So, THESE are the guys screaming ‘Class Warfare’?

Let’s start off with the New York Post, Rupert Murdoch Seal of Approval headline:

That’s right, “rabble.”

You don’t get more culture war-ish than that. Marie Antoinette couldn’t have done better, although had she lived to the Modern Age, she’d undoubtedly be working for NBC, along with Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton. And once and perhaps again Maria Shriver. No: Rupert is no respecter of persons. He only respects money and power, and his “flagship” New York newspaper seems to have its finger firmly on the pulse of his Id.

Or, perhaps THE Id. Take a look at the “discussion” of the Post’s  moderate and even-handed headline story:

NY Daily News: NYC, Occupy Wall Street headed into court for legal showdown after Zuccotti Park evictions
John Hinderaker / Power Line: Adios, Occupiers — Occupiers have been cleared from a number …
Mj Lee / The Politico: Judge upholds eviction of ‘Occupy’
Robbie Cooper / UrbanGrounds: OWS No Longer Occupying Zuccotti Park
OWS Exposed: Liberal activist judge issues court order allowing occupiers to reclaim Zuccotti Park
Noam Cohen / Media Decoder: Breakfast Meeting, Nov. 15
24Ahead: Occupy Wall Street removed from Zuccotti Park: what they should do now
Jammie Wearing Fools: NYPD Liberates Zuccotti Park
William A. Jacobson / Le·gal In·sur·rec· tion: Check out time at Zuccotti Park
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs: Finally! Midnight Raid on Obama-Endorsed #OWS Dregs Camp, 70 Arrested, Cop Injured, Chaos Continues, Roving mobs

If the insulting nature of their self-congratulatory blogs doesn’t tip their hand, surely their headlines do.

Really? No culture war?

If you read yesterday’s “Mrs. Ayn Rand Paul’s Fishiness STILL Sticks” you’ll note that the last one “Atlas Shrugs” is a purposeful homage to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged — ever popular as a novel but not so much as a movie — and inadvertently gives away what dead Ayn would have thought about the raids. And, “Dregs,” “roving mobs,” etc. surely parallels Rand’s characterization of the “rabble” as “parasites,” etc. (You might recognize Geller from her “Ground Zero Mosque” hate crusade notoriety).

The act itself is part of a more chilling scenario, however: there is quite a spirited debate as to whether or not eighteen cities COORDINATED over the weekend to shut down “Occupy” camps throughout the land, with Mayor “Poor People caused the Meltdown, not Wall Street” Bloomberg undoubtedly taking a prominent role. After all, the NYPD has no qualms about sending “intelligence” operatives, a/k/a “undercover cops, a/k/a/ “spies”  into other cities throughout the land, including my own, Eugene, Oregon.

Is there any constitutional or Federal basis for this? Or is this an ad-hoc crypto-government expressing its extreme displeasure over We, The People, expressing OUR extreme displeasure?

Either way, the smiling mask has been dropped for the feral snarl that was always there. The “excuse” in Oakland that “a man was murdered” at Occupy Oakland had been well and truly debunked by a variety of on-the-ground journalists (both traditional and un-), but the dawn raid was carried out, anyway.*

[* The predictable practice of the U.S. Army was, for many years, always to attack in the pre-dawn, as in the Battle of White Bird Canyon, for which the Nez Perce made them pay very dearly for in 1877, igniting the "Nez Perce War" and a pointless national tragedy.]

This OUGHT to disturb us. This ought to be a time for sober reflection, but, instead, it is an excuse to unleash our quasi-military police forces on unarmed and non-violent protesters.  In a coordinated attack over the weekend?

Who was screaming “class warfare”? This was an act of ad-hoc actual warfare.

Because I do not believe that President Obama, nor the United States Congress, nor the United States Supreme Court had anything to do with this national ad-hoc “police action.” (Wasn’t Korea called a “police action”?)

Which would suggest that it is dangerously a vigilante action, no matter how fancy their various embossed letterheads.

And I fear for our Nation.


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One response to “So, THESE are the guys screaming ‘Class Warfare’?

  1. jim

    The reporting on the occupations are very slanted! The eugene occupation is being called a homeless camp! As if homeless people cannot protest! I fear it is but a matter of time before the good old epd is pepper spraying and tasering in the park!