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Guest Blogger Mark Williams on CNN-Tea Party Express

We get mail. Sometimes it’s interesting. Sometimes it’s friendly. Sometimes it’s weird. Sometimes it’s from Mark Williams (former spokesmodel for the Tea Party Express), who first wrote to me when I published “Swift Boat Moms in Winnebagos” back in 2005 (and never since).

And he resolves a mystery from yesterday that I had not realized about the Tea Party Express memo: I hadn’t realized who Lloyd Marcus was. This is him, from Mark Williams’ Facebook page (Note: I’ve tweaked the gamma to get everyone’s exposure reasonable. See original for original):

Original caption: Llyod [sic] Marcus aka (Black) Unhyphenated American

In this photo: Lloyd Marcus (photos), Mark Williams (photos), Amy Saylors Kremer
Added April 16

Which makes THIS section of the 17 April 09 “Tea Party Express” memodug out by Kenneth Vogel of Politico — suddenly make a different kind of sense [emphasis added]: Continue reading


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