How Many Children Have to Die, Mr. LaPierre?


targeting pistols

Here we go again:

CBS News: 26 Dead, Including 18 Children, In Elementary School Shooting
Matt Higgins / CBS Connecticut

NEWTOWN, Conn. (CBS Connecticut/AP) — CBS News is reporting that at least 26 people are dead, including 18 students, after a mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.  The gunman is among the dead.

Compare and contrast with this [emphasis added]:

daily caller gun

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How many lunatics have to slaughter how many kids for any NRA member to deign to DISCUSS the difference between flintlock rifles in 1787 and assault weapons in 2012? Between a coastal country of 3 million people and a continental nation of 300 million people? Between public safety and the mindless worship of a machine that ONLY deals in death? How many dead children do you need to see, Mr. LaPierre?


Wayne LaPierre, CEO and Executive Vice President of the 
National Rifle Association (photo by Gage Skidmore)

And …

How long will it be “too soon” this time, Mr. LaPierre?


UPDATE 12:49 PM PST: The shooter’s rifle has been identified as a 223-caliber rifle. Searching, I came upon this auction from a 2010 webpage:

buy assault rifles online

And here’s what they look like for $700 apiece:

223 Caliber Semi-Automatic Rifles

It’s relatively easy to pick up these guns online or at gun shows, and they aren’t pricey. W0rse, here’s all the firepower brought out in response to one nut with one of these guns:

law enforcement response

Law enforcement response

When you consider all the firepower involved, there is always the possibility of friendly fire incidents, as well. Is this really the America we want?

NPR is now reporting that the shooter’s mother, a teacher at the elementary school, is among the dead.

Oh, and wasn’t there just a shopping mall shooting in Clackamas, Oregon? Yeah, I guess there was. But it’s forgotten in the wake of this.

How soon is too soon? And how late is too late?

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12 responses to “How Many Children Have to Die, Mr. LaPierre?

  1. Amen. I am so sick of the asskissing involved after every murder…the same crew all holy for guns is all holy about no abortions. Funny, abortion is murder of innocents, but shooting school children is the equal of Constitutionally protected pursuit of happiness? Color me confused….no scratch that, color me infuriated.

  2. Elmo

    Wayne represents the gun manufacturers and his income is dependent on them continuing to sell more and more. You can be sure that he will claim that the principal and teachers needed to have guns in their desks — if not in their hands at all times — in case a lunatic arrives and starts trying to kill the children.

  3. The guy had serious mental issues and lived in a state with tough gun control laws and still killed. You liberals disgust a lot of us when you seize every moment before the facts are out. Banning guns will be about as successful as banning drugs.

    And oh yeah, fuck you for blaming an inanimate object before the poor victims are even buried.

  4. SgtPete

    Can someone let me know how long it took for the police with guns to arrive? Would it not be better to arm all those teacher who desired to be trained? Just asking here. I am sorry and will pray for the living, just that I worry about my community, my children.

  5. The Holy Second Amendment requires the daily sacrifice of Americans.

    Historians will look upon our society as more cruel and evil than the Aztec Civilization.

  6. Wild Bill

    Take away the guns, and the mental cases will use knives, bats, pieces of pipe, or rocks. I’m not defending the NRA, but it’s who is holding the firearm who is doing the killing. I’m a Viet Nam Veteran, and have several shotguns, rifles, and 4 pistols in my house, and have never shot anyone. The only person I ever killed was in a car accident where that person pulled directly in front of me from a side street. I don’t hunt anymore, but keep my guns loaded and ready because the republicans got all the state hospitals closed and let the nuts out, and they’ve bred even more. When someone is kicking in your door, you can call 911, and in 20-30 minutes someone will show up to help you or carry your body away. I grieve every time one of these nut jobs opens up on innocent people with a gun, but I promise you, take the guns from law abiding citizens, and then only criminals and the police will have them, and if that cop isn’t parked in front of your house, or following you every where you go, there’s a good chance you’ll become a victim. I live in an extremely low crime small town, but 8 miles away is a pretty large town and their criminals wander this way once in a while, forgetting that there are quite a few old geezers in this little town who keep an eye out and are armed. Our police station is just a couple of blocks away, and it takes those bozo’s 3-5 minutes to get over here in an emergency. That’s too long to wait for help.

  7. It appears to me that all the the gun enthusiasts have a deep seated fear. The NRA really do a wonderful job on the propaganda front.

  8. bru

    Hi folks, we heard about this across the pond. A terrible thing. we had a similar incident in a town called Dunblane a few years ago. It changed gun control laws here, but then we had a rash of stabbings by kids toward other kids. so they changed knife laws here. then kids picked up screwdrivers, you see where I`m going with this. The thing that we do differently here is that you can’t just walk into a school off the street. Most schools here have 8ft fences with maglocks on gates and staff keeping an eye on who comes and goes.
    Guns are still easily available to criminals here though, we have regular shootings in some parts of the country, Ive even heard of criminals procuring hand grenades here in the past. Obviously compared to America this is on a smaller scale as we have a sixth of your population. But my point is twofold, firstly as guns are illegally obtainable here should you be faced in your home by a gun wielding nutter, then you are at a serious disadvantage and you better hope he is not a good shot. Secondly that removing guns hasn’t prevented violence either in homes or on the street, just made it more hands on. When you are talking about gun controls stopping this happening again, better security practices in your schools will do that, not preventing ownership of firearms. Take guns away then it will be edged weapons (anyone care to see what the same type of psycho can do with a samurai sword or even a claw hammer for that matter, no gunshot no way to alert other people). Make jobs for properly trained veterans coming back from Afghanistan etc, armed guard on school site plus good security will make your schools safer.
    Removing weapons from individual ownership will not prevent bad guys getting hold of them, it didn’t here. It just prevents decent people from protecting themselves.

  9. With all due respect (and you know who you are), WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH YOUR BRAINS?

    Nobody’s suggesting a total ban on all gun ownership, but that’s the ONLY argument you folks make.

    Seriously: have you been so filled with NRA propaganda that you are incapable of original thought?

    Now, get real, or go somewhere that welcomes this intellectual slop.

  10. Drake33

    No fucking shit. I keep seeing the same old tripe, “Arm the teachers”, crap. My sister, married to one of these brain damaged wackos, said to me, “at least with the weapon used, the kids didn’t suffer”. I don’t know what the hell plane of reality they live in.