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Freedom of Suppress

Seldom has the “free press” of our First Amendment been so cowed, so submissive, so ultimately disdainful of the consumers of news to whom they owe their very existence.

We begin with the Princess of Moosylvania’s Tragical History Tour.

Conceived as a project to follow up Sgt. McCain’s Lonely Farts Club Band, and following the tragic death of their manager, their mentor, “Republican Principles,” the public relations team scripting Mooselini’s P.T. Barnum stunts has decided that pissing on the “free press” is the way to go, and is not telling anybody where her Magic Bus is going, to whip up interest, and then publishing on her SarahPAC website and via Facebook. Continue reading


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Not Memorial Day, but Close Enuf

Memorial Day wasn’t actually hijacked by the congress until 1967.

Then came the “Three Day Weekend” act of June 28, 1968, officially termed the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act “. Continue reading

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Memorial Daze?


I am informed by a reader who claims to be a former intern of the WHCOR that its mandate expired last year and it has ceased to exist. (See below)

If I look like an idiot, then I look like an idiot. Mea culpa, mea maxima idiot.

A year ago, I noticed a funny thing. The page www. kind of forgot the Civil War for Memorial Day. And I pointed out that Memorial Day, originally known as “Decoration Day” was a holiday remembering the Union Veterans who had died in the Civil War. (They also decided to deep six the Mexican War of 1846):

Screen cap from last year:
Missing in Action: Civil War, Mexican War

You see, the notion that the Union Dead are NOT “heroes” and ought to be forgotten (probably because the Civil War is still “controversial” in some circles) seems a fundamental rejection of our very own history. Continue reading


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Moral Turgidity: Is Laura Ingraham a Slut? (conclusion)

The Pulse-Pounding,  Senses-Shattering  Über-Finale

[Part i is here: Moral Turgidity: Is Laura Ingraham a Slut?]


The one question that has NOT been asked in all of this is the most important. WHAT does “slut” mean?

Not a slut. A Snap-on Tool Calendar Girl

I am reminded of the moment that my mother, in tears, told my brother and I with great outrage and umbrage: “He called me a ‘WHORE’!” Continue reading


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Moral Turgidity: Is Laura Ingraham a Slut?

Self-righteousness is the most shameless slut of all.
– Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist.
City Aphorisms, Seventh Selection, New York (1990).

I’ve been offline involuntarily for a couple of days while an endless parade of trucks paraded down the street, disgorging men who climbed poles, unhooked wires, then another truck to remove the dead tree, then more trucks to reconnect the wires @ one truck per wire. The last truck, the high speed DSL truck, came yesterday and saw that the wire had already been taken down, and left. (Using that famous stealth knock, evidently, that is reserved for when you’re home all day and when you finally get to the door, there is a door-hanger saying they’d been here but nobody was home.)

Thus, I was unprepared for a very shaken Ed Schultz apologizing profusely for saying that his comments on Laura Ingraham were, variously, beyond the pale, lower than low, awful, terrible, etcetera and he begged for forgiveness. He invoked every reasonable touchstone of “exhibiting remorse” and then went off the air for some unspecified amount of time.

Very strange. Except, I had no idea WHAT those comments might have been. Sounded awful, though. But with no email or phone access, I would have to wait until this afternoon to find out what those HORRIBLE, INEXCUSABLE comments were. Continue reading


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Plastic, Man

For those who don’t understand or believe in evolution, you might want to cover your eyes and ears. Wouldn’t want to traumatize you.

For the rest, this will be short.

Heard this m0rning on Oregon Public Broadcasting news:

Microplastics have turned up in samples taken from every ocean on the planet and species from the bottom to the top of the marine food chain have been found to ingest these tiny particles – from sharks, seabirds and turtles to filter-feeders and krill.


Mark Browne: “So this represents a significant problem because if we’re consuming these organisms as part of our diet or other organisms that also consume them…what are the ramifications of transferring plastics, that are likely to have chemicals absorbed onto them… therefore transferring from the environment into the animal and then being stored there?”

Ask the parent of any two year old and they’ll tell you eating plastic probably isn’t a great idea. Research on lab animals has shown many plastic products contain chemicals that can be carcinogenic, neurotoxic or disruptive to the body’s hormonal messaging system….

Uh, yeah. This kind of story has been ubiquitous ever since the news of the Pacific trash gyre hit a couple years ago. (Including OPB stories that it’s all a myth.) Continue reading

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Apocalypse, Nu?

I waited all Tuesday and dear Jesus did not come …”
~Henry Emmons, a Millerite, 1844

William Miller d. 1849

For those who don’t know what’s “nu,” it’s happened once again. The American Zeitgeist Sweepstakes, also known as “Look at me!” has a new winner named something or other, who put up a bunch of billboards and advertising stating that the World would end and Jesus would extract the faithful before the Wild and Wacky Endtimes on May 21st, 2011 at approximately 6 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Continue reading


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Fat Huck Agin

I don’t have anything against being fat. That’s up to you, and up to me, and if you are happy with yourself, so be it. There are issues, but they’re finally YOUR responsibility.

Mike Huckabee’s 2006 national launch

But, when you LAUNCH your national presence (and eventually your presidential run) on how you lost 110 pounds, cured your diabetes and how EVERYBODY ought to follow your success and how your being a fat slob was now your crusade to cure all fat slobs, reality OUGHT to bite you in the (lard)ass when that BS goes away. Continue reading


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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Consider it a metaphor for reading …

The seven wonders of the world he’ll lay before your feet,
In far-off lands, on distant shores, so many friends to meet.
Are you sitting comfortably?
Let Merlin cast his spell….

~ The Moody Blues, “Are You Sitting Comfortably?” Threshold of a Dream

(the aforementioned song on YouTube)

Here’s a little-known bit of writing trivia: yes, Virginia, you CAN injure yourself writing.

I know. I’ve been offline for a week and more with severe lower back pain — caused by NOT sitting correctly. Trust me: when your lower back muscles collapse in utter exhaustion, there’s not a lot that you can do in life. It’s astonishing just how much of our motion is directly related to the back, as a few days in this condition will show you — although it’s better that you just take my word for it. Continue reading


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Mission Accomplished

News Item: Donald Trump drops out of the presidential race (baiting).


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Popups Are Back

I was looking for the raw footage of Osama bin Laden released by the Pentagon. Not on the Pentagon site that I could find. Not on the CIA site, that the Pentagon implies that you ought to go to. Nope.

Brought to you by these fine sponsors …

It seems that this taxpayer-paid footage isn’t available to actual taxpayers. No. It was released to major media outlets, and if you want to watch it, you have to sit through their mandatory commercials.

All of which brings up something that I’ve been noticing over the past months: Popups are back. Continue reading

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The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,
adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Self-Reliance”

Ah, Ralph. Well, if there’s one thing the GOPs have been, it’s consistent. Consistently against the poor and the economically dislocated (in a bear of a recession) in favor of the rich — who, they keep telling us, are vital “job creators” — conveniently forgetting the massive transfer of factories, the endless round of “downsizing” etc. They respond to the death of the criminal bin Laden by claiming that it was THEIR torture what done it. They block anything that might conceivably benefit the President without once thinking that it might benefit the country, too.

Honestly. I can’t understand how anyone with a conscience or a soul could be a Republican at this point in history. By their fruits ye shall know them, and their fruits are poisonous: greed, depredation, callousness, cruelty, selfishness, self-righteousness, hatred,bigotry, hatred and, of course, hatred.

There are two quick updates here. (Am working on a longer piece that ain’t done at present.) Continue reading

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Strictly From Commercial

Since yesterday was Mother’s Day and tomorrow is May the Tenth, it is apt that this shoehorn between them, as the forty-seventh anniversary of the founding of The Mothers of Invention, helmed by the late, great Frank Zappa.

click for larger
(no, seriously, click for larger – a new window
or tab shall appear, as if  by magic)*

[* Note: The original illustration is from "" 6 November 2007.]

Now, I have the original U.S. pressing of Lumpy Gravy, for those who know what that means. But let Wikipedia tell the tale: Continue reading

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Atlas Flatulated


Frankly, given the horsefeathers that the Randroids have been dishing out about the “stunning success” of the film adaptation of Atlas Shruged, a bit of schadenfreude is entirely in order.  From Indywire [emphasis added]:

Rocky Mountain Pictures’ aforementioned Ayn Rand adaptation, “Atlas Shrugged, Part I,” continued to fail in its fourth weekend. Though its producers suggested it would hit 1,000 screens after its somewhat promising debut, the film went from 371 screens down to 228 in its third frame. The result was a massive 71% drop in grosses, taking in $137,443 for a pathetic per-theater-average of $603 ….

Wonder if the rationalizers will continue to flog this dead horse, or “objectively” pretend that nothing happened. Hmmm. But listen to this from a week ago: Continue reading

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