Freedom of Suppress

Seldom has the “free press” of our First Amendment been so cowed, so submissive, so ultimately disdainful of the consumers of news to whom they owe their very existence.

We begin with the Princess of Moosylvania’s Tragical History Tour.

Conceived as a project to follow up Sgt. McCain’s Lonely Farts Club Band, and following the tragic death of their manager, their mentor, “Republican Principles,” the public relations team scripting Mooselini’s P.T. Barnum stunts has decided that pissing on the “free press” is the way to go, and is not telling anybody where her Magic Bus is going, to whip up interest, and then publishing on her SarahPAC website and via Facebook.

Just an example; not an accusation

The press is going gaga (OK, not Gaga, but maybe Mel Gibson):

Andy Barr / The Politico:
Confusion on Day 2 of Princess bus tour — Day 2 of the Moosylvanian Princess’s bus tour, and the former vice presidential nominee has prompted little more than confusion over exactly what she is up to. — The Princess started Memorial Day at the National Archives in Washington, but the only reporters …
+Discussion: Wake up America, The Last Refuge, The Daily Beast, the Moosylvanian PAC, The Caucus, Gawker and Pirate’s Cove


Scott Conroy / Real Clear Politics:
Princess to Visit Iowa as Bus Tour Kicks Into Gear
Discussion: Mediaite, Washington Post, The Gateway Pundit, Outside the Beltway, Conservatives4Princess and National Review

Michael D. Shear / The Caucus:
Princess Family Tours Washington ‘Incognito’
Discussion: Talking Points Memo, TVNewser, Guardian, Hot Air, Daily Kos and Althouse

Andy Barr / The Politico:
The Moosylvanian Princess swarmed at first bus tour stop
Discussion: CNN, Taylor Marsh, The Daily Pulp, Conservatives4Princess, Swampland, Washington Post and the Moosylvanian PAC

Gschwarzcnn / CNN: Princess mum on run in latest stop

Michael D. Shear / New York Times:
Princess’s Path May Be Unclear, but Her Ride Is Revved Up
Discussion: NY Daily News, Don Surber, The Caucus, neo-neocon and FrumForum

The links are real. [Names have been changed to eschew the reprehensible.]

And for comic effect.

(Note: sometimes you can really have some fun with “search and replace” — low tech though it might seem to you and your interminable twitterings.)

You have got to admit that someone who is playing a Trumpian “presidential run” game running FROM the press and then sneering (by implication) at it has figured out a new form of Publicity Stunt never before conceived of by the mind of any publicist. As Matt Drudge wrote at the start (in a journalistic and non-catamite journalist manner):

Starting this weekend, Sarah Palin will embark on a One Nation Tour of historical sites that were key to the formation, survival, and growth of the United States of America. The tour will originate in Washington DC and will proceed north up the east coast. More information will follow. Please follow the tour on

Get lots of press by avoiding the press. Run from the voters. And they’ll love you.

Because who DOESN’T want to vote for someone as seemingly lunatic as the Princess of Moosylvania — whether her handlers are crazy like a fox or just crazy? (Or Fox.)

Seriously: can ANYONE doubt that this is a script that Palin is following, and not a script that she’s writing?

Let’s look at what the script-writers have revealed about themselves, thus far:

They LOVE to counterpunch.

And they look for the open field. Palin resigned during a three day weekend, when she’d get all the coverage. This bus tour starts on a three-day weekend when she’d get all the coverage (Except that Breitbart hogged the spotlight instead. Whoops.) There are several more examples, but the pattern is pretty clear.

And they love to whip up media attention by bashing the media, in perhaps the sickest love/hate, attraction/repulsion, dominant/submissive relationship that’s played in the press in many a moon(ing).

And this, which just showed up via CNN:

Palin fakes out reporters at Gettysburg hotel —  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (CNN) – The Moosylvanian Princess pulled a clever bait and switch on reporters in Gettysburg on Tuesday, as her “One Nation” bus tour rolls into its third day.  —  The Moosylvanian royal family and a few members of her staff snuck out of their hotel early …

Good old CNN. No matter how transparently fraudulent the manipulation, they’ll go along. Reporting on how your reporters were ditched OUGHT to get you to just embargo any reporting on a non-event by a non-entity. But no.

But no, the Princess showed up in New York City today, to have pizza with Donald Trump, and “hide” from the media in the media capitol of the world.

Which has got to be the most bizarre version of ‘incognito’ in the history of cognition.

And the hype hit a new high.

Even as “journalists” continued to cover Mooselini’s duck and cover, the Moosylvanian Princess continued to mock them:

Brian Montopoli / CBS News:

Moosylvanian Princess’s bus tour treats reporters like paparazzi —  The Moosylvanian Princess and her advisers are refusing to tell members of the media where she is going on her current bus tour – and the former Moosylvanian ruler seems to be enjoying the cat and mouse game that’s resulted.

Evidently she wasn’t getting enough attention, so, pretending to avoid attention, she whips up media “interest” for two days and appears in the Big Apple, about as far from Moosylvania as you can get in America and still have dry feet. But gets bizarrely toxic here:

Scott Conroy / Real Clear Politics:
Princess: Eliminate All Energy Subsidies


Ed Morrissey / Hot Air: Princess: End all federal energy subsidies
Daniel Horowitz / RedState: the Moosylvanian Princess Opposes All Energy Subsidies
Doug Brady / Conservatives4Princess: Princess vs. Romney on Ethanol Subsidies
LATimes / Top of the Ticket: the Moosylvanian Princess wants to terminate all energy subsidies, including ethanol
Steven Nelson / The Daily Caller: the Moosylvanian Princess wants to eliminate all energy subsidies, including ethanol
Christian Heinze / GOP 12: Princess opposes ethanol subsidies

OK: she’s not a candidate, doesn’t want to meet with media (whom she trashes constantly, and mocks today), but we’re putting forward policy proposals on wonkish things as unpopulist as “ethanol subsidies”?

Fuck her.

But mourn the state of the free press in America that an out-of-control, stealth Public Relations political operative-controlled, extraordinarily unstable ex-public official with a shameful legacy IN public office is able to so easily flummox a gaggle more concerned with celebrity than substance, sound bites than factoids, and fluff that drives ratings over hard and important news, and are REWARDED for this crass journalism by their various ratings in a constant race to the bottom.

In the United States of America of the 1960s, the Princess would be publicly laughed off the stage. Ditto the 1970s, the 1980s, and the 1990s.

(Who knows about the 2000s? The entire nation seemed to go into a state of blind torpor throughout the Fearathon of Bushiana.)

This notion that a public figure can manage her audiences and her press coverage via a one way means of communication more appropriate to Al Qaeda than to the USA is, today, unquestioned and unchallenged. No “Newt Gingrich in Iowa” moment with a concerned Republican asking on-camera “Aren’t y0u ashamed of yourself?”

Because this is, sadly, a form of sociopathic behavior, even if it is, at the very LEAST culpable, conforming to a script written by sociopaths.

Our nation is in trouble. One party stymies, grandstands, obstructs, delays, throws tantrums and declares ultimatums, more concerned with four years of economic disaster denying the President re-election than concerned with the American people, in whose name they purport to serve, and who form the ENTIRE raison d’être of their professional existence.

And the Princess of Moosylvania is their poster child.

Their bikini-clad calendar girl.

It is treason by omission, rather than by commission.

And, given the state of our “journalism” these daze, you probably aren’t going to hear about it anywhere.

Maybe Keith Olbermann might have — the ONLY journalist on TV to challenge the insane excesses of Bushian Agitprop and governance — but he’s off the air until June 20.

Thousands of Americans are dead, from 9-11 and two misguided wars, but no one seems to care, or believe that their sacrifice to extremist politics (Muslim and Republiklan) is worthy of  notice.

But we can take solace in the fact that the Princess of Moosylvania couldn’t dominate the day’s meaningless news today. As I write this, the phony Weiner/Twitter scandal has kicked into its FOURTH day, as the mainstream media reluctantly go “all in” on a story they had (rightly) mostly ignored all weekend, as Andrew Breitbart’s website implied and pushed the ugliest sort of celebrity-unserious sex scandal in years, broken by an anonymous blogger.

Kitchie-koo, mofos!

Gee. NOBODY noticed that newsworthy bit of news? I guess they were all hung up on retweeting the ‘scandalous’ photo.

And not single media outlet has bothered noting the anonymous nature of the slander, and have only focused on harassing Rep. Weiner, who is clearly the TARGET of a coordinated right-wing campaign to embarrass and perhaps politically destroy him. That’s “journalism”? No: that’s being a tool.

Fuck them tools.

Fuck them too.

Let them answer the poet with their hollow eyes and hollow souls, their mindless yawps endlessly yapping:

Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night

Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

VIGIL strange I kept on the field one night;
When you my son and my comrade dropt at my side that day,
One look I but gave which your dear eyes return’d with a look I shall never forget,
One touch of your hand to mine O boy, reach’d up as you lay on the ground,
Then onward I sped in the battle, the even-contested battle,
Till late in the night reliev’d to the place at last again I made my way,
Found you in death so cold dear comrade, found your body son of responding kisses (never again on earth responding),
Bared your face in the starlight, curious the scene, cool blew the moderate night-wind,
Long there and then in vigil I stood, dimly around me the battle-field spreading,
Vigil wondrous and vigil sweet there in the fragrant silent night,
But not a tear fell, not even a long-drawn sigh, long, long I gazed.
Then on the earth partially reclining sat by your side leaning my chin in my hands,
Passing sweet hours, immortal and mystic hours with you dearest comrade—not a tear, not a word.
Vigil of silence, love and death, vigil for you my son and my soldier,
As onward silently stars aloft, eastward new ones upward stole,
Vigil final for you brave boy, (I could not save you, swift was your death,
I faithfully loved you and cared for you living, I think we shall surely meet again,)
Till at latest lingering of the night, indeed just as the dawn appear’d,
My comrade I wrapt in his blanket, envelop’d well his form,
Folded the blanket well, tucking it carefully over head and carefully under feet,
And there and then and bathed by the rising sun, my son in his grave, in his rude-dug grave I deposited,
Ending my vigil strange with that, vigil of night and battlefield dim,
Vigil for boy of responding kisses (never again on earth responding),
Vigil for comrade swiftly slain, vigil I never forget, how as day brighten’d,
I rose from the chill ground and folded my soldier well in his blanket,
And buried him where he fell.


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8 responses to “Freedom of Suppress

  1. CEJ

    Cameron Jordan
    “Americans have also evaluated the universities, those institutions that once turned out people steeped in the cream of Western knowledge, and concluded that they’re not doing their job. For the $50,000 per year middle class Americans are expected to pay, they get children who attend sex shows, learn how to orchestrate Leftist violence, become increasingly antisemitic and anti-Israel, deconstruct the meaning out of everything, hate the troops, and do drugs. Most Americans do not like to see the values they so carefully inculcated into their children deliberately destroyed and replaced with Marxist politics and debauched social values.

    “Those American institutions that have tilted Left cannot understand why more and more Americans do not accept their opinions or their so-called facts at face value. They do not appreciate that Americans, having examined their own core values and assisted by the unimpeded flow of information through the internet, have weighed these institutions and found them wanting”

  2. When a quote uses “left” and “leftist” the same way a Klansman uses “nigger,” I tend to discount whatever it has to say.

    Not to mention that your response to the post is entirely off-topic.

    Funny how someone who seemingly worships at the altar of their own “Olympian” intellect could make such a silly mistake.

  3. Dan Tomkinson

    Christ, that blog is one troll after another after another. Well Done Hart, you hooked one in, let’s see if documented facts about her misinformation sources can bring her to the light of reality.

    Cameron, your MBA is worthless, glad you realize that. Now I hope that you can take the time to study up on the physical sciences and history to find out how severely you’ve been misled by your not-so-impressive lineup of echo-chamber regurgitators.

  4. Well, let’s not be hasty; maybe there’s something to learn here. Let’s see….universities are not doing their job, which – while they still were – was to be pro-semitic (is there such a term?), pro-Israel even when that nation’s leader refuses to stop the encroachment of illegal settlement on a neighbour’s land while simultaneously daring the U.S. to stop or reduce foreign aid it doesn’t need, accept “core-value” concepts without question and love the troops by supporting foreign incursions initiated by people who never served using fabricated threats.

    Real Americans, we learn, no longer need or trust a university education, because they can always access the unimpeded flow of information on the internet, which daily shows what frauds universities are. Steadily falling further behind other countries in terms of the kind of education needed to influence and shape global affairs is now a “core value” that comforts Americans even as American clout dwindles wordwide.

    No doubt Rush Limbaugh – who once told his audience that “oil is as natural as the ocean water, and the ocean will take care of itself if you just leave it alone” – has an explanation for that, probably one that includes an evil plot by the Democrats.

  5. Well, Dan and Mark, let me combine my response. I had avoided pointing this out, out of politeness, but there is a fundamental contradiction in CEJ’s argument:

    If, in fact, a modern college degree (an MBA, in this case) is fundamentally worthless, CEJ is believable ONLY to the extent that CEJ is fundamentally uneducated and ignorant, which means that CEJ cannot be taken seriously.

    Conversely, to the extent that CEJ IS educated and brilliant, CEJ’s proposition as to the value of CEJ’s degree is increasingly FALSE, and CEJ cannot be taken seriously.

    It’s a classic lose-lose argument, the damndus est dois, damndus est don’t.

  6. Ah HA!!! Foolish running-dog American slave to to the Segway, you fell right into her trap!! The second line of her most recent post informs the reader that its content is “opinion that is 100% accurate”. If even your opinions are incontestable, who needs a dozy college education where all you’re exposed to is sex films and antisemitism? To what purpose, indeed, are “facts”?

    It’s not the MBA that makes CEJ immune to the slings and arrows of outrageous dissent – it’s the armor-plating afforded by righteousness. Now, go forth and sin no more.

  7. Dan Tomkinson

    I don’t think I could sin any more. AT my age, I’m struggling just to try and sin no less.