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The Me Generation, or Generation Text?

[Adapted from Feb 5, 2008's, "Waiting To Breathe."]

A pause before the secessionist storm.


Well, here it is:  Super Duper Mega Hyper Tuesday — that monument to electoral greed pioneered by Southern Democrats in creating the first “Super Tuesday” in 1988. 24 states* now “Me-Too” it today. Which guarantees that campaigns will be mostly about media buys, and NOT about creating the political infrastructure that will take the eventual winner through the next four years.  The South Carolina Primary, which will “decide” the race. Or be decisive or somesuch. Certainly, it becomes difficult to stop Mitt if he’s not roughed up in South Carolina, of course. But we shall see.

In this age of Billionaires staking their chosen candidates like race horses at a cock fight, common wisdom is out the window.

[* I give up. A week or so ago, it was stated with authority in one outlet that 29 states would vote. Then, 24. By the end of "tonight" it was 22. This from a media that tells you it's "trustworthy," "fair and balanced," etc. etc. ]

Look: when the Republicans of Iowa [2012] can’t even count their own votes in their own private caucuses, having made it a national showpiece and with plenty of advance warning, I have NO expectation of normalcy or sanity in the aftermath of that cluster … well, there’s a word for it.

Government of the media, by the media and for the media shall not perish from this Earth.

Forever and ever, Amen: film at eleven.  Continue reading


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