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Dominionist Cash and You

Meet fake cowboy and superPAC proprietor Foster Friess (center)

This moment that Rick Santorum’s money backer is revealed is a fleeting moment. The New Hampshire Primary is this Tuesday, followed by the quadrennial South Carolina Confederate Flag controversy a week later. (Don’t laugh. It was that, far more than the “black babies” whispering campaign that doomed John McCain’s candidacy against George Herbert Hoover Bush in 2000. Them Southerners and South Carolinians takes their Rebel flags seriously. Right, proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Pat Buchanan?)

Tempus fugit. As I reported HERE, Foster Friess is more than just a big donor, his company (run to his son, who also lives in Jackson Hole, and also attends Koch secret shindigs) makes six figures a year “advising” donors. Continue reading

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