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2011 – The Blogging Year In Blogging Review

Who am I to fight tradition?

At the end of a revolutionary year (literally), we’ve had the longest continuous onslaught of crises and bad news since 1968.  Continue reading


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Blogospheric Ketchup

First, a song …

(to the tune of “Let it snow, let it snow.”)

The Republicans are coprophageous;
let’s all hope it’s not contagious;
’cause if thats the extent of it,
We’ll eat more shit, eat more shit, eat more shit.

Ah, Yule.  Continue reading


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Online Trysts and Statutory Rape

The sick prurience of the American sleaze media never ceases to astonish. And, the equal culpability of the “legit” media never fails to nauseate.

Radar Online, that bastion of Journalistic Integrity

Case in point: Sarah Palin’s misinterpretation of which daughter Dave Letterman made an Alex Rodriguez/NY Yankees joke about, which became the “underage” daughter, which became theoretical “statutory rape” and, therefore, “rape.” As in “DAVID LETTERMAN IS MAKING JOKES ABOUT RAPING A CHILD!”*

[* see "Righties Rape Rape" 11 June 2009.]

The latest incarnation of gossip column personal destruction and mind rape showed up this afternoon, courtesy of the chickenshit, lying weasels at Radar Online (see “” 17 July 2011 for their “journalistic integrity.”) Listen:

Anthony Weiner Wanted Threesome With Another Man, According To Mistress
Posted on Dec 28, 2011 @ 03:00PM
By Amber Goodhand – Radar Reporter

Disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught in online trysts with numerous women, but has exclusively learned that according to one of his mistresses, he expressed wanting a threesome – with another man.

In old conversation excerpts obtained by from mistress Traci Nobles’ proposal for a tell-all book, the former politician brings up the topic of “3 ways” and reveals that the idea of being with another man is a turn on…

Now before we get into the obscene, let me set the scene … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m Rooting for Oregon in the Rose Bowl, but …

But this is just a bit too weirdly pagan totemic Star Wars comic book bizarro for me …

Nike’s new, announced Oregon uniforms from their press release

This is football, kids. Continue reading


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Ron Paul and the Invisible Empire

I need to warn you that what follows may be a bit confusing. It sure as hell confused me over a decade and more. But it’s timely for “Boxing Day” and if it scores a knockdown, that’s great. A TKO or KO would be better, but we takes what we can gets. [h/t to Jan C. for the link that started this descent into the "Political Cesspool"]

Note the use of “parasites” below,
cribbed from Ayn, who had rather
questionable racial views herself 

Here’s an interesting article that appeared in L. Neil Smith’s “Libertarian Enterprise” in 2007 from Thomas L. Knapp, the Boston Tea Party’s Vice Presidential candidate in 2008 [emphasis added]:

The Problem With Ron Paul
by Thomas L. Knapp

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise [published by L. Neil Smith]

The problem with Ron Paul is not the fact that he’s the Houston area’s most assiduous pork-barreler in the US House of Representatives. It’s not his longstanding associations with racists, of both subtle and not-so-subtle varieties. It’s not even his anti-libertarian positions on issues like immigration and same-sex marriage.

Those things are problems, of course, but they’re not the problem.

The problem with Ron Paul is the uncritical cultism which so quickly took root in the rich soil of a maverick campaign and has since overgrown that campaign like a cross between kudzu and poison ivy.

Libertarians are notably cranky, and as politics makes for strange bedfellows, so, too, Libertarian politics tends to make for freaky bedfellows.

I have delineated the very strange connections between the Libertarians and the Neo-Confederates and other crypto-racists in  [April 10, 2010]. As is often the case, this was way ahead of the curve, and it is extremely timely today … Why? Well, consider the “libertarian” triumvirate of L. Neil Smith, Eric Dondero and Thomas L. Knapp.

Continue reading


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My Christmas Gift to You

There isn’t a lot of unwrapping to do here: this blog is my Christmas gift to you, as it has been for going on eight years now.

Made my first living with one of these

In this entire run, I have not made a single copper-coated zinc penny off of this blog*, nor has it been my intention to do so, nor is it my intention to EVER do so. Continue reading


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A Heart-Warming Christmas Eve Story

As is our holiday tradition, here’s a Yuletide story — most especially for those diseased minds who miss all the killing and mayhem of the Iraq War and prey [sic] for its savage return …

Pseudo-Rod Serling intro [for parody purposes only]:

Picture if you will: a man. A mall. A terrifying invasion. But there’s something different about this invasion, a difference that could only show up … in the [Copyright laws suggest that it is not prudent to name the tagline here, our counsel suggests vociferously, albeit sotto voce in mellifluous counselly tones, not quite dulcet and yet not ulcer'd. Butt soft, methinks animated bears are selling toilet paper on teevee ...]  [CUE MUSIC]

The Christmas the Aliens Came

Most of you remember the terror, and how it began. Sheerest chance that the invaders appeared at that time of year, or that they arrived at Pismo Beach, California at a shopping mall.

Most of it’s been declassified now, so I can fill in the spots you don’t know. I was working as a tech at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, so I know the whole story. Continue reading

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Our Seventh Annual Christmas Radio Show!

Welcome to his vorpal sword‘s  Seventh Annual presentation of “The Saint Nick Case,” a Christmas radio play of approximately one-half hour.

Click for the radio play

For a special treat,  The KOPT Radio Theater Players in the 2005 production of “The St. Nick Case,” in wide-spectrum, full color stereo. The radio play was broadcast live on Eugene’s Air America affiliate KOPT-AM 1600 on December 23, 2005. Continue reading

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How To Handle a Crisis (and How NOT To)

It is the Winter Solstice at precisely 9:30 PM PST (or 12:30 AM EST, 3:30 AM GMT). And, on the darkest day of the year, we manage to come to one of the darkest moments of the political year, coincidentally.

I’ve never trusted neatness …

Which brings me to a point I’ve wanted to make for some time: the “crisis” that the Tea Party screams out is not actually a crisis. It is an outcome. It is, perhaps, an inevitable crisis down the road, but it’s NOT A CRISIS.

What? you ask? Continue reading


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Graphic Details

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You never did the Kenosha Kid. The Right Brain demands time for qualified rebuttal.

The Ears of the Rose

(All drawings from November, 2011). Continue reading


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Kim Jong Il? No: Kim Jong Dead

Mortal coil shuffled

The death of the North Korean lunatic dictator is being reported around the world, this evening.

You can read plenty about it. But, I’m going to go with the major coverage, and I’m going to jump ahead of it by asking the next question.*

[* If you don't know precisely what that means, go HERE.] Continue reading

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Dear Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas,

As a mythological being, I yet see your handiwork every year, see your representatives dressed as that Marketing Demigod, Santa Claus, see him on television and in movies, in print and hear him on the radio.

As such, you are the PERFECT person for me to address my plea to. Continue reading


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Iraq and Shelley

The Iraq War is over. Or, so we are informed. The BBC:

Obama speech at Fort Bragg marks end of Iraq war

US President Barack Obama has marked the end of the Iraq war with a speech at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, telling troops, “welcome home!”

His address paid tribute to the soldiers who served in the conflict – both those who died and veterans who returned home after long tours of duty.

More than 200 soldiers based at Fort Bragg died over the course of the nearly nine-year war.

The final US soldiers are expected to leave Iraq within days.

The last combat troops departed in August 2010….

But, ‘midst the ticker-tape parades, the wild festivities and American celebration for a war that never should have been fought, that was never supposed to cost us anything, was supposed to be “greeted with flowers” according to a high-ranking Darth Vader, and all the rest, I can only think of Shelley:
Continue reading

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Selling the New Nixon – Pavlov in Action

In the first three parts, we set up this part. This is probably the conclusion. I will tell you when I get to the bottom.

You know you will never get the girl in the ad who’s holding the beer, but you buy the beer because of the girl ANYWAY. Now consider our politicians as bottles of beer…

iv. Pavlov in action

And, as Frank Luntz applies the eyedrops (his last Hit Single, “The Death Tax” may well guarantee us an hereditary oligarchy for generations to come; a future conversation: “Meet the Duke of New York and his friend, the Count of New Jersey, Donald Trump IV”) let’s consider what’s already under way for 2012 by looking back at 2010. Continue reading


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