L’Affaire Doofus Enters Third Week

There is a reason that I haven’t blogged much since the election. There has been little need.

Last night was a rerun of Dave Letterman’s 11-14-2012 show, but I was in the bathroom or something, and it wasn’t until late in the monologue that I realized that I was watching a rerun. Because all of the news was pretty much still all the news from two weeks ago, specifically,  L’Affaire Doofus, or how it was that Susan Rice killed all those US ambassadors over in Libya and still made it to the UN General Assembly.

The mantrum was, as the mantrum is: we still have a LOT of unanswered questions. So do I: what the hell have y0u been talking about for the past two weeks? And, by you, I mean the new posse of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and newest member Kelly “Tea Party” Ayotte of New Hampshire.  That’s the one question of which I rest in serene assurance will not be answered.

Fortunately, the Universe has a sense of humor about these things:

John Heilemann Makes Lindsey Graham Joke on ‘Morning Joe;’ Edited Out of 8am Reair
Chris Ariens / TVNewser

Just after 6am, on “Morning Joe” this morning, Joe, Mika and guest John Heilemann were talking about yesterday’s New York Times article about “the three amigos” Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham …

Sorry, but that’s too many iterations of the fractal of snarkiness (a distant cousin to the quantum of solace) for me to wrap my little brain around. I think it goes something like this: Susan Rice didn’t know then what we all “know” now, and so there are questions about what she knew and when she knew it, because, dammit, four brave Americans (whose security funds were cut 30% by our budget) were killed in a paramilitary raid and firefight.

And a “reporter” on ‘Morning Joe’ made a joke about Lindsey Graham’s gender that wasn’t a sly reference to the much-whispered notion that Mr. Graham is a little light in the loafers, and MSNBC edited out the offensive joke for the rebroadcast.

Oh Fuck!

What is this country coming to?

A nation stands riveted (or, at least its lazy media do) to the unfolding tale of two southern white men and one freshman Tea Party FEMALE senator (for diversity, of course, and not embarrassing like the revelation that each and every chairmanship in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives will be headed by an old white man), as the three senators gang up to publicly flay and humiliate a black woman — an ambassador, who speaks for the USA — for what she told the “Sunday morning” shows (which are only watched, in essence INSIDE the beltway) the official Administration take on an unfolding situation.

Sure: if Republicans would like to let everyone know how the feel about losing the election, attacking an accomplished black woman doesn’t look like racism and sexism. (Or, as Ronald Reagan understood, what is important is not what you say about the environment, but that you’re saying it backdropped by the Grand Canyon.)

And, after two weeks that have encompassed the Thanksgiving holiday, one can only presume that the Republican attack on peace on earth and good will to (hu)men will continue through the Solstice, at least, if not through all the Advent Sundays through Christmas.

I eagerly await their declarations that someone has declared war on Christmas.

Considering that their guerrilla War against Yulitude continues for the Umpteenth Straight Year.

As the Attack On the Black Woman by the White Senator from South Carolina enters its  Third Straight Week.

It seems some variant of the old Life Alert commercials:

Help! I just lost an election and I can’t get over it!

Oh well.

At least it makes skipping a few weeks’ blogging a very unguilty pleasure.

And L’Affaire Doofus?

C’est la vie.


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3 responses to “L’Affaire Doofus Enters Third Week

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  2. I’m so lost in local politics, the last thing heard happening national was something about a federal security clearance used by an imploading Republi-gypsy grifter Kardashian-Snooky-Palin twin mistress to a military General.

  3. Wild Bill

    Yeah, budget cuts to security, and people die, but not our fault. Deregulation of banks/financial traders, and the whole economy tanks, but, again, not our fault. FDA regulations and funding cut for more inspectors, and more people get contaminated food, sicken and die, but, not our fault. And far too many of our fellow citizens are not able to connect the dots, or are afraid to speak out. Our shining beacon to the rest of the world is growing dimmer by the day, and soon there will be no hope for us here either.