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The Witching Hour

Walpurgisnacht. May Day Eve.

The Righties have succeeded in making their meme more important than the anniversary whose celebration disgusts them so. Thus (bizarrely using — not for the first time this week – a UK newspaper and Writer/Blogger Toby Harndon to push their poisonous “American” blog linkages):

SEALs slam Obama for using them as ‘ammunition’ in bid to take credit for bin Laden killing during election campaign
PUBLISHED: 18:35 EST, 30 April 2012 | UPDATED: 19:34 EST, 30 April 2012

Serving and former US Navy SEALs have slammed President Barack Obama for taking the credit for killing Osama bin Laden and accused him of using Special Forces operators as ‘ammunition’ for his re-election campaign.

The SEALs spoke out to MailOnline after the Obama campaign released an ad entitled ‘One Chance’….

Ah, see how our patriots swarm to the British blogger.

Happy Witches’ Eve. And the hangover will hang over until May Day. May Day, USA. May Day. May Day. Continue reading


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Welcome To The New Underground Press

I’ve seen this once before.

LA Free Press October 27, 1968

Back in the ‘Sixties, when we all believed that the news was actually “fair and balanced” and that the New York Times WAS all the news that was fit to print. And then, having ingested various psychedelic substances, the old Left realized that all the real news was just bunkum. And the great underground newspapers began, exploding from the Village Voice to the Boston Phoenix, the Los Angeles Free Press and the Berkeley Barb. We even had, in my hometown, The Santa Fe Sun, which was sold by hippies on Canyon Road, as a way of supplementing their brown rice.

Because, as became apparent, the “Establishment” news only printed press releases about how great cigarettes were and how wonderful and just the War in Vietnam was, and how noble the President (Johnson AND Nixon) who wouldn’t spy on Americans and believed in the First Amendment and people’s right to assemble. Nixon rode the Middle American horror at the scruffy, hairy Vietnam protests into the White House and we all know how THAT turned out. Continue reading

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It’s Saturday!

I am going outside to reacquaint myself with the sun. Mitt will keep an eye on you, meantime.

click pic for big mitt

Feel better?



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ABC News Now Worse Than Breitbart?

It was predictable that Breitbart’s hangers-on in his fading media empire would try to crap all over the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden.

Kill … or be killed

If there was ONE event that you’d think the Righties would welcome, that was it, but of course, the Black President did it, so it must be DESTROYED:

Ben Shapiro / BREITBART.COM:
Today, Time magazine got hold of a memo written by then-CIA head Leon Panetta after he received orders from Barack Obama’s team to greenlight the bin Laden mission…

Right. As surely as the sun rises in the west, the Breitbartians will tell the truth. We know that. The lousiness of their “reporting” and the need to create Goebbels-style “Big Lie” propaganda is encoded in their DNA. (Might as well call ALL the Breitbart sites “Big Lie” and save the domain fees.)

But ABC News has to get in on the action, too: Continue reading

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Stupid Dick Jokes

Not worthy of consideration by the “liberal” media

Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden made a lot of sense. But you wouldn’t know that from The Daily Show and The Last Wordon MSNBC. (I’m sure Faux Nooz and its satellite in egregious stupidity, CNN had pithy comments, too, but who wants to risk their sentience in THAT intellectual cesspool?) Here’s the only part of the speech that inspired the juvenalia of the fake news and supposedly NOT fake news:

President Obama has said, and I quote, “now is the time to let our increased pressure sink in, and to sustain the broad international coalition we have built.  Now is the time to heed the timeless advice from Teddy Roosevelt: ‘speak softly and carry a big stick.’”  I promise you the President has a big stick.  (Laughter.)  I promise you.

Haw haw! We’s deep in teh intelecktshul now, am we? Continue reading


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If It Walks Like A Duck

And your posterity …

There’s an old saw in American politics, and it goes like this:

Indiana poet James Whitcomb Riley (1849–1916) may have coined the phrase when he wrote “when I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.”

This is an open letter to Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell, and I would say this: the villains of History never know that they are villains. They manage to rationalize to themselves that their monstrousness is done for the best and noblest of reasons. And that’s probably what you did. But you are about to join the august ranks of the rank, and I thought I’d give you a heads up.

Because you’re racists, pure and simple.  Continue reading


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Republican Justice

The usual? Of course. Heh heh.

Listen to them squeal and whine (although George W. Bush was infinitely more blatant and wasteful) in high moral dudgeon and standing up for Core American Values and suchlike:

Republicans request investigation of Obama travel

Posted by CNN’s Gregory Wallace

(CNN) – President Barack Obama isn’t just playing politics – he may be committing fraud on the taxpayer’s dime, the Republican National Committee charged on Wednesday.

In a letter to the Government Accountability Office from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, the committee requested an investigation into Obama’s recent travel – including trips this week to Iowa and North Carolina – alleging those trips were more political than official…

Gee. Three weeks and one day ago, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan committed a felony on camera in Wisconsin. How come nobody seems concerned about that, if “abusing the system” is such a big deal? Continue reading

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More Pictures Than Words

Or thirteen thousand words and change, according to the old formula for conversion. (Click pix for full size.)


More below the fold. Continue reading

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I Am Not Pink

Memeorandum has been rightly called “the front page of the blogosphere.” An aggregator developed by Gabe Rivera, it uses an algorithm to track blog tracking and linking to produce a Google-style front page. If you watch cable news, you’ll quickly see how influential it is, and the interface between “mainstream” media and bloggers.

Memeorandum Colors is back, and not a moment too soon. Let me show you. Here’s today’s Rightie Race-War blog swarm, as seen in ‘Colors':

You notice the highlights? Those are blogs who link Right (red) and Left (blue). Andy Baio explains in WIRED: Continue reading


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Told Jah So

Pundit on way to work

Today, the sober analysts of the Pew Institute have lain the GOP Presidential Sweeps of 2012 to rest. (Although, it might be noted that there are still two other candidates in the race.)

HOW THE MEDIA COVERED THE 2012 PRIMARY CAMPAIGN  —  LESS HORSE RACE THAN 2008  —  By Tom Rosenstiel, Mark Jurkowitz and Tricia Sartor of PEJ  —  Mitt Romney needed 15 weeks once the primary contests began to gain a secure hold over his party’s nomination for president…. Now the race takes a new turn. The focus will shift to the contrast between Romney and Obama, and, with Election Day seven months away, the pace of the narrative will also be altered by the calendar. This retrospective of how the primaries were covered reveals how the two presumptive nominees have been portrayed to this point and what the public has been told about them….

But, what I told you back on January 4th (the day after the kickoff of actual people choosing, the Iowa Caucuses) has remained true throughout. Take a gander, and maybe NOW you’ll believe me: Continue reading

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The Switch Family Robinson

Happy Earth Day.

Not to scale or ethnicity or nothing

Down in Cave Junction, Oregon, a brave family of castaways makes do without any understanding of the society of the 20th and 21st centuries. Oddly straddling the worlds of legitimate science and the world of crank science; “education reform” and “edumacashun,” they eke out a meager existence only backed by the shadowy zillionaires of the Club for Growth and Long Island political computer crank Robert Mercer. And they’re running for Congress. Again.  Continue reading

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Rupert’s Remoras Can’t Let Go

Pouty Rupes Klunks Keith
(UK Tabloid slime sans teeth) 

Or maybe Rupert can’t stand that Keith Olbermann actually called him for the swine that he is.

Listen to this from the vile New York Post, run by Rupert’s character assassins from the UK (perhaps on the lam, or, perhaps, merely deported for excessive lameness). By the Page Six columnist, whoever or whatever their moniker (craptastic prose EMPHASIZED): Continue reading

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Mitt the Mormon and You

The practical reality is that the doctrines, history and practices of the Mormon Church WILL be discussed during what is going to be a very long campaign. Today offered a preview, but we really need to quash some very ugly concepts aborning, because Ostrich ain’t a-gonna work for Obama or from Rmoney.

Painting: “Jesus is my CEO”

Here is the Grand Kerfuffle (expertly kerfluffed by the hacks at The Daily Beast, whose headline intentionally stokes the fires of controversy, even though an actual thoughtful, nuanced position was being expressed): Continue reading


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IS Oklahoma actually OK?

Dixie Cups, now owned by the Koch Brothers

“Think about the people as if they were storm troopers in Star Wars. They may be individually innocent, but they are guilty because they work for the Evil Empire.” — [48]

Today is a profound anniversary, but not much celebrated because it seems an inconvenient truth: before we all learned to hate “Moooslems,” “Ayrabs” and “Al Qaeda” we were busy hating ourselves. Continue reading

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