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Moral Turgidity: Is Laura Ingraham a Slut?

Self-righteousness is the most shameless slut of all.
– Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist.
City Aphorisms, Seventh Selection, New York (1990).

I’ve been offline involuntarily for a couple of days while an endless parade of trucks paraded down the street, disgorging men who climbed poles, unhooked wires, then another truck to remove the dead tree, then more trucks to reconnect the wires @ one truck per wire. The last truck, the high speed DSL truck, came yesterday and saw that the wire had already been taken down, and left. (Using that famous stealth knock, evidently, that is reserved for when you’re home all day and when you finally get to the door, there is a door-hanger saying they’d been here but nobody was home.)

Thus, I was unprepared for a very shaken Ed Schultz apologizing profusely for saying that his comments on Laura Ingraham were, variously, beyond the pale, lower than low, awful, terrible, etcetera and he begged for forgiveness. He invoked every reasonable touchstone of “exhibiting remorse” and then went off the air for some unspecified amount of time.

Very strange. Except, I had no idea WHAT those comments might have been. Sounded awful, though. But with no email or phone access, I would have to wait until this afternoon to find out what those HORRIBLE, INEXCUSABLE comments were. Continue reading


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