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Some Thoughts on ‘Revenge’

A ‘hilarious’ right-wing photoshopped mashup
still making the rounds in your grandma’s AOL email

Byron York, ever-faithful acolyte of Karl Rove’s battered fax machine has managed to create one of the last fake kerfuffles of the Fall.

Obama campaign struggles to explain ‘revenge’ remark
Byron York / Washington Examiner

CINCINNATI — A seemingly offhand utterance from President Obama has turned into a major point of contention between the two campaigns, as Team Obama tries to explain what the president meant when he told a crowd of supporters that “Voting is the best revenge.”

I mean why would anyone want revenge on assholes like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Eric Cantor, Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, and, of course, his tax-deductible dancing horse? I mean, aside from the fact that they’re bullies, thugs and liars? Revenge on a GOP-strangled congress that watched the country struggling to keep its head above water and not only didn’t help rescue it, but actively blocked any lifeguard from the life preservers on the wall around the gene pool? Continue reading


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