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Atlas Flatulated


Frankly, given the horsefeathers that the Randroids have been dishing out about the “stunning success” of the film adaptation of Atlas Shruged, a bit of schadenfreude is entirely in order.  From Indywire [emphasis added]:

Rocky Mountain Pictures’ aforementioned Ayn Rand adaptation, “Atlas Shrugged, Part I,” continued to fail in its fourth weekend. Though its producers suggested it would hit 1,000 screens after its somewhat promising debut, the film went from 371 screens down to 228 in its third frame. The result was a massive 71% drop in grosses, taking in $137,443 for a pathetic per-theater-average of $603 ….

Wonder if the rationalizers will continue to flog this dead horse, or “objectively” pretend that nothing happened. Hmmm. But listen to this from a week ago: Continue reading

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