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The Predictability of Robotic Behavior

The New York Times planted a wet, slurpy kiss on the posterior of David Koch yesterday, which is too low a hanging fruit not to tempt an almost scatological blog posting. (I even had the title: “The Gray Lady Fellates David Koch,” or “New York Times Sucks Koch” or something equally juvenile.)

Cuddly David Koch from the New York Times article, March 5, 2011

But that would be to miss the point: First, that the Koch Machine has sprung into “damage control” mode and conned the New York Times into yet ANOTHER journalistically criminal piece of faux-apologia for Kochian skullduggery. Consider the thesis, unquestioned by the pathetic excuse for a reporter at the Times, Michael Cooper (may his name ever be invoked as a shame of journalism):

Michael Cooper / New York Times:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — More than a thousand miles from the labor tumult in Wisconsin — where his name shows up on the signs of protesters and a liberal blogger impersonating him got through to the governor on the phone and said “gotta crush that union!” …

Poor David Koch, since he gives more money to cancer research than to underhanded attempts to impose his Ayn Rand/John Birch Society views on the world without honesty or transparency, running below the radar with his paid minions blatantly attempting to trick voters with negative campaigning, ballot measures and initiatives and an endlessly-replicating plague of “policy institutes,” THEREFORE, what he is doing isn’t bad.

Seriously?  We are expected to accept the argument that because more money is spent on “good” than “bad,” that the “bad” doesn’t count? That’s good enough for Michael Cooper, I guess. Listen [emphasis added]:

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