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Solar Storm, Nuclear Apocalypse and The Best Laid Plans

I have had the privilege of knowing author Alexa Wolf since Jimmy Carter was President.  I’d like to afford that privilege to you, gentle reader.

a guest post by Alexa Wolf

Hurricane Sandy as seen from Space Station

Hurricane Sandy as seen from Space Station

So I’m watching TV coverage of post-Hurricane Sandy a week after the storm and up comes an interview between some famous anchor, I forget who, and the head of Con Ed, although on the East Coast it is not Con Ed. It is Something Else Ed.

Famous Anchor is asking Something Else Ed, “Is there any way to protect the grid from disasters like Sandy?” At the time of this interview, there are still a few million people without power.

Something Else Ed smiles and says, “No, it would be too expensive. You’d have to practically gold plate the grid. People simply could not afford to pay for electricity.”

Famous Anchor smiles back and says, mindless as a zombie, never thinking to ask Something Else Ed HOW MUCH is too much, “So if you can’t gold-plate the grid against disasters, what should people do?” Continue reading


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