another scared, ignorant White Person.

Give generously won’t you?

Exxon will bless you for it.



NOTE: all ‘Uncle Tom’ images are from the Library of Congress’ American Memory Collection. All photo grotesques courtesy of Rupert Murdoch.

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2 responses to “Uncle Juan’s Cabin

  1. majii

    Juan Williams should be ashamed of himself for his bigotry because he, just like I, lived under segregation in our own country and know what it’s like to be treated differently based on superficial characteristics. He probably watched his father being disrespected by some whites just as I watched some whites disrespect my dad.

    I can say without a doubt that Williams, Clarence Thomas, Ken Blackwell, Harry Jackson, Alveda King, Alan Keyes, and other African-Americans in their 50s know what happened in their early lives, but have chosen to forget and pretend it never happened. How any of these people can join with a group like the republicans/tea partiers is unfathomable.

    It is precisely because of my early experiences in life and those that followed that I will not discriminate against anyone else. I never want to see anyone else have to live the way that I’ve had to live. There are some whites here in GA where I live who are extremely bigoted against AAs, liberals, democrats, gays, lesbians, trans-gendered persons, immigrants, Hispanics/Latinos, atheists, etc. The strangest thing about these people is that they have hatred in their hearts, a gun in one hand, and a Bible in the other.

    I’ve also noticed that the members of the rw I’ve run into online since NPR fired Williams are wondering why liberals, AAs. and the NAACP aren’t rushing to defend Williams. They never seem to understand that we don’t march in lockstep to the same tune the way that many on the right do. I doubt many AAs’ opinion of Williams is very high, something that would prevent any/many of us from rushing to his defense. I see the Williams-NPR issue as a contract issue. According to Ms. Shepard, Williams had been warned about his Fox PAC appearances, he ignored the warnings, appeared on the network, showed his bigotry, and was fired. End of story. The right-wingers want to make this a free speech issue, but it’s not since no government entity sought to silence Williams.

    I, too, find it strange how the rw will rally around those AAs and other persons of color who will put up with their BS, but will demonize the president AAs, and others for speaking out against them and/or Fox PAC. Williams is Fox PAC’s useful AA idjit.

    Juan Williams is an embarrassment to all of those brave men and women of all races who joined together to fight for the civil rights of African-Americans. I think very little of him because he sits upon his perch at Fox PAC and lets their entertainers tell lies and isn’t man enough to speak up and correct them when they’re wrong. Uncle Tom and sellout aren’t strong enough words to describe Juan Williams. Out of respect for your blog, Mr. Williams, I won’t introduce the word many of us in the AA communities across America use for Williams, King, Keyes, and the others. Suffice it to say, though, I’m just as disgusted with FoxPAC and Juan Williams as you are. Contrary to what Barbara Walters had to say about Whoopi and Joy’s walking out on O’Reilly, I’d probably have done the same thing. Walking out is a legitimate form of protest. The audience seemed to think so too because Whoopi and Joy received loud applause when they walked off the set.

    • Thank you Margie for that thoughtful reply.

      The hilarity of this is that Congress has to “privatized” NPR that when Sen. Jim Demented (Stoopid, SC) says he’s going to “defund” NPR, he’s too late. He already did.

      It’s just so damned sad to see little NPR facing the wrath of Murdoch’s media empire AND the RepubliKKKlan power establishment, and nobody stands up to defend them. They sit meekly as Fox silently defunds them, instead. And when NPR vanishes, what will we have left? They murdered Air America. They own all the radio and TV stations. If you believe in evolution there are few outlets for you, but if you believe that Genesis is literally true, and dinosaurs were all drowned because Noah couldn’t fit them on the Ark, well, there’s a vast number of media outlets for you.

      I’m assuming that “AA” means African Americans, and “rw” means “right wing.”

      It’s so sad that Whoopi and Joy should be upbraided by ANYBODY for standing up against mindless, toxic bigotry. They’d have been given exactly the same lecture by Barbara Walters in 1965 if they’d have walked out on Strom Thurmond. Oh. Wait. Whoopi wouldn’t have been allowed on TV until Dihann Carroll in “Julia” in September of 1968. I think Bill O’Reilly is every bit as much a bigot in 2010 as Strom was in 1965.

      And I think I know what unprintable term you mean.