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Before You Throw Away Your ‘Protest’ Vote

Actually, it’s for your persuadable friends.

Or, rather, for your friends like hvs reader ‘Spanky’ P of Los Lunas, New Mexico, who decided to get “they’re all the same” despairy and angsty and vote for Gary Johnson because Johnson is in favor of pot legalization. (There’s an interesting one-issue take on what’s important in The United States of America today.)\

This is a story about what those votes do for the interests of those voters.  And about a pig and what became of him.

When Pigs Fly, or, How to Elect Nixon Again and Again and Again …
8 AUGUST 2012

Post Civil War Cartoon lampooning those who
profited from 
the bravery of those doing the actual fighting:

TeeVee Funnyman decides that information anarchy would be hilarious and shuts down a potentially useful source of information: Continue reading


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