Something to Tide you Over

I heard the sound of the barbarian’s  teeth trying to gain purchase on the freshly cooked skull of the enemy he’d just killed. It made a strange, horrible scraping sound as the teeth would catch, and then slide and then the “thok” as he tried again. Then came the hideous crunching and the grunts of delight.

Bill O’Reilly has provided me with tomorrow’s blog, in other words, so here’s something to tide you over tonight:

The biggest solar storm since 2005 has sent us a little love letter. It should arrive on Wednesday.

Story here

Here’s a couple of images:

The blast


The space station astronauts are in their little lead-lined room to wait it out.



Update 6:50AM PST: Earth Saved!


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2 responses to “Something to Tide you Over

  1. Hey Hart this is Dawn-Jim s friend- Well I just wanted to tell you that I know that “Thok” sound….

    • Thanks Dawn. Hope you and Jim are OK. Knowing that “thok” sound isn’t the sort of thing that one wants to know, voluntarily.

      Of course, after 8 years of Bushian thuggery, we all know it much better now.