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Radley Balko Lays An Egg

Ayn Rand Superman Radley Balko (formerly of CATO, now of “Reason”) has written grandiloquently on his blog that Osama bin Laden “Won.”

Yes, bin Laden the man is dead. But he achieved all he set out to achieve, and a hell of a lot more. He forever changed who we are as a country, and for the worse. Mostly because we let him. That isn’t something a special ops team can fix.

Well, that’s one way of seeing it. But not only is he late to the analytical party, but Ted Koppel was already late in 2010 with his op-ed in the Washington Post [see below], saying much the same thing, albeit not with Balko’s perverse sense of triumphalism. I wrote it in 2008, followed up in 2009 and again in 2011. Since the “really smart” folks out there are beginning to toy with this concept in unsanitary and/or mentally unhealthy ways, let me reprint it here. You will agree that it is, again, timely.

And, Balko, in addition to being a mental superman, doesn’t like the mildest criticism whilst taking his bows for mental acuity and other trapeze stunts, having rejected this mild comment:

Welcome to the party, Mr. Balko, if just a couple years late.
Ted Koppel was, himself, already a couple years late when he said what you just said, more or less, on September 12, 2010.

You VILL agree. Ja? Gut.

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