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2012 – My Art Year in Review

2012 was a good year. Opened in a gallery and was exhibited all year, even though the gallery moved three times. Won several ribbons at the 150th Lane County Fair. And am, as of December 31, 2012, completely OUT of 6B pencils and fixative. Business expenses for 2013, I guess. Here’s a short month by month review:

JAN the return of the giant deer
JAN the return of the giant deer

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2012 Edition – Pr*cks of the Year


Some conservative commentators suggested Clinton was faking the seriousness of her illness and concussion to avoid testifying, although State Department officials vehemently denied that was the case.

That would be, uh, Faux Nooz™, among others.


The reason you might want to wait for a correction is this:

Matthew Lee /

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was admitted to a New York hospital Sunday after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained earlier this month….

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2012 – The End of the Second Great Age

‘his vorpal sword — 2012 IN BLOGGING’ reads the WordPress report they’ve ginned up in a nice javascript format. Take a look at this and then we’ll talk:

year in review

from the report on this blog

What follows, then, is not a bray, but an observation …

We have ended the Second Great Age of Humankind and moved into the Third Great Age. Continue reading

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With A Bang or a Whimper?

The 112th Congress has been an embarrassment. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent (or whatever), the spectacle of a congress so ideologically conflicted that they haven’t passed many more bills than their congressional number, and of THOSE, most are renaming public building bills.

q+a death tax

But they still talk about the “makers and the takers”? If these were employees, no tenure nor seniority would save them from being terminated. But, as they are the opposite of progress, they are the congress.

Obama To Congress: Come To A Deal – Or Else
Talking Points Memo

Following a meeting with congressional leaders at the White House on Friday, President Obama appeared before the press to urge all parties to take immediate action to reach a deal before a set of major tax increases and spending cuts kick in on Jan. 1….

Uh, yeah. President Obama continues to behave as though he were dealing with adults.  Continue reading


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Fiscal Cliff Notes

Grand Old Party paperback

Ah, sweet consensus:

Fiscal cliff: House will come back on Sunday

House Republican leaders are bringing the House back into session on Sunday, lawmakers were told in a Thursday conference call.  —  one day before the nation reaches the fiscal cliff…

I am, of course, lying.  The difference between I and they is that I is telling you so. Continue reading


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I Guess Nobody Told Them The Story of Christmas

2012 christmas card

A Town Hall blogger attempts to get an early start on Fiscal Hate Year 2013 by blogging THIS on Christmas: Continue reading


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Our Eighth Annual Christmas Podcast!

Welcome to his vorpal sword‘s  Eighth Annual presentation of “The Saint Nick Case,” a Christmas radio play of approximately one-half hour, which originally appeared on KOPT-AM, live (In other words, it’s an actual old time radio drama, performed live in front of an invisible audience of, potentially, trillions.)

Click for the radio play

For a special treat,  The KOPT Radio Theater Players appear herein in the 2005 production of “The St. Nick Case,” in wide-spectrum, full color stereo. The radio play was broadcast live on Eugene’s Air America affiliate KOPT-AM 1600 on December 23, 2005. Continue reading


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Giving The Speaker His Due

fiscal cliff notes

It’s a train wreck. We all have heard this by n0w.

Will Boehner’s speakership survive until Plan C?
Ezra Klein / Wonkblog

Has there been a House speaker in modern American history with less control over his members than John Boehner?  —  Sad trombone…

Uh, no. The 112th Congress is, arguably, the worst in American history, and in large part that’s Speaker Boehner and his caucus’ fault, pure and simple.

But not so fast. Fanatical ideologues may not see eye to eye, but they CAN appreciate one another.  Continue reading


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Robert Bork – Death of a Centerfold

 Toobin got it mostly right:

Postscript: Robert Bork, 1927-2012
Jeffrey Toobin / News Desk

 Robert Bork, who died Wednesday, was an unrepentant reactionary who was on the wrong side of every major legal controversy of the twentieth century.  The fifty-eight senators who voted against Bork for confirmation to the Supreme Court in 1987 honored themselves, and the Constitution. In the subsequent quarter-century, Bork devoted himself to proving that his critics were right about him all along….

R Bork-GOP sex symbol

No disrespect intended, to be sure, but just as certainly, no particular respect for the passing of Robert Bork’s pity-party, and the puerile partisan posturing of his sycophants and would-be admirers. Just listen to them bray:

Robert H. Bork, 1927-2012
Roger Kimball / Roger’s Rules [Pajamas media]

Judge Robert H. Bork, one of the the greatest jurists this country has ever produced, died early this morning from heart complications in a Virginia hospital near his home.  He was 84.  —  Bork was a national celebrity.  Several years ago …

Oh sheerest GARBAGE! Bork was an extremely disgusting jurist who found himself on the wrong side of history, made a cottage industry for a quarter century out of his “martyrdom” and has a term ascribed to him that supposedly means one thing but which ACTUALLY means quite another.

What is there to admire about Robert Bork?

Not much, actually.

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Even Rupert Murdoch Gets It


NRA Jesus

Murdoch’s slimy New York Post published an astonishing editorial today. You know: one of those you have to check your calendar to make sure it’s not April Fools Day.

Adam Lanza’s weapons
Last Updated: 12:28 AM, December 18, 2012
Posted: December 18, 2012

Has technology rendered the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution obsolete?

That is, has the application of modern military design to civilian firearms produced a class of weapons too dangerous to be in general circulation?

We say: Yes.


But that won’t negate the need for reform. Weapons designed expressly to kill human beings, and then modified (wink wink) to meet the federal machine-gun ban, have no legitimate place in American society.

Time to get rid of them.

Turns out it’s not the first of April. Now, while I am not so credulous as to believe that Murdoch has suddenly developed a soul or a conscience, he DOES have a track record of understanding which way the wind is blowing. Continue reading

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Sanitizing the Gore for Our … Protection?

We have slowly inured ourselves to unspeakable horror. And now it goes down as smooth as that latté frappuccino  on the morning commute.


It started out as a reasonable thing — as all such things do. But something happened along the way and we fell prey to that most devastating and commonplace seductions of the creative mind (other, perhaps, than the penchant for having invisible friends): the need to create the reality we like, rather than liking the reality we see.

And, with television, we create an ever more seductive simulation of reality, neatly shorn of gore and grit, predators bloodlessly taking prey, murder scenes of white and flashing lights, nary a drop of blood to be seen. We are willing to fall prey to the seduction that we are in the back streets of a town being shelled in Syria, but we are sanitized from the sickening sweet smell of death, of the flies buzzing in our faces, the heat, the lack of what we could call drinkable water and the deprivation of all resources, from diapers to fast food.

And in falling to that seduction of the spirit, we have forgotten what death looks like, and it doesn’t touch us in our video domain. Make no mistake: death is the only inevitability.

Pro-gun Sen. Joe Manchin: Time to act
Kevin Robillard / Politico

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin — who has an “A” rating from the NRA and is a lifetime member of the pro-gun rights group — said Monday that it was time to “move beyond rhetoric” on gun control.  —  “I just came with my family from deer hunting,” Manchin said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” ….

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Republican Senators, Dum-Dum Bullets and Other Pointy-Headed Things …

[Warning: Graphic animal image]

screen shot 2012-12-16 at 9.44.23 am

Brave Sir Robin ran away, bravely ran away ..

Every Single Pro-Gun Rights Senator Declined To Appear On Meet The Press Today
Joe Weisenthal / Business Insider
In the wake of the Newtown, CT shooting, all of the Sunday shows are dominated by gun control politics.  —  Meet The Press producer Betsy Fischer Martin tweets …

Funny: With all that macho braying and screaming certitude, these wussies refuse to come out and defend their ugly position.

Or could it be that they’re embarrassed that they made sure the assault weapon ban expired without renewing it? Or perhaps it’s in keeping with the heavily euphemized reality of the slaughter in Connecticut that no one in the media wants to talk about: dum-dum bullets that–while banned from warfare by international treaty since the 1890s–were used to kill those children. Continue reading


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The ‘Crazy’ Catch 22 Kicks In


Punditry goes to work

Well, as is expected, the needs of a nation of arm-chair psychiatrists must be met.

Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza, 20, ‘deeply disturbed kid’
NY Daily News
Lanza, who friends and officials said suffered from Asperger’s syndrome or a personality disorder, had a tortured mind.  

He was dark and disturbed, a deeply troubled boy from a wealthy family who unnerved his neighbors and classmates.

Mass murderer Adam Lanza, 20, was a ticking time bomb, people who knew him told the Daily News.

“This was a deeply disturbed kid,” a family insider told the Daily News. “He certainly had major issues. He was subject to outbursts from what I recall.”

Yup. We all knew it, of course, knowing nothing. And, as I have noted before, certitude varies in inverse proportion to actual knowledge: the more you know about a thing, the less certain you are; the less you know, the more certain you know EXACTLY what the deal is.  Continue reading


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How Many Children Have to Die, Mr. LaPierre?


targeting pistols

Here we go again:

CBS News: 26 Dead, Including 18 Children, In Elementary School Shooting
Matt Higgins / CBS Connecticut

NEWTOWN, Conn. (CBS Connecticut/AP) — CBS News is reporting that at least 26 people are dead, including 18 students, after a mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.  The gunman is among the dead.

Compare and contrast with this [emphasis added]: Continue reading


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