Hateland Special Report: The Body Count Increases

We begin the ninth year of this blog with an overview of our present situation. As the Spring of 2012 approaches:

Sarah Palin and her brand of clueless bigotry are back, with a vengeance. (Pun intended if there is, in fact, any genuine pun.)

Because of an oral tradition, some 4,000 years old, 66 percent of the Republican base of Alabama does not believe in Evolution.

The good news is that 22% do. The remainder are undecided and those ought to scare us the most. I don’t know and I don’t care, would seem to be the “swing vote.”

The oligarchy proceeds, through their star chambers and their astroturf bus tours, to spend as much money as it takes to promote their interests.

The boycott of Limbaugh proceeds, and, listening to the last fifteen minutes of the local broadcast, I heard two commercials (for Lifelock, use promo code RUSH for a 10% discount! and for someone who wants you if you’ve got $5000 to invest in a “sure-fire” thing we wont tell you about, here” solidarity, perhaps, from the “birds of a feather”) and a whole LOT of Public Service Announcements, e.g. “free charitable”, viz. PSAs.

And the silent counterattack tracks three targets, two of which have been taken down. The appearance at the Media Prom of jester-monkey Louis C.K. which, alas, means that Greta Van Susteren WILL be attending, unless something else offends her, in which case, sighs of blessed relief shall be heard throughout the Prom Committee.

The Annual Correspondents’ Dinner is
always  a highlight of the DC social season 

And Doonesbury has been removed for a week, or exiled to cyber-print, or relocated to the editorial page, as American newspaper editors attempt to somehow bravely reconcile the difference between mad and sane, “Saddam attacked Amurrica on Nine-Lebbin and Obama is a Mooslem f’um Niggrea” and “what’s so damned dangerous about health care? How does that end all liberty in America and are you NUTS?” — an Herculean task of Brobdingnagian proportions, and one which I do not envy any editor, nor am I dumb enough to ever try.

Those are the “undecideds” on Evolution — although, to be fair, perhaps they do not see much evidence of it in Alabama — who would have peace between the opposing propositions, “Let’s castrate him!” and “No fucking way!” by lobbying for the removal of only half.  Solomon and the Baby, in a sort of hazardously dyslexic manner.


Bill Maher is the target again — as he was when removed, almost overnight, by ABC when he foolishly told the truth, when someone called the 9-11 suicide bombers “cowards,” and he thought that “cowardice” in such action was not an accurate charge.

There is unanimity of purpose in going after Limbaugh — less the obligatory contrarians — but there is no consensus on defenses. And this misrepresents us in the census.

But, of course, they need the collaboration of an eternally apologetic, never-cover-your-back Left to pull it off. When Don Imus made his dumb off-hand comment that lost him his show, his TV gig, and removed him from the airwaves until rehired by Rupert Murdoch for TV, and re-syndicated, WHEN that happened, the attack was almost entirely from the Establishment media and the Left, without much peeping from the Right, other than the patented Hannity sneers.

This happened at exactly the same time that Rush Limbaugh made his now-infamous “Barack the Magic Negro” slurs, sang the first several bars of the song he’d made up over the station break, and nobody in the Establishment media, nor the Rightie media said a thing.

Double standard? You betcha.

So, using that double standard, Rush is still on the air (albeit without a lot of advertisers, but then again, they can weather it out at a loss for some time before the simple math defeats them, or so they believe), but Louis C.K. is gone. Doonesbury is “excised” — with the Three Stooges Effect of having whipped up lots more readership for Trudeau than his usual averages — and Bill Maher has become the new “Dixie Chicks.”

Will the Left collaborate with their quisling rationalizations and somehow Bill Maher removed from the airwaves without a squeak, or will somebody recognize that this tactic of character assassination Niemollers EVERYONE and we have to band together, rhetorically, to make it stop.

I do not expect the house to fall–but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. – Abe Lincoln
[the 140 chars. Twitter version of the June 16, 1858 "House Divided" Speech at the Illinois Republican Convention.]


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