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Murdoch’s slimy New York Post published an astonishing editorial today. You know: one of those you have to check your calendar to make sure it’s not April Fools Day.

Adam Lanza’s weapons
Last Updated: 12:28 AM, December 18, 2012
Posted: December 18, 2012

Has technology rendered the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution obsolete?

That is, has the application of modern military design to civilian firearms produced a class of weapons too dangerous to be in general circulation?

We say: Yes.


But that won’t negate the need for reform. Weapons designed expressly to kill human beings, and then modified (wink wink) to meet the federal machine-gun ban, have no legitimate place in American society.

Time to get rid of them.

Turns out it’s not the first of April. Now, while I am not so credulous as to believe that Murdoch has suddenly developed a soul or a conscience, he DOES have a track record of understanding which way the wind is blowing.

But soft. If the Murdoch paper in New York has editorialized in this manner, you can bet your bottom dollar that it didn’t run without Rupert’s express authorization or as a result of a Murdoch memo.

murdoch and ailes

And that’s a good thing. Kudos to Rupert, this once.

I just wish to hell that anybody in the USA would pick up on what the British papers figured out the same time I did:

Last night it emerged that after shooting his mother in the head, Lanza stole her legally held weapons and used so-called dum-dum bullets to kill the teachers and children in Newtown.

The devastating ammunition has specially-made deep cuts in the tip which help the bullet explode inside the body, killing targets instantly. Less accurate than regular ammunition, but much more deadly, it was the choice of Norwegian madman Anders Behring Breivik during his deadly rampage around the idyllic holiday island of Utoya last year.

dead fish

Or this from The Nation:

… Nearly 400 guns are available in Walmart’s catalog. And even if your local store doesn’t sell a particular model, you can special-order it (assuming you pay half the cost ahead of time). With the exception of its stores in Alaska, Walmart doesn’t sell handguns, though it does sell ammunition for them, along with a wide variety of semiautomatic long-barrel weapons. For example, at half the Walmarts in America, you can buy a semiautomatic Colt M4 OPS .22 rifle; it carries a thirty-round magazine, which you can also purchase in the store. Or perhaps a Sig Sauer M400 semiautomatic assault rifle, advertised on Walmart’s website as “designed for use in law enforcement, military operations…as well as competitive shooting,” which is just one of several AR-15 assault rifles for sale.

In keeping with the store’s pitch as a one-stop destination for shoppers, with everything from gas to groceries, gun enthusiasts can also obtain a wide range of gun accessories—including the 360 types of ammunition listed on Walmart’s website. You can buy a 555-pack of Winchester hollow-point bullets, which the website advertises as “great for plinking and varmints,” but which would cause extensive damage should they enter a human body and expand, as they are designed to do. There are full clips of ammunition for assault rifles, including “quiet ammo” that makes only a quarter of the noise of regular bullets. Laser-pointing sights for handguns are also available, as are belts for holding shotgun shells (only $4.97 at select stores).

Those kids and women were torn apart by dum-dums.

Too goddam bad that nobody in America is either intelligent enough or has enough of a soul to ask WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING SELLING DUM-DUM/COP KILLER/HOLLOW POINT AMMO for? “Varmints”?


Twenty eight “varmints” dead from dum-dums in Connecticut, and nobody says a w0rd.

getting into death thomas disch

Sad that as Rupert shows hope of maybe NOT being a complete sociopath, Americans dash that very hope as regards themselves.

A plague on your houses.

Oh wait. We’re already there.


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