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Housekeeping But Not Good

Hunker in for a long week of Karl Rove’s newest election mini-series “Return To Al Qaeda” as the intentional Right Wing plot to Swiftboat Obama’s signal national security achievement– the killing of Osama bin Laden–is kerfluffed by kerfufflers of the Rabid Rupert-owned Roaring Right et al.

The Wall Street Journal attacks the ‘Benghazi scandal’ while the New York Post attacks Mayor Bloomberg in New York for not canceling the New York City Marathon, which, ironically, the Wall Street Journal would attack him if he DID cancel the run:  the Murdoch Media franchises neatly bracket the New York Mayor.

Meantime, media outlets across the land are gleefully pocketing all the cash that Shedon Adelson can shill out, along with the Koch Brothers’ Amalgamated Billionaires Local #666 and a few freelance rich kooks. Funny thing is, most of that cash spent on media ads goes right back into the same pockets that originally shelled out the money. The neatest money laundering scheme in history.

But we are being conditioned, like lab rats, like Pavlov’s dog, and they’re going to be ringing that bell all weekend long.  (See last December 5’s “.”)

The attack ads are just cybermud that no one can smell the stink of anymore. We’re all just sick of the freaking election. The first GOOP debate in the highly successful and ultimately meaningless “Who Wants To Be President?” took place under the wing of Ronald Reagan’s jet in early May of 2011. ENOUGH ALREADY! Continue reading

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