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Plastic, Man

For those who don’t understand or believe in evolution, you might want to cover your eyes and ears. Wouldn’t want to traumatize you.

For the rest, this will be short.

Heard this m0rning on Oregon Public Broadcasting news:

Microplastics have turned up in samples taken from every ocean on the planet and species from the bottom to the top of the marine food chain have been found to ingest these tiny particles – from sharks, seabirds and turtles to filter-feeders and krill.


Mark Browne: “So this represents a significant problem because if we’re consuming these organisms as part of our diet or other organisms that also consume them…what are the ramifications of transferring plastics, that are likely to have chemicals absorbed onto them… therefore transferring from the environment into the animal and then being stored there?”

Ask the parent of any two year old and they’ll tell you eating plastic probably isn’t a great idea. Research on lab animals has shown many plastic products contain chemicals that can be carcinogenic, neurotoxic or disruptive to the body’s hormonal messaging system….

Uh, yeah. This kind of story has been ubiquitous ever since the news of the Pacific trash gyre hit a couple years ago. (Including OPB stories that it’s all a myth.) Continue reading

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