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An Open Letter to Current TV

Dear Vice President Gore, et al.

I’m concerned. More than concerned, in fact: deeply troubled.

How can I say this, diplomatically? Hmmm.

Your new news  shows look like crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And by “look” I mean the physical plant that serves as a backdrop for your hosts.

They are an embarrassment, and, much as I’d like to be a fly on the wall for the sessions in which your “look” was rationalized, whoever made the decision was an idiot, no matter what high-falutin’ Manhattan “black canvas” artsy rationalizations were woven from threads of purest coruscating B.S.  Continue reading

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Selling the New Nixon: Roving Pavlov Ailes The Nation

I think this is the conclusion. But this isn’t easy stuff, and the preceding parts (see below for index) were meant to set you up for the finale. And fireworks, we got! Strap in, pilgrims …

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

And now, the conclusion …

i. NEWTERED! The New York Times provides one of the keys [emphasis added]: Continue reading


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Time Wounds All Heels

Dennis Miller has, for a couple of decades now,  been smirking smug snark as the self-crowned quickest tongue on trivial pursuit; and his metamorphosis from an acid-tongued skewerer of Right Wing politicians to another propagandist determined to prove to stupid people that they’re actually smart and that smart people are actually stupid has been a curious odyssey through the eternal verities of People Magazine.

The Miller’s Tale: FAIL

 Put another way, a walk across the sea of his soul would scarcely wet one’s feet.

But, as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold, and, well … bon apetit! Continue reading


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Me and My Martian

I have a pet Martian. He sits on my shoulder and asks me uncomfortable questions.

Not actual size

Now, before you rush to call the boobie hatch (which you oughtn’t count, as Thurber notes), ‘It’ is a trope: first cousin of Elwood P. Doud’s Pooka, Very fond of rumpots, crackpots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson? My Martian is a third cousin, thrice removed from Socrates’ Daemon. Some use the old trope of the angel and devil on one’s shoulder, but my Martian does not belong to that clan. Different faerie DNA. Continue reading


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Happy Birthday Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

illustration by Sir John Tenniel for
“Alice Through The Looking Glass”

Today is the 180th Birthday of ‘Lewis Carroll‘ (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, b. 27 January 1832 – d. 14 January 1898).

From my “origin” story. (I wrote a much longer post about this, but it has fallen off Google, and I offer this instead): Continue reading

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Seriously, This Is Just Too Easy

None of these are clever enough to click
the illustration for a larger view  

Via Yahoo, from LiveScience d0t com:

Stephanie Pappas / Yahoo! News:
Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

“Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.

Controversy ahead

The findings combine three hot-button topics.

“They’ve pulled off the trifecta of controversial topics,” said Brian Nosek, a social and cognitive psychologist at the University of Virginia who was not involved in the study. “When one selects intelligence, political ideology and racism and looks at any of the relationships between those three variables, it’s bound to upset somebody.” [MORE]

And so, WHO draws themselves up in high mor(on)al dudgeon? Continue reading


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The Fox Bow Incident

I am saddened at the passing of Joe Paterno, long-time coach at Penn State. And, in retrospect, a number of foolish people made a hasty decision, in over-reaction to a bombshell story that was not fully understood, but which was extremely uncomfortable for them.

This is the classic error of hasty and ill-considered choices: Act in haste, repent at leisure goes the old saw. As you will see, Bill O’Reilly of Faux Nooz™ admits that the sudden firing and humiliation of Joe Paterno led to his untimely demise. One of his former players says the same. He had lost the will to live, to fight, which is that intangible and yet necessary ingredient of any cure.

So, let me revisit what I said at the time, and then we’ll listen to what Bill O’Reilly said last night, and then we’ll pause for a moment of sorrow for the family and friends of Coach Paterno, and compassion for those poor hasty deciders, who will now have to carry that with them for the rest of their days. I assure you that Penn State fans won’t let them forget it. Continue reading

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SOTU – What the Pundits Heard

Foolishly, President Obama invoked the outdated Democratic and slavishly-obeyed Republican  “I got your back,” meme.

The Republicans looked up for a moment from their blood feast and half-remembered their “Eleventh Commandment” (NOT created by Ronald Reagan) while the Democratic pundits, afflicted with ADD, misheard the President’s words as “I got your backBITING!”

Clearly, I must have a different sort of radio than the punditocracy owns. I say that because what I heard in last night’s State of the Union speech was clearly completely different than what anyone else heard. And, since, in the face of such a bipartisan and universal snarking, I clearly must have heard wrong.

So, rather than bore the reader with my inaccurate and obviously incorrect impressions,  I should much prefer to highlight the deep thoughts of my betters in the PunditocracyContinue reading


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Something to Tide you Over

I heard the sound of the barbarian’s  teeth trying to gain purchase on the freshly cooked skull of the enemy he’d just killed. It made a strange, horrible scraping sound as the teeth would catch, and then slide and then the “thok” as he tried again. Then came the hideous crunching and the grunts of delight.

Bill O’Reilly has provided me with tomorrow’s blog, in other words, so here’s something to tide you over tonight:

The biggest solar storm since 2005 has sent us a little love letter. It should arrive on Wednesday. Continue reading


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The Political Bombshell That Shocks A Nation

At first blush, you may find this incredible, even impossible to believe, but, my friends, this “crackpot” story could well shake the political establishment of our nation to its very root touch-ups.

L. Frank Baum, author of a series of beloved children’s books, admittedly snuck certain political and allegorical information into his writings. But other information has been included as well. That is the popular version of certain tales from Baum’s Oz canon. But there is another, chilling level to his tales. One that the Federal Government has recognized since the 1930’s at least, and one which confronts us, perilously, on the front pages of America’s newspapers today. Continue reading


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Fiddlin’ in South Carolina

Whilst “Newtmentum” is being tentatively tested on the tongues of television’s taciturn talking-heads, a moment for that broadly uncommented, unimportant non-issue that is not the subject of so much unhurried non-discussion and non-debate: Continue reading


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The Me Generation, or Generation Text?

[Adapted from Feb 5, 2008's, "Waiting To Breathe."]

A pause before the secessionist storm.


Well, here it is:  Super Duper Mega Hyper Tuesday — that monument to electoral greed pioneered by Southern Democrats in creating the first “Super Tuesday” in 1988. 24 states* now “Me-Too” it today. Which guarantees that campaigns will be mostly about media buys, and NOT about creating the political infrastructure that will take the eventual winner through the next four years.  The South Carolina Primary, which will “decide” the race. Or be decisive or somesuch. Certainly, it becomes difficult to stop Mitt if he’s not roughed up in South Carolina, of course. But we shall see.

In this age of Billionaires staking their chosen candidates like race horses at a cock fight, common wisdom is out the window.

[* I give up. A week or so ago, it was stated with authority in one outlet that 29 states would vote. Then, 24. By the end of "tonight" it was 22. This from a media that tells you it's "trustworthy," "fair and balanced," etc. etc. ]

Look: when the Republicans of Iowa [2012] can’t even count their own votes in their own private caucuses, having made it a national showpiece and with plenty of advance warning, I have NO expectation of normalcy or sanity in the aftermath of that cluster … well, there’s a word for it.

Government of the media, by the media and for the media shall not perish from this Earth.

Forever and ever, Amen: film at eleven.  Continue reading


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Toilet Humor

That plop you just heard in the Conservative Cesspool was Rick Perry, dropping out of the race.

He was goin’ for four aces but only ended up with a busted flush.

Or, perhaps he’s just “seceding.”



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Out, Brothers! OUT!


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