The American Presidential Election Is (Finally) Over

The Hill reports:

Florida vote count: Obama wins state
Daniel Strauss

Four days after Election Day, a final count of votes in Florida shows President Obama defeated Mitt Romney, bringing the president’s total count in the Electoral College to 332.  —  Romney won 206 Electoral College votes.  —  The Associated Press called Florida for Obama on Saturday.

And, since AP are pricks, Reuters:

UPDATE 1-Obama’s final win in Florida gives him 332 electoral votes

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Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:29 pm EST

Nov 10 (Reuters) – With almost all ballots in Florida counted, U.S. media on Saturday projected President Barack Obama the winner in that state four days after he won Tuesday’s national election.

Florida brings his total of electoral votes to 332 compared to 206 for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Florida was the last state where the outcome was in doubt because three counties were still counting ballots.

Obama had 50.01 percent of the vote in Florida compared to 49.13 percent for Romney, with nearly all ballots counted, according to figures from the Florida Secretary of State’s Office. The president’s lead stood at nearly 74,000 votes.

CNN projected that Obama would win Florida. NBC and the Associated Press also were among the media outlets that called the state for Obama based on the latest tally.

The Democratic party in Florida had declared victory on Thursday and Republicans tacitly conceded defeat….

And so, after two years of campaigning (seven, in Mitt Romney’s case) the presidential election is over and the final electoral tally is 332 to 206. Nate Silver and the national pollsters were correct, and Gallup and Rasmussen — who I had raised questions about before — are the worst pollsters, and the furthest outliers … as they have been all season.

I had wanted to wait to speak on the election until the election was finally concluded, and from the “related stories” you can see that Florida proved to be an horrific mess AGAIN, twelve years after the Supreme Court selected George W. “Warmonger” Bush. But this time, Florida was not the “white-knuckle” portion of the election, but was, as well, an outlier, and endured four straight days as a national laughingstock and an embarrassment.

Let’s hope that a sense of civic shame propels them into fixing their damned voting process. Come on. We’ve only been conducting elections for what? more than 230 years now? (Not counting the long tradition of elections prior to the American Revolution).

And it’s still not over; merely projected. But mathematics has triumphed, as it has triumphed over the entire election this year. Nate Silver of the New York Times correctly called fifty out of fifty states’ electoral votes, and the entire Right Wing bubble has shattered. Mitt Romney was said to be “shell-shocked” at the result, as were his advisors, as were pundits and TV talking heads throughout the rightiesphere. The schadenfreude, I must admit, was delicious and as satisfying as the best Thanksgiving dinner.

But in the four days of counting SINCE the election, while the results have been accepted, they haven’t been accepted at all.

Life inside the bubble remains life in a hermetically sealed thought capsule, and the strange outpourings of derision, despair and derogation have been more cries of wounded sensibilities than cris de coeur.

The American people have spoken. Are they listening?

Any more than Florida was listening after the 2000 election, but still has their vote counting having to take four days to complete?


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3 responses to “The American Presidential Election Is (Finally) Over

  1. Florida: Where elections go to die. Even if it doesn’t matter whether or not they die there. Believe it … or not.

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  3. sidney18511

    I live in Florida and I can tell you the asshat teabag governor and the republican majority ledgslation bit off more then they could chew when it tried to suppress the vote. They knew that dems banked votes in early voting, especially the Sunday before election day, so they cut early voting from 14 days down to 8 and shut down the last Sunday completely. Rick Scott took away the vote from everyone who did their time after an arrest within 3 days of taking office, then he began the purge, which he fucked up so badly that every county had local news stories of veterans, citizens and other residents who had their right to vote yanked from their patriotic hands. There is a lot of stupid living in Florida, but even the ignorant knew what the governor was trying to do…….and they came out to vote in droves….and they waited up to 8 hours to vote. The government caused the voting problems this year in Florida. And in 2014 when Rick Scott will be running for his second term as governor the same people who waited 8 hours to vote in 2012 won’t forget why that happened. They won’t forget the governor who used them as pawns, the governor who didn’t give a shit about what he made them do in order to vote, and although the stupid in Florida can run very deep, the memory of sweating their asses off in a never ending line will be front and center.
    Charlie Christ, the former republican governor of Florida who turned independent said he will be running for his old job back. And I think he’ll get it. When in office he stood with the teachers union, gave ex-cons their voting rights back and generally made fair and honest decisions. He is a good man and has campaigned this cycle for Obama.
    So hart……..this voting shit was man made, brought to you by the looney assed, greedy tea baggers. I think most floridians got the memo.