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Something Twisted This Way Comes …

2nd Witch: By the pricking of my Thumbes,
Something wicked this way comes:
Open Lockes, who ever knockes.
Enter Macbeth.

~ Act 4, Scene 1 of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Er, in this case, enter the twisted minds of Andrew Malcolm and Jim Hoft, representatives of the mindlessness of hate and fanaticism — who, for obvious reasons, dislike and hate the notion that a mindless, hate-filled fanatic was “taken out” in Pakistan on May Day. And throw in the vapid neutrality of NPR, and add a pinch of Bushian Revisionism and it turns out that, by Wednesday, the mindless deconstructionism of the media machine had moved to the media-created, media-fueled and media Narrative-Pushing-Forward story:

MEDIA: The Killing of Bin Laden has boosted the president’s “approval ratings.” (Invariably beginning with “In a poll, conducted by …”) Continue reading

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