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Hunker in for a long week of Karl Rove’s newest election mini-series “Return To Al Qaeda” as the intentional Right Wing plot to Swiftboat Obama’s signal national security achievement– the killing of Osama bin Laden–is kerfluffed by kerfufflers of the Rabid Rupert-owned Roaring Right et al.

The Wall Street Journal attacks the ‘Benghazi scandal’ while the New York Post attacks Mayor Bloomberg in New York for not canceling the New York City Marathon, which, ironically, the Wall Street Journal would attack him if he DID cancel the run:  the Murdoch Media franchises neatly bracket the New York Mayor.

Meantime, media outlets across the land are gleefully pocketing all the cash that Shedon Adelson can shill out, along with the Koch Brothers’ Amalgamated Billionaires Local #666 and a few freelance rich kooks. Funny thing is, most of that cash spent on media ads goes right back into the same pockets that originally shelled out the money. The neatest money laundering scheme in history.

But we are being conditioned, like lab rats, like Pavlov’s dog, and they’re going to be ringing that bell all weekend long.  (See last December 5’s “.”)

The attack ads are just cybermud that no one can smell the stink of anymore. We’re all just sick of the freaking election. The first GOOP debate in the highly successful and ultimately meaningless “Who Wants To Be President?” took place under the wing of Ronald Reagan’s jet in early May of 2011. ENOUGH ALREADY!

So, I’m not going to talk about the blogosphere, except to note that there are several pools of “ALL RED” blog swarms going on at present, clustered under stories on Benghazi (fading, due to facts that Fox fudged), “superstorm” Sandy (the final nickname seems to be in flux), especially that “non-union” Alabama work crews were “turned” away from New Jersey.

I’ve got a lot of election e-art, so I’m going to just use it up here

Fascinating that the attacks on Bloomberg and Christie, disrespectfully but respectively the Mayor of New York City and Governor of New Jersey, while oblique are, in fact attacks — for having, respectively, endorsed and said good things about President Obama. No longer concerned, seemingly, so much with “winning” (in the Charlie Sheen vernacular) as with “getting even” (in the Al Capone argot).

I predicted the results of the first debate back in December, as this fact-free zone has engulfed the entire American discourse. ( “” 6 Dec. 2011 )

Charles Pierce has a perfect take on this toxic lunacy in his Esquire blog. Pierce is fast becoming an indispensable voice in American political punditry, and today is no exception:

Based on what the various candidates actually have told the people whose votes they are soliciting, over the past 48 hours, it has been far better for the nation that Barack Obama and Joseph Biden are running the executive branch than it would have been had those jobs been held by Willard Romney and Paul Ryan. Both of the latter are on record — and on audiotape, and on video, and all over the Intertoobz, and, for all I know, bellowing from the fillings in your teeth — as recommending that the federal government’s responsibility for things like disaster relief be either handed back to the states, or privatized entirely. They have made this argument in public. They have made this argument as part of the reason why you should vote for them. They also have similar plans for the National Weather Service, and for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and they have made those arguments as part of the reason why you should vote for them. If those ideas had prevailed, and those plans had been passed through the Congress, and signed by President Romney, more people would have died because of this storm, and more people would still be dying from this storm two or three weeks from now.

What they are saying now in an attempt to walk back their earlier arguments is almost assuredly nothing but a barrel full of lies. They’d be out there saying the very same things today if they hadn’t gotten blindsided by this storm. Do you honestly think, absent the arrival of Miss Sandra along the east coast, Willard Romney and Paul Ryan would be out there refining their opinion on federal disaster relief? That they would have abandoned the notion of handing disaster relief back to the states, or to their various corporate cronies. That they would have distanced themselves from barely camouflaged bigots like John Sununu, who repeatedly calls the president “lazy”?

Enough. The segue is there and if I don’t take it, I’ll roll off the edge of the platform …

Ayn Nation Under God” will NOT be published ahead of the election.

There are several good reasons for this, not the least of which being that I have learned that you cannot push the river.

Amazon wanted citation on some quotes and put the published book on hold.

click to enlarge

I looked at the issues and realized that none of the quotes were actually necessary, and that, most importantly, what you can do on a blog and what you can do in a book or magazine are entirely different. I’ll explain that a little further on.

But then I had to attend an annual convention in the “tri-cities” of Southern Washington State and there was no time to make the alterations. Window passed.

Add to that the death of one of my closest friends in the world on that Thursday and the clock had ticked off several daze.

I had planned for publication coincident with the first week of the release of “Atlas Shrugged Part II, Even Meanier” as had been advertised on Facebook for months. And then, evidently capable of feeling shame and/or embarrassment about their shameless cheerleading and manufacture of false ‘facts’ over the release of Part I. there was not much blog and internet traffic ginned up by the Randosphere.

See: “” 25 APRIL 2011.

The fanboy slather and drool looked rather ridiculous in retrospect. So this one was able to blossom and die on the vine without much comment. Oh, the requisite, “This is the fantastic movie from the fantastic book by fantastic Ayn Rand.” But not much more.

And, having lost that convention weekend and some, it has become increasingly apparent that nothing I’m going to say before the election could have any effect on same. The movie’s already tanked, and there’s no reason to go down with it.

It was, of course, a classic piggy-backing strategy, since they were blitzing the airwaves. But then, as life always does, the inevitable unforeseen delays, etc.

I have always shied away, therefore, from making these pronouncements of “COMING SOON!” and such, because they have a way of looking silly.

The book is not such a hothouse rose that it will become irrelevant in six months, as so many modern books do. For them, I mourn the trees, since as the son of a Forest Service Engineer, I have a deep and abiding affection for the trees and always wonder if the “paper it was printed on” was worthy of the article written thereon, and some poor damned tree and his kindred gave up their lives for it.

Indeed, I am VERY happy that, at least, my “book” won’t kill ANY trees at all. I say “book” because it is shorter than a book (about half the size), too disheveled for a monograph, not a novelet, a novella or a tract, pamphlet or broadside. It formerly would have been considered a chapbook, but Mistah Kurtz he dead, so I guess it’s actually a chipbook, but there are no firm punctuation rules for that nether space between an “essay” and a collection.

So, the “Hollywood” timing is off, and I need to release the chipbook at the propitious time. Which will be after all the screaming dies down a bit. (Or at least until small children stop crying on YouTube that the election isn’t over yet. Leave Brittany ALONE!)

The second Atlas Shrugged movie seems to be tanking, making the same amount in its opening weekend as the first, but, in 1012 theaters ($1.75 million) where part I opened in 299 theaters, earning $1.68 million.

By its second weekend of release, Part II was down 65% in box office receipts ($614,000) and was showing in 945 theaters. By contrast, during the second weekend, Part 1 grossed slightly over $880,000.

The third weekend showed an 85% box office drop for Part II, and the loss of 798 screens, grossing just $91,000 in 147 theaters. Part 1 had not dropped off so precipitously,  grossing $468,573 in 371 theaters with only a 47% drop in ticket sales.

It seems safe to say that no Galtian tidal wave is imminent.

So, in the screeching leading up to Tuesday, it seems a poor time to launch an ebook.

As soon as practicable, thereafter, however.


PS NOTE IMPORTANT ETCETERA: WordPress has, for the first time since I moved my blog here in 2007, started putting obnoxious flash ads and other such tripe on this webpage. And they’re doing “adwords” crap, which means that all of my painstakingly researched and included hyperlinks are now suspect. So, if it’s a ONE WORD underline, generally that’s a stinking ad. I have pointed out that I DO NOT make any money off of this blog, and that I intend to keep it that way. However, since the WordPress blog is free, I can’t complain so much as warn my readers. Responding to ANY ad does NOT show support for this blog in any way, and I would hope that my readers would ignore them, as do I. Seems that one can keep not a thing clean on This Asylum Earth.


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