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Remembering Mac on Veterans’ Day

We are least equipped to express those things we most want to express. I am a writer and have been for nearly forty years, and yet, now that I have something that is desperately important to communicate to you, I know most painfully that I cannot begin to accomplish the task. But I must anyway, and so, knowing in advance that my words will fail, I can only do the best I can, because it’s better than nothing, and trying, knowing that failure is inevitable, is always a better choice than not trying.

A veteran passed away just before election day, and Veteran’s Day, once called “Armistice Day” — a remembrance of the men who fought in World War I (then known as ‘The Great War’ or ‘The World War.’)  And, like those forgotten and vaguely honored dead, Mac McFadden was the veteran of a war no one much talks about anymore. A war, that, had we remembered its lessons, would have prevented us from invading Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that Mac was against. Continue reading


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