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No Sleaze Too Low for Foster Friess’ Daily Caller

Seriously? You’re going to pull the carefully-timed just-before-the-election sex scandal card, Tucker? Watching too much Citizen Kane?

Is this what Foster Friess, the Daily Caller’s Sugar Daddy meant when he told the Washington Post why he was giving Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel– Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff when Cheney was shooting guys in the face–$3 million?

As for his new partners, Friess says by e-mail: “Tucker and Neil present a huge opportunity to re-introduce civility to our political discourse. They are mature, sensible men who are very thoughtful and experienced with pleasant senses of humor and do not take themselves too seriously. They want to make a contribution to the dialogue that occurs in our country that has become too antagonistic, nasty and hostile. . . .”

Some contribution.*

[* From the same article: "Before they finished their salad, they exchanged looks of amazement as Friess offered to match the $3 million, but without the bureaucracy. Two days later, they had a deal." Freiss has since doubled down, indicating that this is EXACTLY what he wanted to fund, shorn of all the "civility" BS.]

Here’s the prima facie case, as presented on the blog and on the terrible audio portion of the worse video of two women speaking in Spanish with obvious audio mutes and excisions: Continue reading


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Signal To Noise Irratio

or, White Noise …

All real measurements are disturbed by noise. This includes electronic noise, but can also include external events that affect the measured phenomenon — wind, vibrations, gravitational attraction of the moon, variations of temperature, variations of humidity, etc., depending on what is measured and of the sensitivity of the device. It is often possible to reduce the noise by controlling the environment. Otherwise, when the characteristics of the noise are known and are different from the signals, it is possible to filter it or to process the signal.

Wikipedia, emphasis added

Moocher Uncle Tom attempts to fatally trip Creator Simon Legree

If you’re talking about a filter for clueless people acting on questionable data coming to specious and logically suspect conclusions, no, you can’t filter it. The only certainty right now (seemingly) is this: the presidential and general election of 2012 will take place on the First Tuesday in November, as specified in the Constitution. This year that will be next Tuesday, November 6th.  Here’s a random yowl (you know, that Blacks are racists oppressing all the oppressed White people): Continue reading


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