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Osama bin Laden Sleeps With The Fishes

What can I say? For the first time in memory, Memeorandum has been entirely controlled by one news story. If there’s any angle, point of view or thought not covered from a multiplicity of ideological prisms, that refraction would be lost in the flood of pixels-masquerading-as-ink washing across the screens of smart phones, of PCs and Macs, work stations, custom builds, UNIX, Linux, what-have-you.

Rupert Murdoch’s profound contribution to the
dignified national dialogue on this moment in history.

Grab it while it’s there. We finally have a Rosetta Stone to the blogosphere, as we see EVERY blogger and news outlet filtering the same facts from the same source (the U.S. Government, please note). All the reporting of the past 12 hours or so is based on the same facts. You can now scientifically study the effects of the same fact set on minds as diverse as America gets: from Charles Krauthammer to Willy Wonka. A once- in-a-generation phenomenon for linguistic analysts. Continue reading


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