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Foster Friess, Fake Cowboy, Fools the Foils

Frustrating, that’s what it is.  I started covering Foster Friess — albeit unknowingly — in 2007. So, to see that our postmeridian and matutinal media mavens, our profound political pundits, our fulminating famous frothy photonic philologists haven’t even gotten to square one … well, it’s frustrating on YOUR behalf.

fake cowboys are nothing new in American popular culture

… that Friess’ $3 million dollar baby, The Daily Caller is on a media jihad to destroy MediaMatters, just as they have engaged in several other media “hits” — a vile practice that generally dates back to Karl Rove and the Blogosmear taking out Dan Rather over “proportional spacing” — but no media outlet bothers connecting the dots. Continue reading


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